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                    Minutes of the Meeting of the
                    Libertarian National Committee
                            28 August 1991
                          Chicago, Illinois
Members Present:
     Vice-Chair Mary T. Gingell
     Secretary  Joseph W. Dehn III
     Treasurer  William Redpath
     At Large   I. Dean Ahmad
                Toni L. Black
                Don Ernsberger
     Region 1   Karen Allard
     Region 2   Geoffrey J. Neale
                George O'Brien
     Region 3   Steve Dasbach
     Region 4   Ron Crickenberger
     Region 5   Clifford F. Thies
     Region 6   Vicki Kirkland
     Region 8   Gary Johnson
     Chair      Dave Walter
     At Large   Steven Alexander
                Norma D. Segal
     Region 7   Steven I. Givot
Also present:
     Director   Nick Dunbar
1. CALL TO  ORDER: The regular  meeting of  the  Libertarian  National
Committee was called to order by Vice Chair Mary Gingell at 1:13 pm on
Wednesday, 28 August  1991, at the  Chicago Marriott Downtown Hotel in
Chicago, Illinois.
2. WELCOME: Sue  Walton of LEI welcomed the LNC to Chicago, and gave a
brief report on  the convention. She  reported that  a  total  of  415
packages had been  sold: 97 deluxe, 128 delegate, 69 activist, and 121
attendee.  She said that LEI had filed with the FEC after receiving an
advisory opinion saying that this was required. She said that LEI will
be presenting a  formal report at  the December meeting, including  an
evaluation of this convention, a financial report, and recommendations
for future conventions and convention contracts.
3. CREDENTIALS: It was noted that a number of members were not present
due to their participation in the Platform Committee meeting.
4. APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES: The minutes of the April 1991 meeting
were approved without objection.
5. SETTING OF  THE AGENDA: O'Brien moved to add time at the end of the
meeting for discussion  of  a  resolution  concerning  involvement  of
government agencies in disputes; there was no objection.
6. CHECK OF  PAPERWORK: Gingell reviewed  the paperwork that had  been
distributed up to that point.
7. CHAIR'S REPORT:  Ernsberger noted that  Walter would be speaking on
8. VICE-CHAIR'S REPORT:  Gingell offered to  answer  questions;  there
weren't any.
9. TREASURER'S REPORT: Redpath reported that the last balance shown on
a report was  $17,723.23, but that a number of checks had been written
since then. He  said that since his appointment in April he had worked
on transferring material from the previous Treasurer. He noted that he
had been preparing  the financial statements  by hand, but said that a
new system was  being installed which would make the process automatic
as well as producing better reports.
He reported that on 22 July a response was filed with the FEC to their
questions regarding the  1987 convention.  He  said that he had talked
more recently with someone from the FEC but that they did not say when
the FEC might deal with this case or what our exposure might be.
Allard noted that Michael Dunn had obtained a copy of our response and
had circulated it  to others in  Washington state.  In response to her
question about who  had been given  copies, Redpath said that  it  had
been distributed only to the Executive Committee.  Dehn said the final
version had not  even been distributed  to the Executive Committee; he
had received only an earlier draft.
Redpath reported that  our 1120POL for 1990 had been filed late and we
had to pay  a fine, but  that the BAC reports to the FEC were filed on
There was some discussion of how various items have been accounted for
in the budget;  Gingell suggested that  people prepare  proposals  for
budget changes for consideration by the new LNC.
In response to  a question from Dehn, Redpath said that the balance as
of 26 August  was $3360, plus  $2200 owed by the BAC that was borrowed
to fund the convention banquet subsidy.
10. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  Dehn offered to  answer questions about  the
minutes; there were none.
11. HEADQUARTERS REPORT:  Dunbar reported that  all office  staff  had
come to Chicago;  Marc Montoni is  to  serve  as  registrar,  and  the
interns will be staffing the exhibit/sales table.
He reported that  the idea of  bringing the 800 line  to  Chicago  was
dropped because he  didn't think he  could find enough  volunteers  to
staff it.  Instead,  the line was transferred to a service bureau that
has a 25-line  automatic answering system.   The service  bureau  will
provide the name  and address  data  weekly  on  disk.   In  reply  to
questions from Gingell,  he said the  first  disk  would  probably  be
available on the Wednesday following the convention, and that he would
be sending the  disks to Dehn  for distribution of  the  data  to  the
affiliate parties as well as sending out packets from the office.
In  response  to   a  question  from   Johnson,  Dunbar  said  he  was
investigating the possibility of getting a better phone number for the
12. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE  REPORT: Allard  provided  a  written  report
[Attachment A] and  commented on various  of  the  activities  of  the
committee. She noted  that contributing membership as of 23 August was
9330. In reply  to a question  from Allard, Ernsberger said  that  the
recent "Good as  Gold" mailing had gone to 496 LP News subscribers and
had converted 16%  of them to members. Various people commented on the
process of following  up on "instant  members" and on getting the oath
for people who  have joined through  affiliates that do not have it on
their form. Allard reported that the winners of the Lehman Awards were
Maine and Ohio.
13.  OUTREACH  COMMITTEE  REPORT:  Black  provided  a  written  report
[Attachment B].
Ernsberger reported that he attended the YAF convention, and that Bill
of Rights activities  have been  undertaken  in  various  places.   In
response to a  question from Black  about whether the Bill  of  Rights
activities had produced  significant publicity,  Ernsberger  said  the
main purpose is to get literature out to people.
In response to a question from O'Brien about whether the problems with
Tax Cut Action!  had been taken  care of, Gingell said  there was more
work to be done and that it should be referred to the new LNC.
O'Brien  said  he   had  reviewed  the  information  provided  by  the
"Libertarian Border Issues  Committee" and  it  was  unclear  what  if
anything they wanted  us to do.   Gingell asked O'Brien and  Neale  to
contact them.
14. PROGRAM COMMITTEE  REPORT: Dasbach commented on the items included
in Givot's written report [Attachment C].
Dasbach moved to  adopt the revised  "Health Care  and  Health  Costs"
plank; the motion passed on a voice vote.
Dasbach moved to  adopt the revised  "Savings and Loan Fiasco"  plank;
after various people  pointed out errors  in the text, he withdrew the
There was a  brief discussion of what should be in a revised Education
Dasbach moved the amendments to various planks listed on page 6 of the
report, with the  exception of the  last one; the motion  passed on  a
voice vote.
Dasbach moved the  last amendment on  page 6, to  change  "a  land  of
opportunity" to "the  land of opportunity"  in the Immigration  plank.
After a brief discussion, the motion passed on a voice vote.
15. AFFILIATE PARTY  COMMITTEE REPORT: Dasbach  moved to  suspend  the
rules to take up the APC report at this point; there was no objection.
Dasbach reported that  the APC News  has been going out, and that work
was underway on a new edition of the LP Directory which will include a
reorganized Expert Talent  Bank.  He said the APC was also considering
maintaining a list of speakers, in a form similar to the ETB.
He said that  field organizing was  under budget because none was done
in the first  half of the  year, but that a  new field organizer,  Joe
Knight, was now  being used, his first assignment being in Maine where
party organization is  a factor in ballot status.  He also reported on
plans to do field organizing work in Vermont and other states.
16. CONVENTION OVERSIGHT  COMMITTEE REPORT: Neale  provided a  written
report [Attachment E] and reviewed the main points.
that he had  attended a Campaigns and Elections seminar, and suggested
that  everyone  on  the  LNC  subscribe  to  Campaigns  and  Elections
He noted promising  races in Louisiana  and California.   O'Brien  and
Neale commented on  the  prospects  in  the  latter  race,  a  special
election for state assembly.
Crickenberger said he  planned that the committee would continue to do
fundraising, so that money would be available when something promising
comes up.
Allard (Region  1)  provided  a  written  report  [Attachment  D]  and
reviewed the main points, adding that Lynn House is running for a city
council position in  Alaska, that activities are picking up in Hawaii,
and that KIRO had interviewed the presidential candidates in Seattle.
Neale (Region 2) provided a written report [Attachment F] and reviewed
the main points.   Thea McLean noted  that California state membership
was now up to 2604.
Dasbach (Region 3)  commented on the  various states in his region. He
said that the  Michigan party seems  to have recovered from the letter
bomb incident, and that Kentucky just had a successful convention.  In
reply to a question from Gingell about a problem in Ohio relating to a
local group's collection  of dues, Dasbach  said that he had not heard
about it.
Crickenberger (Region 4)  provided a written report [Attachment G] and
reviewed some highlights:  completion of the  North Carolina  petition
drive, the loss  of activists in D.C. due to moves to other locations,
and the apparent revival of the Mississippi party.
Thies (Region 5) provided a written report [Attachment H]. In response
to a question  from Black, he  reviewed the ballot drive  prospects in
Pennsylvania and concluded that outside help would be needed.
Kirkland (Region 6)  commented on some activities in the states in her
region, including conventions in Connecticut and Rhode Island.
Johnson (Region 8)  commented on the  states in his region, noting the
activities of Libertarian  elected officials in  Nevada and Texas, and
an upcoming election  for Mayor of  Tucson. He also said that the fact
that Arizona decided  not to have a state chair should not be taken as
a sign of inactivity there.
19. BALLOT ACCESS  COMMITTEE REPORT: Redpath  reported  that  no  more
states had officially  achieved ballot status since the April meeting,
but that petitioning  had been  finished  in  several  states  and  is
ongoing in others.
He reviewed the  ballot status situation  in various states, and plans
for dealing with  them.  He noted  that  the  states  that  are  being
reported as "on  the ballot" are  the ones where no  more  petitioning
needs to be  done; in some  cases there is still  other paperwork that
needs to be done.
He commented that the money raised so far for BAC by the telemarketing
contractor was not  really enough given  our needs, and outlined plans
for three kinds  of fundraising at  the convention: through a flyer in
the packet, in  person during the  convention, and at the presidential
20. RESOLUTION CONCERNING D.C. STATEHOOD: Redpath moved to suspend the
rules to allow  Nancy Lord to  propose  a  resolution;  there  was  no
Lord moved the following:
   WHEREAS the Libertarian Party believes that people are entitled
   to keep the fruits of their labor and taxation represents an
   infringement on the liberty of the individual; and
   WHEREAS taxation is even more unjust when people are taxed while
   being denied the right to participate in governing themselves;
   WHEREAS "no taxation without representation" was one of the
   rallying cries of the American Revolution; and
   WHEREAS the Statehood Legal Action Committee has filed suit in
   federal court challenging the right of the federal government to
   levy taxes on the District;
   THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Libertarian Party opposes
   federal taxation of District residents; and
   BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Libertarian Party endorses the
   lawsuit filed by the Statehood Legal Action Committee.
After some discussion  during which various  people commented  on  the
merits of statehood for D.C., whether this would exempt officials from
taxation,  the  notion   of  "taxation  without  representation",  and
uncertainty about exactly  what the lawsuit says, Neale moved to refer
the matter to the new LNC; the motion passed.
21. FINANCE COMMITTEE  REPORT: Ernsberger provided  a  written  report
[Attachment I] and  reviewed the highlights,  emphasizing the  Liberty
Pledge program as the most cost-effective source of funds. In response
to questions from  Allard about what  he was counting in  the cost  of
Liberty Pledge revenue and membership revenue, Ernsberger said that he
had stopped using MKR for calling pledgers to renew and was doing that
job himself, and  that the cost  of LP News was  counted as a  cost of
membership revenue.
22. AUDITOR'S REPORT:  Thies said he  didn't really have  anything  to
23. MEDIA RELATIONS  COMMITTEE REPORT: Johnson commented on the status
of media lists:  the additional  contact  information  requested  from
Tonie Nathan was  never provided, so  he is giving up  on that; he  is
keeping a copy  of the list we bought more recently as a backup to the
copy in the possession of MKR.
He reported that there were three news releases since the last meeting
and that MKR  has been sending  copies to him. He  also reported  that
Bill Evers had requested money from the Media Relations budget for the
Tax Cut Action!  project.  In reply  to a question from  Dehn,  Dunbar
said that the TCA! request was for $1000, and that it had been sent to
James Tobin.
Johnson reviewed expected  coverage of the  convention, including  the
presence of representatives  of  CNN,  McNeil/Lehrer,  the  Washington
Post,  and  the   Chicago  Sun-Times.  He  reported  that  he  held  a
pre-convention news conference  in Washington, D.C. and it was covered
by C-SPAN.
In reply to  questions from O'Brien  and Dehn about the ability of the
affiliate parties to  use the media  list we bought, Johnson said that
was one of  the reasons for  getting it in disk  form, but that he was
not certain what limitations might be imposed by the contract.
He also reported that purchase of a fax board for use by MKR was under
24. MANAGEMENT AND  AUDIT COMMITTEE REPORT: Ahmad reported that it had
been decided to  purchase a new  computer. He reported that  there had
been a number  of complaints about  telemarketing, especially relating
to the calling  of pledgers.  He  said he had  a  generally  favorable
impression of the  operation of the  office, and that Dunbar was aware
of the things that needed to be improved.
There was  a  general  discussion  of  telemarketing  and  the  pledge
program, including: how  to handle pledgers  with various  preferences
about being called,  whether the flags we maintain in the database are
adequate, general annoyance  about telemarketing calls,  the need  for
telemarketing callers to  know  the  product  they  are  selling,  and
whether the Liberty Pledge News should be optional.
25. MEDIA RELATIONS  COMMITTEE, part 2:  Johnson reported that MKR was
sending a media kit to talkshow hosts.
26. INTERNAL EDUCATION  COMMITTEE REPORT: O'Brien  said that the  only
committee activity had  been the articles  in the LP News, and that he
had gotten some  good feedback about them.  He said he was looking for
suggestions of topics  to address in  the future.   Redpath  suggested
using summations of things put out by libertarian think-tanks.  Allard
suggested a topic relating to children.
that no member  of that committee  was present, and said that the only
thing they had reviewed was an ad recently submitted to LP News.
Randy Langhenry commented  on the "hemp  noose" ad  that  some  people
complained about, and  said he had  been  directed  by  the  Executive
Committee not to  run it again.  Dehn said the Executive Committee had
made no such  decision. Langhenry said  he wasn't sure what  would  be
done about the  more recent ad;  Gingell noted  that  there  was  some
concern about libel.
         Involving Government Regulatory Agencies in Disputes
   In accordance with the Platform of the Libertarian Party which
   calls for the abolition of all government regulatory agencies
   engaged in initiation of coercive force, (including but not
   limited to the Federal Election Commission, the Internal Revenue
   Service, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Drug
   Enforcement Administration, the Federal Trade Commission, among
   many others), it shall be the policy of the Libertarian Party to
   consider any attempts to involve such agencies in disputes
   between individuals or organizations to constitute force as is
   used in the Pledge given by members of this Party.
He explained that  this was intended  to address actions like those of
Michael Dunn and  Alan Lindsay, that  it had come up  previously  with
Robert Murphy, and that such things were likely to come up again.
Thies moved to amend the proposal by replacing the parentheses and the
text contained  within  them  with  "including  the  Federal  Election
Commission,  the  Internal   Revenue  Service,  the   Immigration  and
Naturalization Service, and  the Drug Enforcement Administration", and
to add to  the end of  the  proposal  a  new  sentence:  "This  policy
resolution does not  pertain to use  of government police and judicial
agencies in defense against force or fraud."
O'Brien  moved  to  divide  Thies'  motion  to  amend;  there  was  no
The first part,  rewording the listing  of agencies, passed on a voice
O'Brien moved to  change "judicial agencies" to "courts"; there was no
objection.  After  some   further  discussion,  about  the  merits  of
arbitration vs. courts,  the second part of Thies' amendment passed on
a voice vote.
Neale moved to  postpone consideration of this matter until the Sunday
meeting; the motion to postpone failed on a voice vote.
The main motion passed on a voice vote.
29. CONCLUDING BUSINESS: The meeting was adjourned at 5:09 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Joseph W. Dehn III
[Attachments distributed prior to the meeting]
A. Membership Committee Report
B. Outreach Committee Report
C. Program Committee Report
D. Region 1 Report
[Attachments distributed at the meeting]
E. Convention Oversight Committee Report
F. Region 2 Report
G. Region 4 Report
H. Region 5 Report
I. Finance Committee Report