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Note: This is a draft not yet approved by the LNC.
Minutes for The Washington, DC Meeting of
The Board of Directors of
The Libertarian National Committee, Inc.
July 3rd, 1996
1Call to order*
at 2:00 pm by the Chairman Stephen Dasbach
*Note: this was a truncated proforma session of the LNC prior to the opening of the convention. No motions were made and no votes were taken except for the approval of the prior meeting minutes..

2 Announcements
3 Credentials
John D. Famularo
National Committee Members in attendance:
Stephen Dasbach	Chair
Karen Allard	Vice-Chair
John Famularo	Secretary	Thea McLean	Region 2
Hugh Butler	Treasurer	Gary Ilardi	Region 4
Sharon Ayres	At Large	Dan Karlan	Region 5
Ron Crickenberger	At Large	Joseph Brennen	Region 6
Gary Johnson	At Large	Robert Franke	Region 7
Don Ernsberger	At Large	Tom Paswater	Region 8
Steve Winter	At Large	Joseph Hauptman	Region 3
Perry Willis	National Director	Bill Winter	Communications Director
Bill Redpath	Ballot Access Chair	Kris Williams	Project Manager
4. Approval of Minutes
Minutes from the March meeting approved without objection.
5 Setting Agenda
Item	Est Minutes
___1 Call to order for official business	1
___2 Announcements	5
___3 Credentials	5
___4 Approval of Minutes	5
___5 Setting Agenda	5
___6 Check of Paperwork	10
___7 Executive Committee	5
___8 Chairs Report	20
___9 Bylaws Committee Report	20
___10 Headquarters Report	20
___11 Treasurers Report	10
___12 Auditors Report	5
___13 Convention oversight committee
   A 1996 Convention	5
   B 1998 Convention	20
___14 Program Committee	10
___15 Ballot Access Report	20
___16 Campaign Report	20
___17 Regional Reports	30
6. Check of paperwork
Headquarters Report 
Chairs Report 
Region 4 report 
Region 8 report
7. Executive Committee Minutes
No discussion postponed to next LNC meeting for lack of copies.
8. Chairs Report
Steve Dasbach
Discussion of goals achieved.

9. Bylaws Committee Report
David Bergland
Discussion of first round vote pledge of 35 delegates for any presidential candidate to be included in the debate. Discussion of changes in convention rule 9 as to who is allowed to be nominated for president.

10. Headquarters Report
Perry Willis
Staff acquisition:
Director of Operations	Dan Gallagher
Deputy Director of communications	George Goetz
Additional Clerical Position	Dan Smith
Considering hiring a graphics designer

Office construction Additional internal walls for new staff

Cash situation still within vendor normal vendor debt.

Operators standing by ready for convention inquiries

11 Treasurers Report
Hugh Butler
No written report All funds released for Ballot Access.

12 Internal Auditor Report
Thea McLean
No Written report. Records seem to be in good shape. Some improvement could be made in written procedures

13 Convention Oversight Report
Dan Karlan
No Written Report

1996 - All items in order

1998 Discussion of site selection process by project manager Kris Williams.

14 Program Committee
Steve Dasbach
Discussion of states of Foreign Policy and Education papers

15 Ballot Access Report
Kris Williams
Discussion of VA, DC and RI drives.

Discussion of payment problems with NVO

16 Campaigns Report
Ron Crickenberger
500 identified candidates. 154 Congressional Candidates

17 Regional Reports
Region 4 and Region 8 written reports submitted
John D. Famularo, Secretary