Document:LNC Resolution 12 August 1990 Regarding Deployment of U.S. Troops to Saudi Arabia

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Resolved at the August 12, 1990 LNC Meeting:

Saddam Hussein's intervention into the internal affairs of Kuwait by rolling tanks across its border has outraged the world as an act of naked agression. Any such military incursion not required for the defense of a nation's territorial integrity must be soundly condemned by all who believe in justice.

Notwithstanding this act of war, we, the National Committee of the Libertarian Party, support our Party platform's strong and consistent opposition to foreign interventionism, including the affairs of the Middle East, and condemn the Bush Administration decision to send American troops to Saudi Arabia and call for their immediate recall.

A military blockade is an act of war. American youth should not be sacrificed to defend monarchies, nor artificial national boundaries drawn by previous generations of foreign politicians. Iraq's marauding despot is no direct threat to America's security. His pernicious cause is only advanced by the insertion of American troops into the present turmoil. The residents of the region are the best defenders of their own interests against Saddam Hussein's aggression. The Baath movement, Hussein's so-called Arab Socialism, will fall the same way that the Socialist movements of Europe are falling -- from the moral and economic bankruptcy of Socialism.

The Republican and Democratic politicians supported Iraq after its unprovoked invasion of Iran, subsidizing Iraqi grain purchases with American taxpayers' money. They continue to fund aid to countries guilty of occupation and annexation comparable to that perpetrated by Iraq. The hypocrisy of their alleged concern over the most recent Iraqi aggression is an embarrassment to the founding principles of the United States.

The Libertarian Party stands ready and eager to lead America back to a commitment to those principles of free trade and friendship with all nations and entangling alliances with none.