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                    Minutes of the Meeting of the
                    Libertarian National Committee
                           3 September 1989
                      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Members Present:
     Chair      Dave Walter
     Vice-Chair Mary T. Gingell
     Secretary  Joseph W. Dehn III
     Treasurer  Stephen R. Fielder
     At Large   I. Dean Ahmad
                Toni L. Black
                William Redpath
                Norma D. Segal
     Region 1   Karen Allard
     Region 2   Geoffrey J. Neale
                George O'Brien
     Region 3   Stephen L. Dasbach
     Region 4   Ron Crickenberger
     Region 5   Clifford F. Thies
     Region 6   Vicki Kirkland
     Region 7   Steven I. Givot
     Region 8   Gary Johnson
1. CALL TO  ORDER: The regular  meeting of  the  Libertarian  National
Committee was called  to order by  Chair Dave Walter at 4:10pm, at the
Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
2. CREDENTIALS:  The  Secretary noted that the new LNC has 18 members,
and announced the  names of the  members.  The members then introduced
3. CHAIR'S REPORT:   Walter reviewed the  need for all members  of the
committee to share responsibility and work to make the party grow.  He
reminded everyone that  reports should be  submitted on time, so  that
meetings can concentrate  on discussion of future plans rather than on
reports of past activities.
Walter announced that  Nick Dunbar had resigned to allow us to appoint
a new National  Director.  Givot moved  to reappoint  Nick  Dunbar  as
National Director.   Dunbar  expressed  the  view  that  his  work  is
determined by what  we tell him  to do.  Ahmad asked  about membership
cards; Dunbar responded that there are currently other projects listed
as having higher  priority, but that  it  is  up  to  us  to  set  the
priorities.  Walter said that the Executive Committee has been setting
priorities, and that  the Membership Committee should consider whether
cards  are  important.    The  motion  to   reappoint  passed  without
Givot moved to  refer the matter  of membership cards to the Executive
Committee.  Thies moved to amend Givot's motion by adding that the LNC
feels that this should be handled at an expedient time.  The motion to
amend and the main motion passed without objection.
4.  VICE-CHAIR'S  REPORT:   Gingell  presented  a  written  report  on
activities of the  Affiliate Party Committee (included with minutes of
30 August 1989  as Attachment E). She will be working on the telephone
tree and on coordinating some of the committees.
5. TREASURER'S REPORT:   Fielder reported that  he will be working  on
the new budget,  and that the  format  will  be  revised  to  be  more
6. SECRETARY'S REPORT:   Dehn reported that  he  will  be  working  on
updating the Bylaws  and the Platform,  and will be sending everyone a
NatCom profile questionnaire.
7. FINANCE COMMITTEE:  Dasbach moved that Steve Alexander be appointed
as  chair  of  the  Finance  Committee.   The  motion  passed  without
8. AFFILIATE PARTIES  COMMITTEE:  Dasbach moved  that Mary Gingell  be
appointed as chair  of the Affiliate  Parties Committee.   The  motion
passed without objection.   Gingell announced that  Steve Dasbach will
be chair of  the Campaign 90  Committee, which will  be  acting  as  a
subcommittee of the Affiliate Parties Committee.
Dasbach reported on  campaign workshops and  on the use  of  telephone
conferencing.  He proposes to purchase a block of 100 hours of service
on a system  being installed by  Advocates for Self Government,  to be
used  by  regional  representatives,  candidates,  and  the  Executive
Committee.  He suggested  that our goal  for next year  should  be  to
elect at least  one legislator and  to get at least  20,000 inquiries.
Walter requested that he identify a winnable race by the next meeting.
Dasbach said that  we should make  any financial assistance to  such a
candidate conditional on the campaign already showing some success.
9. BALLOT ACCESS  COMMITTEE.  Givot said  that he has been acting as a
figurehead chair, but  that he wants  to take on the job for real.  He
wants to institute a pledge program so that Paul Jacob can concentrate
on actual ballot  access work.  He  has no objection to  other  groups
also working on ballot access.
O'Brien moved that  Givot be appointed  as chair of the  Ballot Access
Committee.  In response  to questions from various members, Givot said
that it is  fine with him  for the office to handle receipts, and that
he was reporting  disbursements to the office by the 5th day after the
end of the  month.  He thinks that the office should be able to handle
both parts of the FEC reports; he could sign them, or the LP Treasurer
could serve as  BAF Treasurer and  sign them.  He favors  keeping SFAC
status so that  contributors  will  know  that  we  are  committed  to
spending the money  on what it  was raised for.  The motion to appoint
Givot passed without objection.
Givot  presented  a   mission  statement  for  the  BAC  (Attachment),
including guidelines acknowledging  and  encouraging  the  independent
ballot access efforts  of affiliate parties  and other  organizations.
He also reported  that Karl Hess  has agreed to put BAC material in LP
News.  In reponse  to a query  by Walter, Givot said  that  BAC  money
should not be used for petitioning for local offices unless it can get
us continuing ballot  status.   Dasbach  said  that  paying  affiliate
parties for volunteer  signatures is a  different situation because it
serves to  build  up  the  capabilities  of  the  affiliate.   Fielder
suggested that Givot  review the old  plan which outlines  generalized
ballot  access  priorities.   Fielder  moved  to  accept  the  mission
statement as  the  report  of  the  BAC;  the  motion  passed  without
10. FIELD COORDINATOR:   Walter announced that  Paul Jacob will now be
supervised by the BAC Chair and Affiliate Parties Chair.
11. MANAGEMENT AND  AUDIT COMMITTEE:  Dasbach  moved that Bill Redpath
be appointed as  chair of the Management and Audit Committee.  Redpath
said that he is familiar with the problems of the national office, and
that he sees his role as including review of non-financial procedures.
The motion to appoint Redpath passed without objection.
12. AUDITOR:  Redpath  moved  that  Clifford  Thies  be  appointed  as
Auditor.  Thies noted that he is not a CPA but said that this is not a
problem for an  internal auditor position.   He is familiar  with  the
systems, but does not expect to be part of the management team, and is
not on any  committee that deals primarily with finances, so will have
some independence.  He  also informed the committee that the Treasurer
is his brother-in-law.   Givot pointed out  that if we ran into a real
problem  we  could   always  appoint  an  additional  auditor.   Thies
suggested that we  budget for an  external audit by  1991,  because  a
treasurer's report with a favorable report of such an audit would show
people that a  good job is  being done.  The motion  to appoint  Thies
passed, with Fielder abstaining.
13. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE:   Walter announced that  he  was  appointing
Karen Allard as  chair.  She will  be looking into various ways to get
affiliate parties to  promote national membership, such as semi-annual
contests and a full rebate for new members.
14. OUTREACH COMMITTEE:   Walter announced that he was appointing Toni
Black as chair.   He said that  a mailing to the  Reason list  was  in
progress, and that  Black  should  check  with  David  Bergland  about
pending new literature.  Givot suggested that TV advertising should be
under this committee.
15. MEDIA RELATIONS  COMMITTEE:  Walter  announced  that  since  Tonie
Nathan has presented  a proposal to  serve as a paid contractor, a new
chair is needed  for this committee.  Gary Johnson volunteered and was
so appointed by Walter.
16. LEGAL ACTION COMMITTEE:  Walter announced that he was reappointing
Bill Hall as chair.
17. INTERNAL EDUCATION  COMMITTEE:  There  was  a  discussion  of  the
purpose of this committee and whether it is still needed.  Walter said
that its purpose  is to help  new  members  understand  the  platform.
Redpath said it  is needed to  keep in touch  with  other  libertarian
organizations.  Givot suggested that it would be better to have fewer,
larger committees than  many committees with just one member.  Gingell
suggested that chairs  use her mailings  to solicit members for  their
committees.  Norma Segal  volunteered to  be  chair  of  the  Internal
Education Committee, and was so appointed by Walter.
18. ADVERTISING DEVELOPMENT  COMMITTEE:  Walter announced  that  David
Nolan is willing  to serve as  chair of this committee, and will merge
in his Liber-TV  fund.  Dasbach moved that Nolan be appointed.  It was
suggested that  Robert  Murphy  be  appointed  as  a  member  of  this
committee.  The motion to appoint Nolan as chair passed.
19. ASSISTANT TO  THE CHAIR:  Walter  announced that he was appointing
Don Ernsberger as  Assistant to the  Chair.  He  will  be  working  on
special task force projects.
Ernsberger reported on  the census project.  This was done by  SIL  in
1970 and 1980;  it involved asking people to either not answer, answer
only with their names, or to provide a full response under protest. He
thinks we should  do something similar, although some aspects might be
need to be  different because we  are a political party,  and that  we
need to start  on it by  January 1990. Givot  commented  that  such  a
project doesn't address  party goals. Walter  said that it was  a good
activity for  between  elections.  Kirkland  said  that  we  need  our
resources to get  on the ballot.  Thies  said  that  although  he  was
generally in favor,  we should get  legal advice. Walter said  that it
was a moneymaker for SIL.  Dasbach said that being in the forefront on
an issue is  a good way  to attract prospects. Walter  requested  that
Ernsberger draft a proposal for the next meeting.
20. PROGRAM COMMITTEE:   Ahmad moved  that  we  approve  the  Program.
Dasbach moved that  "decriminalize" be changed  to "relegalize" in the
drug plank; there  was  no  objection.   Segal  moved  that  the  word
"voluntarily" on line  4 of the  tax plank be italicized; there was no
objection.  Black noted that some people have objected to the call for
vouchers in the  education plank.  Givot said that this was an interim
proposal and no worse than the current use of tax money for education.
The motion to approve the Program passed, with Segal voting no because
of the lack  of a plank  on abortion, and  with  Gingell  and  O'Brien
Evers,   Ted   Brown,   and   Dean   Ahmad   be   appointed   as   the
Advertising/Publications Review Committee.  The motion passed  without
22. BUDGET:  Fielder  reported that an  additional $7300 was available
because equipment had been listed under both lease and depreciation.
Fielder moved that  $1000 be allocated  for purchase of a  fax machine
for the national  office.  Dunbar said  that  he  currently  uses  the
service at Kinko's 5 or 6 times per week, and that an in-house machine
will also facilitate  distribution of  material  to  the  press.   The
motion passed without objection.
There was a  discussion of getting an additional computer. Dunbar said
that he needs  a machine that  can serve as an additional terminal for
the network, and  that can duplicate the function of the main database
machine for backup and testing.  Ahmad suggested that the same purpose
could be served by getting a much less expensive computer and adding a
larger disk to one of the existing machines.  Givot moved to authorize
an expenditure of  not  more  than  $3000  for  purchase  of  computer
equipment, with the  Executive  Committee  deciding  on  the  specific
configuration.  The motion passed without objection.
There was  a  discussion  of  funding  the  Media  Relations  Director
proposal  as  submitted   by  Tonie  Nathan.    Walter  reported  that
sufficient funds were  available from convention  fundraising to  fund
the position for the rest of the year on a trial basis.  Fielder moved
that the budget be amended by increasing convention fundraising income
by $6000 and  by increasing media  relations  expense  by  $6000;  the
motion passed without  objection.   Givot  moved  that  the  Executive
Committee negotiate a  contract with Tonie  Nathan  to  implement  the
proposal; the motion passed without objection.
Walter reported that  he has asked  Karl Hess to submit  a budget  for
publishing the LP News on a monthly schedule.
23. MINUTES DISTRIBUTION:   Johnson suggested that  minutes be sent to
state chairs. Ahmad  pointed out that anyone can get them by paying an
annual fee. Gingell  suggested that we  could send them just  to state
chairs who ask.   Dehn moved that  LNC minutes  and  agendas  be  sent
without charge to  any state chair  that  requests  them;  the  motion
passed without objection.
24. PLATFORM:  Givot  suggested that we  should have someone  watching
world events to suggest updates to the platform.
25. NEXT MEETING: Walter suggested the weekend of 2-3 December for the
next meeting, which  will  be  the  annual  budget  meeting.   Johnson
proposed holding the  meeting in Austin,  Texas.  Gingell proposed San
Diego, California.  The  committee approved holding the meeting on 2-3
December in San  Diego.  The committee  approved  holding  the  spring
meeting in Austin.
The meeting adjourned at 6:47pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Joseph W. Dehn III
Attachment: Ballot Access Committee Report (Mission Statement)