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August 30, 1981, Denver, Colorado

   Members present:
     Alicia Clark,* Chairman
     Sheldon Richman, Vice Chairman
     Frances Eddy, Secretary
     Vivian Bauers,* Treasurer
     David Bergland,* Prior Chair
     Michael Emerling, at-large
     Kent Guida, at-large
     Mary Louise Hanson, at-large
     Chris Hocker, at-large
     Dick Randolph, at-large
     Andrea Millen Rich, at-large
     Murray Rothbard, at-large
     Judy Clarke, Alternate, Region 1
     Mike Hall*/Jim Vernon, Alternate, #2
     Bill Evers, Region 2
     Dale Pratt, Region 2
     Craig Armstrong*/David Brazier, #3
     Joan Vanderslice, Region 5
     Paul Grant, Region 6
     Lynn Crussel, Region 7
     Jim Johnston, Region 9
     Leslie Key, Region 10
     Sandy Burns, Region 11
     Alan Lindsay, Region 12
     Howie Rich, Region 16
     Lee Webber, Alternate, Region 17
     Michael Burch, Region 18
     Clark Hodge, Region 19

     (Eric O'Keefe, National Director)

  Members absent:
     Stephen DeLisio, Region 1
     Gary Palm, Region 4
     Linda Taylor, Region 8
     Matthew Monroe, Region 13
     David Walter, Region 14
     vacant, Region 15
     Jim Lewis, Region 17

  Alternates not participating:
     Sara Baase, Region 2
     Dan Wiener, Region 2
     Westley Deitchler, Region 4
     Joe Minella, Region 5
     George Mercier, Region 6
     Gordon Rogers, Region 7
     Arnold Souba, Jr., Region 8
     Tom Verkuilen, Region 9
     Sheryl Loux, Region 10
     Tom Bogel, Region 11
     Roger Bissell, Region 12
     Honey Lahman, Region 13
     Frank Bubb, Region 14
     vacant, Region 15
     Michael Kessler, Region 16
     Linda Janca, Region 18
     Todd Crowder, Region 19

    *left before meeting adjourned

Chairman Alicia Clark called the post-convention meeting of the Libertarian National Committee to order at 6 p.m., Sunday, August 30, 1981, at the Hilton in Denver, Colorado. She indicated she would be sharing her duties with the Vice Chair and would work out a plan to delegate authority.
Bill Howell was appointed parlimentarian for the session. It was reported Bill White is interested in being permanent parliamentarian.

Dick Randolph moved that the minutes of the August 26, 1981 National Committee meeting be read along with those for this meeting at the next National Committee meeting. The motion passed.

Several changes were made to the agenda: Report of State Chair Caucus (Emerling) was added; the Treasurer's report was moved up to item 2b (Bauers); item 7 was deleted (Bauers); Judicial Committee election was moved up to 4a (Bergland); item 11 and rest of item 12 were placed at end of agenda to cover if time allowed (Bergland); Libertarian Congressional Committee report which had been tabled at the 8/26/81 meeting to this one was deleted (Hocker).

Bauers plans to prepare a Treasurer's report soon to update the one prepared by O'Keefe and distributed at this and the 8/26 meeting. Bauers motion that the Libertarian National Committee increase the current debt limit to $65,000 and this authority extend only to present outstanding loans passed. Crussel asked that her vote against the motion be recorded in the minutes.
Those participating in the meeting introduced themselves.
Arizona State Chair Buck Crouch read the following resolutions passed by the State Chair Caucus:
1. We are unalterably opposed to the party again drifting into debt without specific approval of the National Committee.
2. We recommend maintaining National Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

3. We request the publication of Nat Com minutes with the individual voting records in LP News. Also, all votes of substance should be roll call votes.

4. It is hereby resolved that the caucus of state chairs are in favor of moving toward individual party affiliate representation on Nat Com.

5. We the members of the 1981 Caucus of State Chairs unanimously propose that at every regular convention a meeting be established on Tuesday night of the convention week for the express purpose of discussing problems unique to state chairs and their organizations. The purpose of this meeting is to provide information to the current standing committees.

6. We the members of the 1981 caucus of state chairs unanimously resolve that the National Committee and the National office be reminded that it is a requirement of the resolutions of the party that all state chairs be sent copies of all mailings to the Nat Com members.

Randolph and Pratt requested that Nat Com members received a written copy of the State Chair Caucus report along with the names of participants and their voting records to the extent that information is available. Burns recommended that all state chairs be sent copies of the resolutions and Crouch indicated they will be reprinted in a proposed state chair newsletter. Key moved that the report of the State Chair Caucus be referred to a committee so that committee's report could be considered at the next meeting. Bergland's friendly amendment to place this item on the agenda of the next meeting with the expectation that the State Chair Caucus report will be available before then was accepted. Emerling's motion to close debate passed as did the main motion.
Evers' motion to suspend the rules to introduce a resolution on libertarian draft resistance failed 9-9-3.
HRich's motion to reintroduce consideration of the resolution on libertarian draft resistance passed after the Vice Chair read the proposed resolution. Evers moved to adopt the resolution, changing in the fifth whereas clause "a delegate to this Convention" to "a delegate to the 1981 Libertarian Party Convention" and in the first and second resolved clauses changing "National Convention" to "National Committee." Randolph's motion to close debate passed. After a point of information (O'Keefe) regarding the wording "in whatever form it takes" was noted, Randolph and Key (seconder) rescinded their action to close debate and a vote to reopen debate passed. Hall moved to amend Evers motion to drop the fifth and sixth whereas clauses and to restructure the "Be it resolved" by deleting #1. Pratt suggested passing the resolution as close to the original as possible as its supporters had tried to get it on the floor during the convention. Discussion followed on whether or not to include Paul Jacob's name in the resolution. Lindsay proposed adding "insofar as it does not violate the rights of individuals" after "whatever form it takes." Instead of accepting this as a friendly amendment Evers suggested the wording "consistent with libertarian values" and Lindsay agreed. Hall did not accept this proposed change as a friendly amenement. Emerling's motion to close debate on the amendment passed and the vote on Hall's amendment failed. Evers moved to amend his original motion to say "consistent with libertarian values" after "whatever form it takes." Johnston moved to change "support" to "endorse" under 1. Be it resolved. After discussion, Key's motion to close debate passed and Johnston's proposed change failed. Key's motion to close debate on Evers motion passed and the following resolution on libertarian draft resistance was accepted:
WHEREAS: the draft is the ultimate form of government control; it enslaves young people in the name of defending freedom; and

WHEREAS: the draft, by guaranteeing the manpower to fight unpopular wars abroad, encourages dangerous foreign adventurism of the sort now being practiced by the Reagan administration; and

WHEREAS: by the government's own admission, more than half a million eligible men have refused to comply with the government's draft registration program; and

WHEREAS: the Reagan administration is threatening to prosecute a small number of such resisters; and

WHEREAS: at least one draft-age Libertarian, a delegate to the 1981 Libertarian Party Convention and an activist in the anti-draft movement, has been singled out for prosecution by the Selective Service System, that Libertarian being Paul Jacob; and

WHEREAS: his situation represents the fears of hundreds of thousands of other young people under 22 years of age who must decide whether or not to register for the draft;


1. That the Libertarian Party National Committee unconditionally supports his right to resist, and will continue to support his struggle against the state in whatever form it takes consistent with libertarian values; and

2. That the Libertarian Party National Committee supports the right of all draft eligible youth to resist registration and the draft.

Bergland's motion that changes in compiled resolutions, just handed out, be distributed with the minutes of this meeting passed. Bergland recommended waiting for new Constitution, Bylaws and Rules to be developed following their adoption at the convention.

At Emerling's request the role and functions of Judicial Committee members were reviewed. The Vice Chair read the following list of those who had indicated a desire to be on the Judicial Committee: Frank Horn, B. J. Wagner, Gary Greenberg, Alan Vogel, Bill Ware, Larry Pino, Phil Carden, Ray Strong, Tom Bogel, Bill Howell, Dave Nolan, John Mason, Sara Baase, Gary Chipman, Anne McCracken. Randolph's motion to nominate the names listed passed. The following people were also nominated: Craig Franklin (Emerling), Lyn Sapowsky, Brian Donerly, and Cynthia Hilton (Bergland), Kevin Dye (Evers), David Boaz and Janet Nelson (HRich), Tom Palmer (Pratt), Cissy Webb (Key), Ben Olson (Randolph), Jim Clarkson (Key). Key's motion to close nominations passed. Emerling's motion to elect the chair of the committee first passed. The following were nominated a committee chair: Franklin (Crussel), Olson (Randolph), Clarkson (Rich), Mason (Evers). Emerling's motion to close nominations passed. Emerling's motion that the chair candidates or someone on their behalf each speak for two minutes passed. Franklin and Olson spoke on their own behalf and Key spoke for Clarkson and Evers for Mason. Hocker's motion that except in the event of a tie for second place the bottom two candidates be dropped after the first ballot passed. First ballot results were: Franklin 7, Olson 3, Clarkson 7, Mason 7. Second ballot results were: Franklin 9, Clarkson 8, Mason 8. Third ballot results were: Franklin 17, Clarkson 2, Mason 5 and Franklin was elected chair of the Judicial Committee. The motion to limit comments by candidates or someone speaking on their behalf to 30 seconds passed. Bogel and Baase were removed from the list as they are alternate regional representatives. Key's motion that the method of voting be each LNC member casting 8 or fewer votes, that the votes be mutually exclusive, and that the 8 nominees receiving the greatest number of votes be elected passed. The results were: Clarkson 13, Boaz 12, Palmer 12, Greenberg 11, Nelson 11, Horn 10, Mason 10, Webb 10 and elected to Judicial Committee. Other votes were Howell 9, Vogel 9, Nolan 8, Donerly 6, Carden 5, Olson 5, Chipman 3, Dye 3, Hilton 3, Pino 3, Strong 3, McCracken 2, Sapowsky 2, Ware 2, and Wagner 1.

Before leaving, Bergland drew the committee's attention to the report prepared by Stephen Davis, recommending members pick up a copy and study it. He plans to bring it to the Chairman's attention and suggested a small committee be formed to consider it.

ARich's motion to suspend the rule to consider the Speakers Burear's item next passed.

ARich moved that the LNC continue to allot funds for the Speakers Bureau through January 1982 at the rate of $800 a month. Evers amended the motion to have the speakers bureau send National Committee members a list of the 465 speakers and the locations of the bureau. Pratt's proposed friendly amendment to send a report on speakers bureau activity rather than the list was not accepted. Evers amendment passed. Key's motion to extend discussion 2 minutes passed 14-6-1. Emerling's motion to close debate passed and ARich's motion passed.

After assurance from O'Keefe that discussion of the Mailing List Committee was not urgent Randolph's motion that we eliminate all items except 5, 10 and 13 and that we adjourn by 8:30 p.m. passed. Randolph's motion to spend five minutes on item 5 and five minutes on item 10 passed.

O'Keefe reported ballot drive assistance has top priority. Drives are now underway in three states. Randolph moved that $5,000 per month for the remainder of the year be authorized to states for ballot drive assistance. Hocker amended the motion to change $5,000 to $10,000 to be spent as the discretion of the National Director. After discussion as to where the money would come from Randolph's motion passed as amended.

Emerling's motion to suspend the rules for five minutes to reach a clear understanding as whether the New York party has committed to a $90,000.00 forfeiture agreement, and if they have, who is accountable, responsible, New York or the National Party passed. ARich said it was her understanding that New York State Chair Gary Greenbreg signed the contract for either of two dates with a clause that we would be liable for $90,000 if the convention was not held then. Evers moved that the LNC not be held liable for any debt incurred through forfeiture of the New York convention. Grant said it was his understanding that at a New York state caucus New York state chair Gary Greenberg answered a question by saying it was his thought that the national party would be liable for a forfeiture. Grant's motion to extend debate three minutes failed. Grant requested that it be included in the minutes that he is strongly opposed to the LNC avoiding responsibility for managing the financial affairs of the Libertarian Party. Evers motion failed and Emerling requested a roll call vote. After brief discussion, Evers moved that a request of three members shall be enough to require a roll call vote. The motion passed and Emerling and at least two others requested a roll call vote. The results were 10-14 with Rothbard, Crussel, Evers, Pratt, Grant, Vanderslice, Emerling, Brazier, Hanson and Eddy voting yes and Randolph, Webber, Vernon, ARich, HRich, Key, Burch, Lindsay, Hodge, Hocker, Guida, Palm, Burns, and Johnston voting no. ARich indicated she would ask the New York state chair to send us a convention report. Grant's motion to have a copy of the signed contract sent to Nat Com members passed.

Burns' motion to suspend the rules for three minutes to discuss plans for national to aid local candidates failed.

Hocker received no affirmative response to his question as to whether anyone was intending to suggest in the near future that the site of the next National Convention be moved away from New York. Randolph motion to extend the meeting five more minutes passed.

Randolph's motion that we accept the Maryland Libertarian Party's proposal distributed at the meeting for the next National Committee meeting to be held November 7 and 8 in Bethesda, Maryland passed.

18. The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m., Sunday, August 30. Respectfully submitted,

Frances Eddy