Document:LNC Resolution 3 December 1983 Regarding General Guidelines for Action Committees

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Resolved at the December 3, 1983 LNC Meeting:

GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR ACTION COMMITTEES: 1. Committee purpose and goals will be stated in a resolution creating the committee. 2. Committee chair will be appointed by the National Chair. Committee chair will be a National Committee member or alternate. 3. Committee members will be appointed by the committee chair with the advice and consent of the National Chair prior to appointment. Committee members, subcommittee chairs and subcommittee members will be LP members in good standing. 4. Subcommittees within an action committee can be created by the committee chair or directed by resolutions of the National Committee. Subcommittee chairs will be appointed by the committee chair with the advice and consent of the National Chair. Subcommittee members will be appointed by the subcommittee chair with the advice and consent of the committee chair. 5. National Chair and National Director are non-voting, ex-officio members of all action committees. 6. The operating procedure of each action committee will be determined by the committee chair, with the advice and consent of the National Chair. 7. Committee chair will make periodic reports to the National Chair or person designated by the National Chair regarding committee performance. In addition, each committee chair will distribute a one-page summary report to the National Committee for each meeting, and will present a report at the meeting elaborating on this summary and responding to questions from the National Committee. During this report, the committee chair will also present any proposals arising from that committee which would need National Committee authorization. 8. Committee chairs will serve concurrently with the National Chair that appoints them; however, the National Chair can revoke appointments at any time. A new National Chair has the authority to replace or retain any action committee chair. 9. In the case where the Chair has not been able to find a willing appointee for the committee chair position, the Chair may appoint temporary subcommittee chairs as necessary until a committee chair appointment can be made. 

Note: This was indexed in an official Resolution Index and identified as Resolution 259 therein. It is noted that this was amended at the April 5-6, 1986, September 2, 1987, and December 6, 1987 meetings. This is the amended language.

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