Document:LNC Resolution 27-28 March 1982 Regarding Written Reports

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Resolved at the March 27-28, 1982 LNC Meeting:

WRITTEN REPORTS: All Committee and Subcommittee Chairs as well as the Treasurer and National Director shall send written copies of any reports that they will submit at National Committee meetings to all National Committee members two weeks before any such meeting. Any reports not received as specified shall be noted in the minutes by the Secretary, and the name of the committee' s chair shall be listed. The normal order of the agenda after the organizational matters and officers' and Headquarters reports shall be: (1) Written Reports including action items. Such reports must be submitted by the deadline in accordance with this resolution. Since the reports and its action items are already presented in writing, they shall not be presented orally. The presenter should simply introduce each proposed action item in the proper sequence. (2) Written reports including no action item s. Since the report is already presented in written form, no oral presentation should be made. (3) Oral reports including action item s. The presenter shall give the Secretary and all NatCom members written copies of all proposed action items prior to the beginning of the oral presentation. (4) Oral reports not including action item s. (5) Any other business. Acceptance of a report shall not make it an action item for this resolution. " Reports of officers shall be excluded from movement on the agenda except as otherwise prescribed within our rules.  	

Note: This was indexed in an official Resolution Index and identified as Resolution 216 therein. It is noted this was amended April 5-6, 1982, September 2, 1987, LNC Meeting 6 December 1987, and April 16-17, 1988 meetings. This is the amended language.