Document:LNC Resolution 10 November 1979 Regarding APRC

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Resolved at the November 10-11, 1979 LNC Meeting:

ADVERTISING/PUBLICATIONS REVIEW COMMITTEE: RESOLVED that a three-person Advertising/Publications Review Committee, National Chair and National Director to be additional non-voting ex-officio committee members, be henceforth authorized to supervise in detail the contents of all proposed LP publications excluding the Liberty Pledge letter, before they go to press. The task of the committee will be to read promptly such proposed publications and to make provisions for whatever changes it finds are needed to bring them into conformity with the national platform. All material must be approved by two-thirds of the committee within 15 days of receipt before publication. Failure to object within 15 days of receipt shall be considered approval.

Note: This was indexed in an official Resolution Index and identified as Resolution 105 therein. That document also seems to note that this was amended via resolution at the December 3, 1983, September 2, 1987, September 6, 1987, December 6, 1987, and August 30, 1989 meetings. This is the language as amended.