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As amended, 5 September 1993


I. General Policy

1. Mission
2. Conflict of Interest
3. Literature
4. Involving Government Regulatory Agencies in Disputes

II. Membership

1. Membership Categories
2. National Dues Reduction
3. Membership Forms in LP News
4. Membership Reports
5. Membership Packet
6. Membership Cards
7. Archiving

III. Officers

1. Position Description of National Chair
2. Position Description of National Secretary
3. Position Description of National Treasurer

IV. Headquarters

1. Position Description of National Director
2. Terminated Employees
3. Conflicts of Interest
4. Bonus Plan
5. Mailing List

V. Procedures

1. Meetings
2. Written Reports

VI. Finances

1. Financial Procedures
2. Budget
3. Personal Liability of NatCom Members
4. Expense Reimbursements
5. Funds in Excess of Projections
6. Auditor's Report and Executive Committee Response

VII. Organizational Structure

1. Activity Areas
2. Organization Chart
3. Terms of Office
4. Administration Activity Area
A. Executive Committee
B. Auditor
C. Legal Action
D. Convention Oversight Committee
5. Development Activity Area
6. Marketing Activity Area
A. Advertising/Publications Review Committee
B. Program Committee
7. Political Action/Organizing Activity Area


1. Editorial Policy for Libertarian Party News
2. Recommended Study
3. Trial LP News Subscriptions
4. Bulk Subscriptions for Media

IX. Federal Elections

1. Campaign Law Suits
2. Equal Time Rule
3. Fair Election Laws

X. Projects

1. Requirements for the Establishment of a Special Project or Task Force
2. July 4 Adopted


Section 1. MISSION:

The mission of the Libertarian Party is to move public policy in a libertarian direction by electing candidates of the Libertarian Party to public office.


A. It shall be the affirmative responsibility of each NatCom member, and each Party officer or employee, to disclose to the NatCom in connection with the performance of their respective duties: (a) if such person's own economic or other interests might conflict with the interests of the Party in the discharge of such duties; or (b) if such person's duty to others might conflict with the interests of the Party in the discharge of such duties. Any such disclosure shall be made at the earliest opportune moment, prior to the discharge of such duties and clearly set forth the details of the conflict of interest;

B. No NatCom member, Party officer or employee shall: (a) transact business with the Libertarian Party unless the transaction is fair and equitable to the Party; or (b) use information gained in the discharge of Party duties to the disadvantage of the Party.

C. OTHER PARTIES: It is the sense of the body that National Committee members should not be members or candidates of any political party other than the Libertarian Party.

Section 3. LITERATURE:

A. All reprints of Party literature shall be required to show credit to the author if such credit is given on the original.

B. All wording on material produced by the Libertarian Party shall be regarded as integral to the piece, and no wording shall be added to materials after approval of their form and content by the National Committee or the Advertising/Publications Review Committee. It is understood that this resolution shall not apply to copyrights, addresses, etc.

C. STATUE OF LIBERTY: It is the sense of the National Committee that the Statue of Liberty is an appropriate graphic symbol to be used on Party promotional materials.

D. PARTY IDENTIFICATION: All materials for public distribution will carry the designation Libertarian Party.


In accordance with the Platform of the Libertarian Party which calls for the abolition of all government regulatory agencies engaged in initiation of coercive force, including the Federal Election Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and the Drug Enforcement Administration, it shall be the policy of the Libertarian Party to consider any attempts to involve such agencies in disputes between individuals or organizations to constitute force as is used in the Pledge given by members of this Party. This policy resolution does not pertain to use of government police and courts in defense against force or fraud.



The membership categories of the Party shall be as follows:

BASIC -- Obligation: sign the certification statement. Benefits: membership packet, card, two issues of LP News, year end report.

SUBSCRIBING -- Obligation: certification statement, plus $25 per year. Benefits: same as Basic Member plus LP News subscription and counts as current member toward affiliate's delegate allocation.

SUSTAINING -- Obligation: certification statement and $10 per month credit card or EFT pledge, or $100 in cumulative contributions in a twelve month period. Benefits: same as Subscribing Member, plus Liberty Pledge News.

SPONSOR -- Obligation: certification statement and $25 per month credit card or EFT pledge, or $250 in cumulative contributions in a twelve month period. Benefits: same as Sustaining Member, plus the benefits of the Vice President's Club.

PATRON -- Obligation: certification statement and $50 per month credit card or EFT pledge, or $500 in cumulative contributions in a twelve month period. Benefits: same as Sponsor, plus the benefits of the President's Club.

LIFE BENEFACTOR -- Obligation: certification statement and $100 per month credit card or EFT pledge, or $1000 in cumulative contributions in a twelve month period. Benefits: same as Patron, plus life membership and the benefits of the Torch Club for one year.


An affiliate party may obtain a national subscribing membership or LP News subscription for an individual for $10. If the affiliate organization agrees, this can be done through a local LP organization. This $10 payment does not include any special premiums that may be offered on national membership application forms.

The presidential campaign may obtain a national subscribing membership or LP News subscription, for an individual who has not contributed to the national LP in the last 36 months, for $10.


Each regular issue of the LP News shall seek to increase membership in the LP and therefore shall always include a membership form printed in its pages.


The national office shall prepare a monthly report which lists, for each state: (a) the total number of members, including basic members. (b) The number of people who, during the past year, have paid dues or made a contribution at least equal to the minimum dues. (c) The number of dues-paying members. This report shall be provided to the National Committee on a monthly basis, and sent to the chairs of affiliate parties at least quarterly.


A membership packet (contents to be determined by the Membership Committee) will be sent out by the LP national office to all new and renewing members. This packet will be sent to the members within one month of receiving their dues in the national office. Life members and individuals who are active on the pledge program will receive a membership packet annually.


Membership cards will be sent once to each member or upon request.

Section 7. ARCHIVING:

Member names are archived offline after 5 years of inactivity, except life members. Statistics regarding types and numbers of members archived will be kept but not included in membership totals.



A. The Chair serves as the presiding officer of the LNC and of all National Conventions and, in that capacity:

1. guides the deliberations and activities of the LNC according to Party Bylaws, may convene an LNC meeting according to the Party Bylaws, serves as a full voting member of the LNC and serves as a nonvoting member of all committees appointed by the LNC;

2. guides the deliberations and activities of National Conventions according to the Party Bylaws and adopted Convention Rules and is automatically entitled to delegate status at National Conventions.

B. The Chair serves as chief executive officer of the Party, reporting to the National Committee, and in that capacity:

1. is responsible, along with the LNC, for ensuring the direction and management of activities, affairs, properties, and funds of the Party, consistent with the Party Bylaws and LNC policies;

2. is responsible for recommending Policies, Plans, Programs and Projects to the LNC and, once approved, for their direction and acomplishment;

3. ensures the development of proposed operating income and expenditure budgets and approves all contracts of over $1000 prior to any commitment of the Party to the contracts;

4. makes appointments, subject to Party Bylaws and LNC policies.

C. The Chair represents and serves as the chief spokesperson of the Party as appropriate, including:

1. representing the Party with public, including the business community, media, other political and educational organizations, government agencies, and elected officials;

2. planning and directing all investigations and negotiations pertaining to cooperative efforts of the National party with nonlibertarian political organizations and the acquisition or sale of major assets;

3. maintaining systems of internal and external communication, including providing a monthly chair's report to all LNC members.

D. The Chair supervises the National Director and the National Headquarters, including:

1. prescribing specific limitations on the authority of the National Headquarters management;

2. appointing and employing the National Director with the advice and consent of the LNC, subject to the right of the LNC to discharge the Director at any time by majority vote;

3. providing advice and consent to the National Director on the appointment, employment, and termination of all National Headquarters personnel;

4. ensures the adequacy of the services provided by the National Headquarters to the LNC and its subcommittees, the Party, its affiliates and their campaign committees.


A. The Secretary shall take minutes of all LNC meetings. Minutes shall be mailed to all LNC members not more than 30 days after each meeting.

B. The Secretary shall prepare a synopsis of convention business, including committee reports and the records of voting for offices, for approval by the National Committee.

C. The Secretary shall keep a tally of mail ballots between meetings, and shall destroy the ballots after each meeting. Mail ballots shall not include accompanying argument for or against the passage of the motion. An LNC member may change his or her vote on a mail ballot. The change must be signed and dated and received by the Secretary by the deadline for return of ballots.

D. The Secretary shall maintain a concise and complete accounting of the LNC's policy manual.

E. LNC members, alternates, and state chairs shall receive copies of the Bylaws and Platform after each convention.

F. LNC agendas, minutes, mail ballots, resolution updates, and other supporting material shall be sent without charge to all LNC members, alternates, and committee chairs, as well as to any state chair that requests them. Any Party member may obtain these materials at his or her own cost. A list of such material shall be available from National Headquarters on request and may be periodically sent to state chairs and/or advertised in LP News.

G. The NatCom member profile form shall be circulated to all incoming NatCom members by the Secretary and returned copies be sent to every NatCom member.


A. RESPONSIBILITY AND AUTHORITY: The Treasurer shall have responsibility and authority to perform the following functions:

(1) To prepare and file Federal Election Commission reports and income tax returns as required by law.

(2) To supervise and review the preparation of all accounts and disbursements of the national Party.

(3) To render appropriate management reports to the National Chair as requested.

(4) To collect and receive assets and funds to which the national Party may be entitled, including membership dues, contributions and other revenues.

(5) To assist the National Director to develop cost and management controls to account for investments in such projects as are authorized by the National Chair and/or the National Committee.

(6) To supervise the bookkeeper currently retained by the Party.

(7) To develop and maintain appropriate banking relationships.

(8) To make an annual financial report to the National Committee on or before April 1st of the following year.

B. BONDING: The Treasurer shall be bonded.

C. CHECKING ACCOUNTS: The Treasurer is authorized to set up checking accounts, with the approval of the Chair, in order to carry out the business of the National Committee. Approval will be sought from the National Committee at the request of the banking institution. Each and every checking account established, except payroll accounts, will require two signatures on all checks. Persons permitted to sign will include only the following: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, National Director, one headquarters staff member (preferably the Financial Administrator) to be agreed upon by the joint decision of the Chair and the Treasurer.

D. REPORTS: The Treasurer shall provide to the National Committee a balance sheet, a statement of revenues and expenditures, a statement of overdue accounts payable and debt outstanding other than National Committee-authorized mortgages or leases if any on a monthly basis, no later than the end of the month following the month to which these statements pertain, and copies of summary pages of Federal Election Commission reports and income tax returns no later than the end of the month during which these reports were filed. If the Party has overdue accounts payable or has debt outstanding other than National Committee-authorized mortgages or leases, then the Treasurer shall specifically comment on debt reduction efforts in monthly financial reports. The revenue and expenditure statement shall contain monthly, monthly percent-of-budget, year-to-date, and year-to-date percent-of-budget figures for each account.




(1) The Director serves as the chief operating manager of the National Headquarters.

(2) The Director serves under the direct supervision of and is directly responsible to the National Chair and reports to the National Committee.

(3) The Director is responsible for maintaining and managing a viable National Headquarters and for the completion of all tasks assigned to National Headquarters.

(4) The Director directs, administers, and coordinates the activities of the National Headquarters in accordance with the Policies and Plans established by the National Chair and the national Committee.

(5) The Director develops, implements and insures the execution of the organizational processes and techniques necessary to facilitate the Party in accomplishing and achieving its Purposes.

(6) The Director assists the National Chair in the development of Policies, Plans, Programs, and Projects that cover Party operations, personnel, financial performance and growth.


(1) The Director guides, directs, and coordinates National Headquarters management, other National Headquarters personnel, and volunteers, in the development and implementation of Programs, development and execution of Projects, production and distribution of Party materials, promotion of the Party's Purposes according to established Policies and Plans, and development and execution of all Special Projects.

(2) The Director insures the general nd daily management and operations of the National Headquarters.

(3) The Director directs National Headquarters operations to achieve results in accordance with budgeted income and expenditure limits and other financial criteria and to preserve the funds invested in the Party's assets.

(4) The Director submits all contracts of over $1000 to the National Chair for approval prior to any commitment of the Party to the contracts.

(5) The Director directs the development and preparation of short-term and long-term plans and budgets for the National Headquarters based on the Policies, Plans, Programs, and Projects of the Party and recommends their adoption to the National Chair, and National Committee.

(6) The Director directs the research for necessary and pertinent data for the development of the Policies, Plans, Programs, and Projects of the Party.

(7) The Director insures the development, implementation and completion of all Programs submitted to the National Headquarters by the National Chair or the National Committee and its subcommittees.

(8) The Director insures the development of documentation and proposals for all Projects required for the implementation of the Programs received from the National Committee and its subcommittees, and submits these to the National Chair or national Committee and its subcommittees, other relevant committees or their subcommittees, or other individuals as designated by the National Chair or National Committee, as fappropriate, for approval prior to execution.

(9) The Director develops and maintains a sound plan of National Headquarters organization, develops practices to insure adequate National Headquarters personnel development and to provide for capable management succession, recommends changes in National Headquarters organization as required by the development and growth of the Party, and submits these for review and approval by the National Chair.

(10) The Director may recommend and suggest changes to the Policies of the Party and submits these to the National Chair, National Committee subcommittees, or other relevant committees or subcommittees for consideration by the National Committee.

(11) The Director directs the development and implementation of National Headquarters procedures and controls to maintain communication and adequate flow of information and to maintain adequate management control and direction of National Headquarters activities.

(12) The director maintains adequate and necessary communications with the National Chair and insures the National Chair is kept fully informed of all National Headquarters and pertinent Party activities.

(13) The Director developes National Headquarters operating practices consistent with the Policies and Plans of the Party, submits these to the National Chair for review and approval, and insures their adequate execution.

(14) The Director appraises and evaluates the performance of National Headquarters and Party operations, personnel, and activities regularly and systematically, and reports these results to the National Chair and the National Committee in writing monthly.

(15) The Director submits progress reports on the status of Programs and Projects and provides periodic information depicting the current production level of National Headquarters to the National Chair as required.

(16) The Director insures the achievement of production targets and quotas requested by the National Chair or National Committee. The Director requests the advice and counsel of the National Chair before establishing procedures to coordinate activities through the National Headquarters or establishing a production level of required activities through the National Headquarters to provide for the implementation of Programs and execution of Projects.

(17) The Director delegates portions of activities, responsibilities, and authorities, as necessary and desirable, to other National Headquarters management and other National Headquarters personnel. The Director, however, does not delegate any portion of overall responsibility or any portion of accountability. The Director insures that the responsibilities, authorities, and accountability of all National Headquarters personnel are defined and understood and that all National Headquarters personnel are completely informed of the limits and scope of these as they pertain to their position in the organizational structure of the National Headquarters. The Director initiates, reviews, and approves the appointment, employment and termination of all National Headquarters personnel with the advice and consent of the National Chair.

(18) The Director insures the performance of the function of other National Headquarters management personnel when the management positions are not filled or the management personnel are not available.

(19) The Director insures that all National Headquarters personnel can perform the functions of their position and maintains as distinct a separation of duties as necessary for maximum efficiency and productivity. The Director supervises all National Headquarters personnel as necessary to insure the proper execution of projects and proper performance of the functions of their positions. The Director assists National Headquarters personnel in establishing their production targets and quotas and approves these based on the overall targets assigned.

(20) The Director develops adequate and equitable personnel policies, and salary administration policies, for the National Headquarters employees, and submits these for review and approval by the National Chair. The Director insures that the interests and welfare of employees and volunteers as individuals are preserved and protected.

(21) The Director maintains direct contact for the Party with suppliers of outside goods and services and insures sound services and working relationships with key personnel of important news media and vendors with all outside services. The Director maintains a liaison between the National Headquarters and other Libertarian organizations as requested by the National Chair.

(22) The Director insures that all National Headquarters activities and operations are carried out in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations and laws governing business operations and political activities.

(23) The Director personally participates in the acquisition and sale of major assets, and in the investigations, evaluations, and negotiations of cooperative efforts with nonlibertarian political organizations in accordance with the Party's Policies and Plans as established by the National Committee as requested by the National Chair or National Committee.

(24) The Director maintains control over the Party's computer data base and develops distribution and pricing policies for mailing and telephone lists, with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee.

(25) The Director assumes other special activities, functions, responsibilities, and duties as directed by the National Chair or National Committee.


No person who has been terminated from the national staff for nonperformance of duties shall be returned to the staff in a volunteer or paid capacity without approval of the National Chair.


A. Neither the National Director nor any other employee of the Party shall: 1. Endorse, support, contribute any money, or use his or her title or position to aid any candidate in any LP primary, or in any campaign for office, or nomination, within the National LP or any State LP. 2. Serve as a delegate to any National or State LP convention. 3. Permit National Headquarters to be used by anyone at any time to aid any candidate in any LP primary, or in any campaign for office, or nomination, with the National LP or any State LP.

B. PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that nothing in this section shall prevent the National Director or any employee of the Party from providing the same information and services that would be provided to any other member of the Party to any such candidate.

C. No Party funds may be expended in any of the types of campaigns described in this section.

D. No employee of the National Libertarian Party shall be a member or alternate of the Libertarian National Committee. Any person employed by the National Libertarian Party shall be terminated immediately upon his or her election to the LNC. This resolution shall be included in all employment agreements and contracts between the National Libertarian Party and its employees.

E. CANDIDATES: Nothing in the standing resolutions shall preclude the National Director and members of the National Headquarters staff from being candidates for public office.

Section 4. BONUS PLAN:

A. All staff at the LNC headquarters in Washington, D.C., including the National Director, and including any field employees, either:

1. employed as of 12/31 of each year; or
2. employed for at least three months during the year, and whose termination from LP employment prior to 12/31 was due to reduction in available work;

shall be eligible to receive a bonus on 2/15 of the succeeding year.

Former staff members whose employment was terminated prior to 12/31 for non-performance of duties will not be eligible to receive a bonus.

B. A bonus plan will be created consisting of the following: 1) One dollar per member for the net membership increase during the year, as certified by the LNC secretary, plus 2) $2 per monthly pledger for the net increase in paid pledgers during the year, as certified by the chair of the finance committee, plus 3) 5% of the gross revenue over the budget adopted at the beginning of the year.

C. The bonus pool will be divided among the eligible participants as follows: 1) 50% will be distributed according to payroll dollar ratios using the W-2s. For example, an employee earning $10,000 of a total payroll of $100,000 would receive 10% of this portion of the pool. 2) 50% will be distributed at the discretion of the National Director and the Chair based on merit. The Chair will decide the National Director's merit bonus, if any -- and the Director, in consultation with the Chair -- how the balance is to be divided. 3) It is the LNC's intention that interns who work for the Party during the year be given consideration for merit bonuses at the discretion of the Chair. 4) The bonuses will be distributed on or before February 15 of each year.

Section 5. MAILING LIST:

A. The National Director shall require a 50% deposit on all mailing label or list orders, except for commercial mailing list houses or organizations that have a perfect track record of paying within 30 days for the previous year. List rentals to all campaigns require 100% pre-payment.

B. Rentals, exchanges, or sales of the Party mailing list shall not include the names of anyone who has cumulatively given over $5000 to the national Party.

C. Any member of the Libertarian Party who so requests may have his or her name removed from lists made available to outside organizations.

D. Neither the mailing list, nor any other Party asset, shall be given, rented, sold, or otherwise made available to any other political party or its candidates.

E. Telephone numbers shall only be provided to state affiliate parties, LNC members and committee chairs, and Libertarian Party candidates.


Section 1. MEETINGS:

A. OPEN MEETINGS: National Committee meetings are open to Party members. However, participation is not permitted except by majority vote of the committee.

B. AGENDA: Changes in the placement of items on the agenda may be made by majority vote; this includes those items placed on the agenda by two-thirds approval.

C. PROCEDURE FOR ROLL CALL VOTES: A request of three members shall be enough to require a roll call vote.

D. AUDIO TAPE RECORDINGS: The Director shall be responsible for recording all National Committee meetings on audio tape, providing a copy to the Secretary, retaining the tapes for one year at the national headquarters, and making copies available to any other member upon request at cost.

E. ALTERNATES' PARTICIPATION: Free substitution of Alternates for Regional Representatives at National Committee meetings is permitted.


All officers, area managers, committee chairs, and the National Director shall send written copies of any reports that they will submit at National Committee meetings to all National Committee members two weeks before any such meeting. The normal order of the agenda shall be:

a. organizational matters
b. Administration Area reports
c. Development Area reports
d. Marketing Area reports
e. Political Action/Organizing Area reports
f. action on budget proposals
g. any other business



This Committee endorses sound financial practices and controls in the operations of its affairs. From time to time it is appropriate to add or modify such controls in order to strengthen the stewardship responsibility toward our contributors' funds. The following policies are established:

A. It is the LNC's intention that the LNC will not be responsible for the debts incurred by future presidential campaigns or any other campaign. However, the LNC may vote to make monetary and nonmonetary contributions to such campaigns under the limits prescribed by law. If such contributions are made, they shall be made only after such candidate or campaign has agreed to meet the reasonable financial and budgetary controls set by the LNC. No candidate or staff member of a campaign is permitted to place orders, make purchases, or sign contracts in any manner that would lead a person to assume that the LNC is liable for the debt. The Secretary is responsible for publicizing this policy to all candidates for the Presidential nomination and other candidates who seek aid from the LNC or the national office.

B. The Party may financially support the candidacies of persons who meet the following requirements: (a) that they are running as candidates of the Libertarian Party unless the laws in their state make it necessary or desirable for ballot access purposes that they run as independents; (b) that they are certified as libertarian candidates by the governing board of the Libertarian Party in their state; and (c) that they refrain from supporting any Presidential ticket other than the Libertarian Party candidates.

C. All fundraising letters are to be approved by the National Chair.

D. Special Projects and task forces may not be used to raise money unless and until the requirements in Article X, Section 1 have been fulfilled.

Section 2. BUDGET

A. Preparation

The Executive Committee, in consultation with the National Director and area managers, shall develop an annual operating budget and present it to the National Committee for approval prior to the start of each fiscal year. This budget shall include a statement of anticipated revenue and expenditures in sufficient detail to adequately outline specific activities and plans, including those for raising funds, and to outline the major categories of expense required to implement each activity or plan.

B. Amendment

1. The budget may be amended at any time by a majority vote of the National Committee.

2. Expense items within one budget area may be amended by the area manager, with the consent of the Executive Committee, as long as the total expense for that area is not increased.

3. A line for a previously unbudgeted item, total expense not exceeding $1000, may be added to the budget by the National Chair, with the consent of the Executive Committee.

4. An existing budget line may be increased by the National Chair, with the consent of the Executive Committee, by up to 10% or $1000, whichever is more, but in no case in excess of $5000, during the period between National Committee meetings.

C. Spending limit

1. Funds shall not be disbursed for any expense which is not in the budget. Funds shall not be disbursed for any budget line which exceed the total budgeted expense amount by 10% or $100, whichever is more.

2. The Director may not disburse any funds in excess of these limits until a budget amendment is approved. Failure to follow this policy may be cause for dismissal.

3. Any officer who authorizes an expenditure or approves a disbursement in excess of these limits shall be personally liable to reimburse the Party for the excess amount. Each officer shall sign a statement acknowledging that he or she is aware of this policy and agrees to be bound by it.

4. The Treasurer is required to report any violations of this policy to the National Committee.


A. The officers, employees, agents, and members of the National Committee of the Libertarian Party shall not be personally liable for any debt, liability, or obligation of the Party.

B. All persons, corporations, or other entities extending credit to, contracting with, or having any claim against, the Libertarian Party may look only to the funds and property of the Libertarian Party for the payment of any such contract or claim, or for other payment of any debt, damages, judgement, or decree, or any money that may otherwise become due or payable to them from the Libertarian Party.

C. The Contract Provision Liability Clause shall be included in all contracts.


A. The LP Chair or Treasurer shall be required to approve and evidence by signing or initialing all expenses and expense account reimbursements made to the LP Director or other LNC officers prior to payment. No officer shall approve his or her own expenses. To avoid possible hardship due to delays in such approvals, the Chair or the Treasurer may at his or her discretion authorize a permanent expense advance of up to $200 for any LNC officer or the Director which shall be considered a draw against any reimbursable expenses incurred but not yet reimbursed. Any such advances so made shall be fully reflected on the LP financial statements and shall be repayable in full by the individual immediately upon termination of employment or ceasing to hold LNC office for any reason. Any exception to this policy must be approved in writing by the LP Chair.

B. Expense reimbursements made to the Chair or on his behalf be reviewed and approved by the LP Treasurer (in writing) prior to payment by the SFAC Treasurer. Expense reimbursements to the chair of an SFAC be approved and reviewed in a similar fashion prior to payment by the SFAC Treasurer by either the LP Chair or Treasurer. This procedure should be evidenced by signature or initials on expense invoices or receipts maintained by the LP office or SFAC Treasurer.

C. Travel by Party officers at Party expense must be for the explicit purpose of conducting Party business. Party business travel for Party Officers must be deemed necessary and approved by the National Chair or the National Committee, and must be authorized in writing by the National Chair. All travel expense reports are to be audited by the Treasurer, and approved by the Treasurer and the National Chair. Travel expense incurred by the National Committee members for the purpose of attending National Committee meetings are excluded from this policy. The National Committee may require a refund of costs upon a majority vote. Any person accepting travel expenses must sign an agreement that they will refund upon a vote of the National Committee.


RESOLVED, any money exceeding projections should be placed in an interest bearing account until that account totals at least $10,000.


The Auditor shall prepare and deliver his report to the Executive Committee no later than 40 days before each NatCom meeting and that report and a formal response from the Executive Committee shall be presented at that subsequent meeting.


Section 1: Activity Areas

For ease of management and budgetary control, the activities of the national Party shall be divided into activity areas.

The Chair may appoint an area manager to oversee activities in each area or may choose to oversee a particular area directly, with the advice and consent of the National Committee.

The area manager may determine the organizational structure of an area, and may appoint managers to oversee and implement specific projects within an area, or may oversee and implement specific projects directly, all with the advice and consent of the National Chair, unless explicit structures or appointment procedures are specified by the National Committee.

Section 2: Organization Chart

An organization chart reflecting the organization of the national Party including all standing committees and activity areas will be maintained and kept up to date by the National Director in cooperation with the National Chair, and will be sent to each National Committee member and alternate and each affiliate party chair at least quarterly.

Section 3: Terms of Office

The terms of office for all national Party area managers, project managers, committee chairs and committee members shall be from the date of their appointment until the second National Committee meeting following a regular Party convention. They shall hold their appointments until that time unless they resign or are removed or replaced in accordance with ordinary procedures.

Section 4: Administration Activity Area

The purposes of Administration activities are to provide general oversight of national Party activities and to provide support services to and help coordinate the efforts of other activity areas.

The following activities are included in the Administation activity area:

a. decision-making between National Committee meetings
b. developing proposed budget and budget adjustments
c. management of headquarters operations
d. computer system management and improvements
e. accounting
f. audit of financial records and procedures
g. national convention oversight
h. legal action
i. coordinating the interfaces among activity areas
j. information exchange with affiliates.

A. Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee is hereby created, consisting of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and a fifth member selected by the National Committee. The Executive Committee shall meet between National Committee meetings and shall exercise all powers of the National Committee except for the addition, deletion, or amendment of NatCom resolutions or amendment of the budget beyond the limits defined in VI.2.B. The chair of the Executive Committee shall be elected by the National Committee. The chair of the Executive Committee shall serve until replaced or until the next National Convention. Minutes shall be kept of Executive Committee meetings, shall be reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee, and shall be distributed to all LNC members and alternates and area managers within one week of such approval. The Executive Committee shall report, in writing, at each National Committee meeting.

B. Auditor:

The National Committee shall select a qualified Auditor.

The Auditor shall audit, or cause to be audited, not less than annually, all financial records of the Libertarian National Committee, and provide a report in a timely manner to the LNC.

The Auditor shall conduct a review of LNC financial records and procedures prior to each LNC meeting, and shall deliver his report to the Executive Committee no later than 40 days before the meeting. That report and a formal response from the Executive Committee shall be presented at the meeting.

C. Legal Action:

(1) The National Committee shall appoint General Counsel to prepare and/or review proposed contracts and otherwise to investigate, recommend and coordinate legal action on behalf of and in support of the Libertarian Party.

(2) All contracts of more than one year in duration or for more than $5000 shall be reviewed and approved by General Counsel or his or her designee prior to signing by the National Chair.

(3) All contracts or modifications thereto are to be reduced to writing.

D. Convention Oversight Committee:

A three-person Convention Oversight Committee is hereby created to consider goals and negotiate contracts, as needed, for future National Conventions and to report back to the LNC on adherence by convention operators to existing contracts.

The program of any Libertarian National Convention shall not include any persons or organizations who oppose the existence of the Libertarian Party; who contend that the libertarian philosophy is immoral; who contend that political activism is either immoral or ineffective in the cause of liberty; or who advocate that the Libertarian Party should be incorporated into some other political party.

Section 5. Development Activity Area

The purpose of Development activities is to maximize membership and financial support of the national Party, to insure that ever-increasing resources are available for LP activities.

The following activities are included in the Development activity area:

a. obtaining new members
1. prospecting mailings
2. advertising placement
3. inquiry management
4. "closing the sale"
b. member services
1. filling members' orders and requests
2. answering members' questions
3. handling members' complaints
c. renewals
1. processing
2. upgrading to higher membership levels
3. appealing to expired members to rejoin
d. fundraising
1. direct mail
2. pledge program
3. telemarketing
4. large donor program
5. wills and bequests
6. donor thanks and recognition
7. premiums

Section 6: Marketing Activity Area

The purposes of Marketing activities are: 1) to acquaint various constituencies (members, contributors, inquiries, prospects, news media, legislators, and the general public) with libertarian ideas; 2) to create educational materials for use in local LP political action; and 3) to create and maintain a national public awareness of the LP.

The focal point of Marketing activities will be the LP Program.

The following activities are included in the Marketing activity area:

a. Program development
b. internal education
c. development and sale of literature and other outreach materials
d. development and placement of advertising
e. public relations
1. news releases and media response
2. development of media list and media contacts
3. talk-show placement
4. op-ed development and placement
5. encouraging letters to the editor
6. public testimony
7. participation in outside conferences
f. liaison with LP News editor.

A. Advertising/Publication Review Committee

(1) A three person Advertising/Publications Review Committee (APRC), National Chair and National Director to be additional non-voting ex-officio committee members, shall be appointed by the National Committee to review the contents of advertising, publications, and other materials produced or distributed by the LP, to ensure that they are in conformity with the Platform.

(2) The committee shall review advertising material, literature, prospecting letters, material used in inquiry packets, material used in membership packets, renewal letters, and any similar material to be distributed to members or the public (other than those listed in (3) below) prior to printing, distribution, or use. Copies of proposed material shall be sent to all members of the committee. All material must be approved by two thirds of the committee before printing, distribution, or use. The chair of the committee shall report the committee's decision to the person who submitted the proposed material. Failure of the committee to object within 15 days of receipt shall be considered approval.

(3) The committee shall review periodicals published by the LP (including LP News, Liberty Pledge News, and APC News), in-house fundraising letters, and news releases after publication or distribution. The committee shall report to the relevant manager or editor, and to the National Chair, any items which in the opinion of the committee were inappropriate.

(4) The committee shall also review materials authorized for use in LP educational programs or which are otherwise to be promoted by the LP. The committee may authorize such use or promotion subject to appropriate conditions or disclaimers as needed to maintain consistency with the Platform.

(5) The committee shall provide a report summarizing its activity to the National Committee prior to each meeting.

B. Program Committee

A Program Committee is hereby created in accordance with Libertarian Party ByLaws, Article 6, section 3, to submit draft program planks to the National Committee.

Section 7: Political Action/Organizing Activity Area

The purpose of Political Action/Organizing activities is to help our campaigns and state and local groups conduct effective political action.

The following activities are included in the Political Action/ Organizing activity area:

a. ballot access
1. petitioning
2. lobbying
3. legal challenges
4. maintenance
b. candidate services
1. recruitment
2. training
3. assistance
4. collection and dissemination of election results
5. liaison with presidential campaign team
c. organizational assistance
1. state
2. local
3. campus
d. coordinating with affiliates
1. telephone tree
2. newsletter




(1) The Libertarian Party News (hereinafter LP News) is the name of the Libertarian Party's newsletter and as such is the principal regularly issued publication of the Party. It is the major communications medium of the party. It conveys the Party's message and self-image to all who receive it. It serves as the one unifying publication for the political views within the Party.

(2) Final responsibility for the production of LP News must rest with one person: the Editor. It is the responsibility of the Editor to produce the best possible publication within the guidelines of these policies.


(1) The LP News is distributed to three major groups: LP members and contributors, media representatives, and prospective members. The LP News shall address itself primarily to LP members and its role shall be complementary to other publications within the libertarian movement.

(2) LP News shall focus on three types of articles: (a) those providing a libertarian perspective on current issues along with how and why this perspective differs from that of other political parties; (b) those providing information on libertarian, libertarian oriented and LP activities around the U.S. and the world; and (c) those discussing the tactics and strategy of LP political activities.

(3) This leaves to other publications the areas of scholarly articles, in-depth analysis of current issues, regular coverage of the arts (book and film reviews), analysis of libertarian movement (as opposed to LP) tactics and strategy, in-depth debate of questions on which their is no libertarian consensus, critique of individuals within the libertarian movement, and reporting of routine state and local activities and personalities.

(4) The proper tone for all articles is factual and even-handed. "Mainstream" political rhetoric shall be used to present "radical" libertarian ideas. "Buzz words" and "libertarian jargon" shall be avoided in order to make the LP News appealing to the broadest possible readership. Personal attacks on persons and institutions within the libertarian movement are to be avoided.

(5) The article in LP News shall, on the whole, represent the core ideas of agreement in the LP. No articles shall be published which contradict the LP Platform. Articles which address areas where the Platform is silent may be published provided that they are noted as representing the opinions of the author only and not those of the Party.

(6) A directory of state and national LP contacts shall be included at least once every three months.

(7) LP News shall be circulated to: (a) all current subscribing, sustaining, sponsor, and patron members; (b) all life members; (c) all current LP News subscribers; (d) all contributors who have contributed at least $100 in the past 12 months or who are EFTS or credit card pledgers of $10 or more per month; (e) a media list selected by the Marketing Area Manager or his/her designee; (f) inquiries and other prospects, as designated by the Development Area Manager or his/her designee; (g) a distribution of up to 10% of the total press run to affiliate parties to be used for recruiting purposes.

(8) The National Chair may, from time to time, with reasonable notice, direct the Editor to change the format of LP News for the purpose of outreach to the media, prospects and others. This change may take the form of: (a) an "insert" to the regular LP News; (b) an extra edition; (c) a replacement edition; or (d) some other form to be determined by the National Chair. This format change will enable LP News to perform its different functions in a less expensive and more efficient manner.


(1) LP News shall be published in a tabloid format. The frequency of publication shall be at least bi-monthly unless the National Chair decides that frequency is inconsistent with the approved budget or the LP's current financial condition. The number of pages per issue and the circulation per issue shall be the responsibility of the National Chair consistent with the approved budget and the LP's current financial condition.

(2) The selection of articles, their layout and the graphics for LP News, the relative amount of space assigned to articles, advertisements, LP announcements, and regular features shall be the responsibility of the National Chair except as detailed in this Policy Statement.


(1) The exact levels of financial support provided by the LP for LP News shall be established annually in the approved budget for the Party or in other LNC resolutions.

(2) No classified advertising shall be accepted. All advertisements will be clearly labeled as such. See the Reviews and Reporting section of this policy for reporting requirements for rejected advertisements.


The National Chair shall select the Editor with the advice and consent of the National Committee. Due consideration should be given to the professional as well as libertarian background of the individual selected.


At each LNC meeting, the Editor shall report the following regarding the LP News: (a) circulation per issue; (b) number of pages per issue; (c) cost per issue, including cost per category of expenditure, i.e., printing, artwork, postage, etc.; (d) ad revenue per issue and equivalent dollar value of "exchange" ads; (e) advertisements rejected and why; and (f) items found unsatisfactory by the APRC and action to be taken on them. Any contract between the LNC and any Editor shall include a provision obligating the Editor to provide the above information.


Recommendations appearing in LP News for the study of Internal Education material not produced by the LP shall be accompanied by a disclaimer to the effect that they may contain material inconsistent with the LP Platform. The only authoritative statement of LP positions is contained in its platform.


The LNC shall offer each affiliate party a trial subscription to the LP News for each affiliate party dues paying member in exchange for the use of those names for membership prospecting and fund raising by the LNC. The length of the trial subscription shall be determined by the National Chair, but shall not exceed one year.


A. There shall be a bulk subscription program for the LP News, intended to increase awareness of the Libertarian Party among those who provide political information to the public.

B. The program shall be administered by a manager designated by the chair of the Media Relations Committee.

C. Eligible subscribers shall be (a) news media, (b) public, academic, and school libraries, (c) chapters of the League of Women Voters, (d) teachers of political science, (e) incumbent public officials. Additional categories may be allowed with the concurrence of the Marketing Area Manager and the Development Area Manager.

D. Affiliate parties shall arrange for bulk subscriptions by providing a mailing list of eligible subscribers to the manager. The affiliate party is responsible for providing valid addresses and other information that the manager may require.

E. The annual cost shall be four dollars per subscription.

F. The minimum quantity shall be 25 subscriptions.

G. The manager may designate a common starting or ending date for subscriptions, and may pro-rate the fee for subscriptions that start out of cycle.



The campaign committee of any Party candidate for president or vice president shall inform the National Committee of any suits filed by or against the Committee within one week of such filing.


The National Party, its elected and appointed officials acting in its behalf, and candidates nominated by it, shall refrain from invoking or threatening to invoke "the equal time" rule, "reasonable access rule". or any other Federal Communication Commission rule or any coercive instrument to obtain broadcast air time for any party candidate or spokesperson on any privately owned and financed (i.e. non-government) broadcast facility.


The Libertarian Party endorses the Fair Elections Bill, H.R. 1582, introduced into Congress by Representative John Conyers on March 12, 1987 and pledges its full and unqualified support in the effort to pass the Fair Elections Bill into law. The Libertarian Party shall maintain membership in the Coalition for Free and Open Elections (COFOE).



A. PROPOSAL: A detailed proposal specifying the purpose, means, personnel, and objectives proposed for the project or task force must be prepared in writing and approved by the Chair and by the chairs of all involved committees.

B. PROJECT DIRECTOR: A person responsible for the final development and execution of the project or task force chair must be appointed by the Chair.

C. BUDGET: A budget for the project or task force must be approved by the Chair and by any committee chairs whose budget funds will finance the project. If previously unbudgeted funds in excess of the Chair's discretionary funds are needed, the approval of the National Committee is required.

Section 2. JULY 4 ADOPTED:

It was passed that the 4th of July be adopted by the Libertarian Party as the holiday most exemplifying the principles of Libertarians. All Libertarians would be encouraged to make a special effort to present programs, events, public advertising, and any other means available of bringing the Libertarian message to the public celebrating Libertarian principles and philosophy and strengthening intra-Libertarian ties.