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                             MINUTES OF 22-23 APRIL 1989   
                                 Members Present
        David Walter, Chair                     I. Dean Ahmad, Secretary           
        David Bergland, Vice-Chair         Steve Fielder, Treasurer           
        Jim Turney, Past Chair           Matt Monroe, At-large
        Robert Murphy, At-large          Sharon Freeman, At-large
        Tonie Nathan, At-large             Gerry Walsh, At-large              
        Willie Marshall, region 1          Ted Brown, Region 2
        Sharon Ayres, Region 2           Mark Hinkle, Region 2              
        David Bergland, Region 2          Bert Blumert, Region 2             
        Lyn Sapowsky-Smith (Alt.), Darlene Brinks (Alt.), Region 2 
        Joe Dehn, Region 3                 John Famularo, Region 5
        Gary Johnson, Region 6             
        Steven Givot, Region 7             Steve Dasbach, Region 7
        Julie Sheppard, Region 8           William Hall, Region 9
        Bobby Yates Emory, Region 11       Paul H. Kunberger, Region 11       
        Vicki Kirkland, Region 12          T. David Hudson, Region 12         
        1.   CALL TO ORDER:  The regular meeting of the Libertarian National Committee 
             was  called to order by Chair David Walter on Saturday, April 22, 1989 at 
             8:35 a.m. EDT at the Quality Hotel, Washington, DC.
        2.   CREDENTIALS:  Secretary Dean Ahmad announced that since the last  meeting 
             Julie Sheppard has been credentialled as the new Representative of Region 
             8 and John Famularo as the new Representative of Region 5.
        3.   APPROVAL  OF PREVIOUS MINUTES:  The Secretary asked that the  minutes  be 
             adopted as corrected by the report circulated with the agenda. 
             There was no objection ->to accepting the minutes as corrected.
        4.   REPORT  ON MAIL BALLOT:  The Secretary presented the mail  ballot  report 
             distributed  with the agenda and offered the following corrections:  that 
             Dehn  had  voted against, not for, the proposal, and that  an  additional 
             vote  against the proposal by Hudson had arrived too late to be  counted.   
             Neither of these corrections changed the outcome that it failed for  lack 
             of a quorum.  
        5.   SETTING THE AGENDA:  Blumert ->moved that Ron Paul be given an opportuni-
             ty to answer questions for ten minutes upon his arrival some time  around 
             10-10:30. There was no objection. Bergland->moved that items 29 and 32 be 
             changed  to  20A and 20B.  There was no objection.  Nathan  moved  ->that 
             item 28 receive 15 minutes instead of 5.
        Murphy moved  ->to  suspend the rules for 5 minutes for Ahmad to  apologize  to 
             Freeman.  The motion failed on a voice vote.  
        Ahmad moved  ->to  suspend the rules for 5 minutes for Murphy to  apologize  to 
             Freeman and Ahmad.  Hinkle objected.  Ahmad withdrew his motion.

        6.   CHECK OF PAPERWORK:  Chair David Walter reviewed paperwork needed for the 
        7.   CHAIR'S  REPORT -- Part 1:  The Chair submitted his report.  He  assessed 
             the  Party's status as in a "turn-around" mode which requires  short-term 
             planning  and assessment and detailed the results of his efforts in  this 
             area.   He  averred  substantial progress in most areas  but  noted  that 
             problems remain in telefundraising and membership.
             In response to a query by Nathan, Famularo responded that he has resigned 
             from LROC and is a member of the Libertarian party.
             On  a  motion by Ahmad there was a round of applause for Walter  for  the 
             elimination of undisputed external debt.
        8.   TREASURER'S  REPORT:  Fielder  submitted  a  revised  Treasurer's  report 
             (Attachment  A).  Fielder noted the need for more aggressive  pursuit  of 
             membership renewals.  With regard to telemarketing Fielder commented that  
             "unless  something is done ... we are going to fall well  below  target."  
             Fielder stated that he had just received the March report from the Ballot 
             Access Committee but has received no reports from the Advertising  Devel-
             opment  Committee.  Ernsberger remarked that the mode of presentation  of 
             accounts  should  be  changed  to give a better  picture  of  cash  flow.  
             Fielder  asserted his intention to make such changes.  Walter noted  that 
             subtracting  costs  from gross income to get net income is  not  standard 
             accounting  practice.  In response to a query by Sapowsky-Smith,  Fielder 
             indicated that accounting changes had been documented.  In response to  a 
             query  by  Walter, Ernsberger stated that there is a difference  of  some 
             thousands of dollars regarding the debt to Alexis Thompson which will  be 
             worked  out.  In response to a query by Ahmad, Ernsberger stated  that  a 
             letter  has been sent documenting our position in all cases  of  disputed 
             debt,  and that those letters have not yet been challenged by the  credi-
             tors.  The report was accepted without objection.
        8A.  RON  PAUL arrived and was given a standing ovation.  He spoke  about  his 
             feelings  about the 700,000 mile campaign.  While disappointed  with  the 
             vote  totals  he expressed satisfaction at the number of  people  we  did 
             reach.   He  stressed  the importance of getting  ballot  access  totally 
             separate from the campaign itself.  He mentioned his plans for a  profes-
             sionally  produced  television program with a $1,000,000  budget.   There 
             were no questions.
        9.   VICE-CHAIR  REPORT:  Vice Chair Bergland described the work he  has  been 
             doing  on behalf of the Chair with the various committees.  He  expressed 
             the view that there has been general improvement.  
        10.  ANNUAL  REPORT  FOR  1988:  The Secretary presented  the  annual  report, 
             previously circulated, and asked for corrections or questions.   
             Givot noted that he should be added as a Region 7 representative.   Erns-
             berger  stated that the membership report should note that there  are  an 
             additional  400 LP-News-only subscribers. In response to a query by  Hin-
             kle,  Ahmad stated that the NatCom policy has been to leave listed  those 
             alternates who have been given some other NatCom position but to not seat 
             them in more than one capacity at a time.  

        [Bergland assumed the chair]
        11.  EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT:  Walter reported that the Executive Committee 
             has been meeting by telephone and that things have gone smoothly but that 
             items  have been coming up that go beyond the charter of  the  committee.   
             Walter moved
                  ->to replace the words "relating to management of office and staff" 
                  from Res. 335 with: "shall exercise all powers of the NatCom except 
                  for addition, deletion or amendment of NatCom resolutions including 
                  budget resolutions."
             Dehn argued against the motion on the grounds that the Executive  Commit-
             tee  was created for the purpose of delegating some of the powers of  the 
             National Committee to permit the Executive Committee to overrule  certain 
             decisions  of  individual  officers.  Dehn expressed the  view  that  the 
             National  office was the subject of the resolution because  the  National 
             office  has to be managed on a daily basis.  Dehn opposed  the  Executive 
             Committee's assumption of the general powers of the NatCom, and gave  the 
             decision to change membership rates was an example of what the  committee 
             should not be doing.  Givot took exception to Dehn's characterization  of 
             the purpose of the Executive Committee, noting that the proposal  emerged 
             from  the Management and Audit committee and was aimed at  following  the 
             model  of  most  of corporate America in having the  Board  of  Directors 
             delegate powers to a smaller executive committee.  Ernsberger noted  that 
             the actions of the Executive Committee are included in the reports of the 
             National  Director.    Hudson moved ->to extend for 5 minutes  to  amend.  
             There was no objection.  Hudson moved 
                  ->  that  the power to remove members be excluded from  the  powers 
             Bergland  ruled  the motion out of order as covered by  the  By-laws  and 
             therefore unnecessary.  
             In  response to a query by Nathan, Ahmad expressed the opinion   that  no 
             standing  resolutions  may  be added by Executive   Committee  under  the 
             resolution.    In  response  to  a query  by  Dehn,  Ahmad  suggested  an 
             Executive Committee decision regarding the proposed suit against the  51-
             in-92 Committee is an example of something that could be argued as  being 
             authorized by the resolution.  There was no objection to extending debate 
             5 min.  Dasbach ->called the question.  The motion to close debate passed 
             on a voice vote.  Walter's main motion passed on a voice vote.
        Brown moved->  that the video recorders be turned off. The motion was  defeated 
             on a show of hands.
        [Walter resumed the chair.]
        12.  HEADQUARTERS REPORT:  Dunbar commented that because of the inter-relations 
             of all aspects of office operations, changes cannot be made piecemeal and 
             in any case should not be made without consultation.  Computer documenta-
             tion is scheduled to be completed May 10, hardware changes scheduled  for 
             completion  end  of  May.   Direct mail tracking systems  are  in  place.   
             Renewal  program costs can be saved by  using a 45-day cycle  instead  of 
             30.   Dunbar  expressed appreciation to those who have pointed  out  that 
             things  are done wrong.  
             In response to a query by Brown, Dunbar stated that the  prospect  update 
             went  out  on March 31.  Ahmad added that  all California  prospects  had 

             been  sent  to California party office.  Sapowsky-Smith stated  that  the  
             information  was not identified in any usable way.  Nathan expressed  her 
             dismay at telemarketing callers who don't know to whom they are speaking.  
             Walter urged all NatCom members to become pledgers.
             Walter  announced that he has appointed Clifford Thies to head an  ad-hoc 
             search  committee (which also includes Dunbar, and Kunberger)  to  locate 
             new  office  space.   He stated that their first task is  to  define  the 
             problem.  Walter reported that Thies is considering a subchapter S corpo-
             ration to buy a place which shall be leased with a buy option to the  LP, 
             but that no action will be taken without authority of the NatCom.  Walter 
             reported that the Hall has discovered that the lease is a 3-year lease.
        13.  1989  CONVENTION OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE: Ernsberger updated the  agenda  for 
             the  National Convention.  Educational activities begin on Thursday  with 
             breakfast with Jim Lewis.  He stated that a keynote panel will be held on 
             Thursday  9-10  a.m., before the business session is called to  order  on 
             Givot reported that 4 1/4 hrs. have been allocated to Bylaws, 2 hrs.  for 
             the  program,  3 1/2 hrs. for the  platform.  There was a  discussion  of 
             time allocation.  Givot reported that the time limit for reimbursement of 
             expenses  is  60 days after submission.  There was no  objection.   Givot 
             defined the Open Event room as a room available throughout the convention 
             to  the  LP  to schedule events on short  notice.   Givot  reported  that  
             Nolan, Dodge, Clark, Bergland, and Walter are panelists for the keynote.
             In response to a query by Givot, Dasbach stated that since the convention 
             the  Libertarian Republican Organizing Committee has not engaged  in  at-
             tacks on the LP and saw no reason why they should be excluded.  Bergland, 
             speaking as author of the resolution which might prevent LROC from speak-
             ing  said  that  LROC would not be covered given  its  current  behavior.  
             Sapowsky-Smith moved
                  ->to  not allow LROC to have a booth or participate in the  conven-
             Nathan expressed the view that we should  only exclude those that give us 
             a bad image.  Sapowsky-Smith expressed the opinion that the character  of 
             the  people involved could hurt our outreach attempts. Blumert  expressed 
             the view that no matter how polite they may have become, their purpose is 
             still to undermine the Party.  Emory moved 
                  ->to  substitute  that "any party desiring to rent a booth  at  our 
                  convention be permitted to do so." 
             At  the invitation of Sapowsky-Smith, George O'Brien was allowed  to  ad-
             dress the body.  He alleged that in San Diego, despite specific  instruc-
             tions  by the convention hosts, two LROC leaders refused to stop  smoking 
             marijuana at their table.  Hudson argued that he would prefer the conven-
             tion  sponsors deal with these questions and decide whether  they  should 
             have a table and if so where.  Bergland moved-> to table the motion.  The 
             motion to table passed on a show of hands.  
             Givot  asked  Ayres to assume responsibility for  the  fundraising  event 
             (outside  of the banquet) to be scheduled.  He reported  that  everything 
             relating  to timetables in under control.  He noted that we  need  budget 
             line  items to cover secretarial costs, parliamentarian costs, and  dele-
             gate  registration costs.  Walter noted that $2000 has been budgeted  for 
             convention expenses.  Bergland added that we have a $1000 leeway.   Ahmad 
                  -> that a full package be provided for registrar.  

             The motion passed on a voice vote.
             Givot  warned  that a $29,625 loss will be incurred if the  date  of  the 
             Chicago convention date is changed, plus some presumably small additional 
             After  some discussion it was agreed without objection to permit 10  sec-
             onds  of  speeches  for nominees to the  various  convention  committees.  
             Nominations  were  opened  for Credentials  committee.   Ahmad  nominated 
             Frances  Eddy,  Freeman nominated  Freeman,  Ernsberger  nominated  David 
             Horne,  Turney nominated Gary Johnson, Ahmad nominated  Ahmad,  Sapowsky-
             Smith nominated Karen Hufmann.
             Nominations  were  opened for the Bylaws committee  (NatCom  members  are 
             indicated  with  an asterisk).  Walter nominated Toni  Black,  Ernsberger 
             nominated  Ernsberger(*), Ahmad nominated Lanham(*), Kunberger  nominated 
             Kunberger(*),   Sapowsky-Smith nominated Sapowsky-Smith(*),  Bob  Waldrop 
             was nominated without objection. Ernsberger nominated David Horne,  Kirk-
             land  nominated  Kirkland(*), Sapowsky-Smith  nominated  George  O'Brien, 
             Hinkle  nominated  Bill White, Ernsberger nominated  David  Nolan,  Walsh 
             nominated Walsh(*).
             Nominations  for the Platform Committee were opened.  Marshall  nominated 
             Marshall (UT), Walter nominated Jorge Amador (PA), Nathan nominated  Bill 
             Bradford (WA), Renee Carkin (NM) was nominated without objection,   David 
             Horne  (VA) was nominated without objection, Blumert nominated  Amy  Mar-
             shall  (NV), Sheppard nominated Mary Garvey (CA), Michael Edelstein  (NY) 
             was nominated without objection, Hall nominated Don Warmbier (MI),   Mark 
             Thornton (AL) was nominated without objection,  Walter deferred to George 
             O'Brien  to nominate David Thoreau (CA), Hall nominated  Jeffrey  Vickers 
             (NH), Johnson nominated Greg Clark (TX), Hall nominated Virginia  Cropsey 
             (MI),  Ahmad nominated Larry Dodge (MT), Sheppard and Bergland  nominated 
             Bill Evers (CA), Jimmy Harris (GA) was nominated without objection,  John 
             Heaton  (SC) was nominated without objection,   Sapowsky-Smith  nominated 
             Michael R. Iddings (CA), without objection Dan Karlan (NJ) was  permitted 
             to  nominate himself, Walter nominated Margarethe Kemner (PA), Jim  Lang-
             custer (AL) was nominated without objection, Kathleen Jacob Richman  (VA) 
             was  nominated without objection, Brown nominated Ted Brown (CA),  Walter 
             nominated Givot (IL), Walsh nominated Helen Hayden (IL), Nathan nominated 
             Bill McMillan (NY), Kirkland nominated Norma Segal (NY).  
        [The meeting recessed for lunch at about 12:30 p.m.]
        [The meeting was called back to order by Walter at about 1:30 p.m.]
        [Johnson took over the minutes]
        14.  FINANCE COMMITTEE REPORT:  Kunberger submitted his report.  He has offered 
             his resignation to Walter.
        14A. CONVENTION  --  part 2:  Ahmad reported the results of  the  first  round 
             balloting.    Credentials,  elected:  Johnson 25, Freeman  23,  Eddy  21, 
             Hufmann 21 and Ahmad 18.  Not elected:  Horne 10.  

                                      J   F  E   H   A   H
                                      o   r  d   u   h   o
                                      h   e  d   f   m   r
                                      n   e  y   m   a   n
                                      s   m      a   d   e
                                      o   a      n      
                                      n   n      n         
             Ahmad                    1   1  1   1   1  
             Ayres                    1      1   1   1  
             Bergland                 1   1  1   1   1  
             Blumert                  1      1   1   1  
             Brown                    1   1  1   1      
             Dasbach                  1   1  1   1   1  
             Dehn                     1   1  1       1   1
             Emory                    1   1  1          
             Ernsberger               1   1  1   1   1  
             Famularo                 1   1  1   1   1  
             Fielder                      1      1   1   1
             Freeman                  1   1      1       1
             Givot                    1   1  1       1   1
             Hall                     1   1  1       1   1
             Hinkle                          1   1   1  
             Hudson                   1   1  1       1   1
             Johnson                  1   1  1   1   1  
             Kirkland                 1   1  1   1   1  
             Kunberger                1   1      1       1
             Marshall                 1   1      1       1
             Murphy                   1   1  1   1      
             Nathan                   1   1  1   1   1  
             Sapowsky-Smith           1   1      1      
             Sheppard                 1   1  1   1       1
             Turney                   1          1      
             Walsh                    1   1  1       1   1
             Walter                   1   1  1   1   1  
              Total:                 25  23 21  21  18  10  
             Nominations were opened for pro-temp chair of the Credentials  committee.  
             Johnson  nominated  Ahmad.   Givot moved ->nominations  be  closed.   The 
             motion to close nominations and elect  Ahmad carried on a voice vote.
             Ahmad  announced the results of the Bylaws committee  elections:  elected 
             Ernsberger 26, Kirkland 22, Sapowsky-Smith 22, 

                                 B  E   L   K   S   W   H   K   N   W   O   W
                                 l  r   a   u   a   a   o   i   o   a   '   h
                                 a  n   n   n   p   l   r   r   l   l   B   i
                                 c  s   h   b   o   d   n   c   a   s   r   t
                                 k  b   a   e   w   r   e   k   n   h   i   e
                                    e   m   r   s   o       l           e  
                                    r       g   k   p       a           n
                                    g       e   y      
             Ahmad               1  1   1       1       1   1   1   1   1   1
             Ayres               1  1   1                       1   1   1   1
             Bergland            1  1       1           1       1   1   1   1
             Blumert                1   1           1       1       1   1
             Brown                  1       1   1           1   1   1   1   1
             Dasbach             1  1       1   1   1   1   1   1   1   1
             Dehn                1  1   1   1   1       1   1       1   1   1
             Emory                  1   1       1           1   1
             Ernsberger          1  1       1   1       1   1   1   1   1
             Famularo               1   1   1       1   1   1   1   1   1   1
             Fielder                1       1   1       1   1
             Freeman             1  1       1   1   1   1   1
             Givot               1  1           1   1   1   1   1   1   1   1
             Hall                1  1   1               1   1       1       1
             Hinkle                 1           1           1           1   1
             Hudson                 1   1       1       1   1       1
             Johnson                1       1   1           1   1   1   1   1
             Kirkland               1       1   1           1
             Kunberger           1  1       1   1   1   1   1
             Marshall               1       1   1   1   1   1           1
             Murphy              1  1       1   1   1       1               1
             Nathan                 1   1   1   1       1       1   1   1   1
             Sapowsky-Smith                     1                       1
             Sheppard               1   1       1                       1
             Turney                 1       1   1           1
             Walsh               1  1   1   1   1           1   1   1   1   1
             Walter              1  1       1   1           1   1   1
              Total:            13 26  11  17  22   8  14  22  13  16  17  13
             Nominations  were  opened for election of pro-temp chair  of  the  Bylaws 
             Committee.  Sapowsky-Smith, Gerry Walsh, and David Nolan were  nominated.  
             Nominations were closed without objection.  On a show of hands, Sapowsky-
             Smith was elected: Sapowsky-Smith 16, Gerry Walsh 2, David Nolan 3.
             Ahmad announced the results of the Platform committee election:

                           W.             A.     
                           M  A  B  C  H  M  G  E  W  T  T  V  C  C  D  E  H  H  I  K  K  L  J  B  G  H  M  S
                           a  m  r  a  o  a  a  d  a  h  h  i  l  r  o  v  a  e  d  a  e  a  a  r  i  e  c  e
                           r  a  a  r  r  r  r  e  r  o  e  c  a  o  d  e  r  a  d  r  m  n  c  o  v  y  M  g
                           s  d  d  k  n  s  v  l  m  r  r  k  r  p  g  r  r  t  i  l  n  g  o  w  o  d  i  a
                            h  o  f  i     h  e  s  b  n  o  e  k  s  e  s  i  o  n  a  e  c  b  n  t  e  l  l
                           a  r  o  n     a  y  t  i  t  u  r     e        s  n  g  n  r  u           n  l
                           l     r        l     e  e  o  x  s     y              s        s  R           a
                           l     d        l     i  r  n                                   t  .           n
                                                n                                         .          
             Ahmad                                                   1  1        1           1     1     1  1
             Ayres                        1  1  1  1              1  1  1                    1     1
             Bergland               1              1        1     1     1           1           1  1     1  1
             Blumert             1        1  1     1  1  1           1  1                    1     1
             Brown                        1                    1                 1           1  1           1
             Dasbach       1     1                                1     1  1  1  1                 1     1  1
             Dehn          1     1        1                    1     1  1     1  1  1     1
             Emory         1                                   1     1        1
             Ernsberger       1  1                       1        1  1  1           1           1  1        1
             Famularo      1  1           1        1                 1  1        1  1           1  1
             Fielder       1  1              1     1                 1  1        1              1  1     1
             Freeman       1  1        1           1           1           1  1  1  1                       1
             Givot         1                                         1                             1  1
             Hall             1  1                 1     1        1  1  1                    1     1     1
             Hinkle                       1              1           1  1
             Hudson           1     1     1                 1     1              1        1        1  1  1
             Johnson       1  1                                1     1  1        1           1
             Kirkland      1                                         1                       1  1           1
             Kunberger     1  1        1     1     1                       1  1  1              1
             Marshall      1  1        1        1  1                       1     1
             Murphy        1     1           1           1     1        1                       1  1     1  1
             Nathan           1  1                 1           1  1  1  1        1                 1     1
             Sapowsky-Sm.  1           1                                         1           1  1
             Sheppard      1     1           1           1           1  1                    1  1  1
             Turney        1  1        1                                         1
             Walsh         1  1                       1        1     1     1                    1  1  1  1
             Walter        1  1  1                       1              1           1        1     1     1  1
             Total:       17 13  9  2  5  7  6  2 10  2  7  2  8  7 16 16  5  5 14  6  0  2 10 11 16  3 10  9
        [Ahmad resumed the minutes]
             The  top  ten vote-getters (excluding McMillan-NY 10 and Segal-NY  9  who 
             were sixth and seventh from one of the top ten states) were:  W. Marshall 
             (UT)  17, Dodge (MT) 16, Evers (CA) 16, Givot (IL) 16, Iddings  (CA)  14, 
             Amador (PA) 13,  Brown (CA) 11, Jacob Richman (VA) 10, Warmbier (MI)  10, 
             Bradford (WA) 9.
             Bergland  moved  ->to vote up or down individually for  those  without  a 
             majority.   Fielder  moved  ->to substitute to vote on all  people  as  a 
             slate.  The motion to substitute passed on a show of hands.  The  substi-
             tute motion passed on a voice vote.  The slate passed on a voice vote. 

             Dasbach  moved  ->to appoint Givot chair pro-temp.  Bergland  moved  ->to 
             appoint Evers as chair pro-temp.  Sapowsky-Smith moved ->to nominate  Ted 
             Brown as chair pro-temp.  Givot was elected on a show of hands: Givot 13, 
             Brown 6, Evers 4.
        15.  AUDITOR'S REPORT:  Redpath expressed his confidence that Richard Perry can 
             be  trained to be an effective bookkeeper.  Walter called for  thanks  to 
             Chris  Fielder for her work in training Richard Perry.  The  NatCom  gave 
             her a round of applause.
             Sapowsky-Smith moved 
                  ->  to appoint Bill Redpath as Auditor.  
             In  response to a query by Johnson, Mike Holmes stated that he  has  been 
             asked  to stay on through two administrations.  Givot asked  whether  now 
             that  the  transition  is over, would we save money by  having  only  one 
             auditor?   In response to a query by Blumert, Sapowsky-Smith stated  that 
             "it's possible" that there is a political reason for her motion, but  she 
             had "no qualms about Mr. Holmes personally" and resented any  implication 
             to the contrary.  Monroe argued that people who give good service  should 
             be  rewarded  for  their past service, and asked "why  shouldn't  a  good 
             auditor  stay  for another couple of months?"  Hinkle moved  ->to  extend 
             debate  10 minutes. The motion to extend debate failed on a  voice  vote.  
             The  main  motion passed on a on a voice vote.  Hinkle asked  the  record 
             show that he abstained.  There was an ovation for Holmes.
        16.  MANAGEMENT AND AUDIT COMMITTEE REPORT:  Walsh submitted a revised propos-
             al for a bonus plan based on a discussion with Walter.  Walsh moved
                  ->All staff at the LNC headquarters in Washington, D.C.,  including 
                  the National director, and including any field employees,  employed 
                  as  of  12/31 of each year will be eligible to receive a  bonus  on 
                  2/15 of the succeeding year.
                  A bonus plan will be created consisting of the following:
                  1) One dollar for every paid membership over 6,500 on 12/31/89  (or 
                  on the net membership increase in succeeding years) as certified by 
                  the LNC secretary, plus
                  2)  $2 for every monthly pledger, on his or her pledge,  over  500, 
                  (or  on  the  net annual increase in paid  pledgers  in  succeeding 
                  years) as certified by the chair of the finance committee,  plus
                  3)  $1000  if gross revenue (all revenue  excluding  any  expenses) 
                  exceeds  the  original budget of $304,000 by more than  $10,000  as 
                  certified by the LNC Treasurer, plus
                  4)  5% of every dollar by which gross revenues exceed $314,000.
                  Bonus  pool  will  be divided among the  eligible  participants  as 
                  1) 75% will be distributed according to payroll dollar ratios using 
                  the 1989 W-2's.  For example, an employee earning $10,00 of a total 
                  payroll of $100,00 would receive 10% of 75% of the pool.
                  2) 25% will be distributed at the discretion of the National Direc-
                  tor  and the Chair based on merit.  The Chair will decide  the  Na-
                  tional  Director's merit bonus, if any and the Director -- in  con-
                  sultation  with  the Chair --will decide how the balance is  to  be 
                  divided.   It is the LNC's intention that interns working  for  the 
                  Party during the year be given consideration for merit bonuses  out 

                  of this 25% of the bonuses. 
             Bergland moved ->to divide the question into the size of the pool and its 
             distribution.  There was no objection.
             Sheppard expressed the view that it is not a good idea to base the  bonus 
             on gross revenue.  Bergland responded that the NatCom controls  expenses.  
             Hinkle moved
                  ->to substitute "that the LNC budget be amended to add $5,000.00 to 
                  a line item for bonuses for the LNC staff.  Division shall be  made 
                  by the LNC executive committee." 
             Hinkle  argued  that bonuses should not be tied to  things  the  National 
             office  has  no control over.  Dunbar noted that  different  bonus  plans 
             achieve  different  objectives and the plan selected should  aim  at  the 
             objectives  desired.  Bergland moved ->to close debate.   The  motion  to 
             close  debate  on  the substitute motion passed on a  voice  vote.    The 
             motion to substitute failed on a voice vote with Sapowsky-Smith  abstain-
             ing. Dasbach moved ->to close debate on the main motion.  The first  part 
             of the  main motion passed on a voice vote, with Sapowsky-Smith and Ahmad 
             Discussion turned to the second part of the motion.  Bergland moved  ->to 
             divide the question between the inclusion of interns and the rest of  the 
             motion.  The motion was divided without objection.  
             Bergland moved 
                  ->to change 75% to 50%.  
             Walter  argued  that he preferred to make the  subjective  part  smaller.  
             Bergland  withdrew his amendment without objection.  The second  part  of 
             the  main  motion  passed without objection.   Sapowsky-Smith  asked  the 
             record  show  that she abstained.  Hinkle asked the record show  that  he 
             doesn't care.
             Discussion  turned to the third part of the motion.  Walter argued for  a 
             bonus  for  the interns since they work for little or  no  money.   Givot 
             noted this was  prejudicial against summer interns.  Bergland moved 
                  ->to  refer this question back to Management Committee for  further 
             There was no objection to referring the motion back to committee.
        17.  BALLOT ACCESS REPORT:  Blumert presented his report.  He stated  fundrais-
             ing targets are $60,000/year for direct mail and $60,000 for  telemarket-
             ing.  Darlene Brinks asked Blumert about a donation to BAC that ended  up 
             as paid to Ron Paul coins.  Blumert responded that this was a convenience 
             to  save money on credit card charges.  Brinks commented that she  should 
             have been so informed at the time of the pledge and asked if the BAC  can 
             show  that  her  donation ended up in the BAC?  Walter  ruled  that  this 
             should be discussed under the next item.  In response to a query by  Tur-
             ney,  Blumert responded that we are paying about 1 1/2% for  the  charges 
             passed  through Camino Coins.  Turney noted that banks do not approve  of 
             commingling  funds and emphasized that in this case there is  commingling 
             of a political organization's funds with those of a private business.  In 
             response  to  a query by Walter, Redpath stated that his opinion  of  the 
             commingling  would depend on the presence and adequacy of  internal  con-
             trols.   In response to a query by Freeman and Givot, Blumert noted  that 
             credit card charges are not passed on to the party.
             Paul  Jacob  presented  a four year plan to get on the  ballot  in  every 
             state.   Ernsberger moved ->to extend debate 10 minutes.  The  motion  to 
             extend debate passed without objection.  Ernsberger moved

                  -> resolved that the NatCom direct the BAC to concentrate on states 
                  other than North Carolina unless specifically asked to do otherwise 
                  by the North Carolina Libertarian Party.
             In  response  to a query by Monroe, Jacob stated that there is  a  $5,000 
             limit on how much 51 in 92 can give to North Carolina while it would take 
             $63-65,000  to do the drive.  Fielder responded that the limit is  $5,000  
             per  committee and each county could have its own committee.   Jacob  re-
             plied  that this overlooks the fact that the FEC requires that  contribu-
             tion be weighted towards federal candidates.  Givot argued that we should 
             give  free enterprise a chance to do the job for us and if they  fail  we 
             can go in later.  Jacob objected that it will be much more expensive  and 
             difficult  to  go  in later.  Bergland expressed the view  that  he  felt 
             obligated to go along with North Carolina's request despite his  reserva-
             tions  about the wisdom of their decision.  Kunberger moved->  to  extend 
             debate  until  5 p.m.  Motion to extend debate passed on  a  voice  vote.  
             Stating  that Maryland would not retain ballot status unless a  statewide 
             candidate gets 3% of the vote,  Kunberger moved
                  ->(1) that the BAC expend no funds for ballot drives that will  not 
                  result  in ballot status for '92 presidential candidates until  all 
                  other states are done; and (2) that any litigation involving the LP 
                  be approved only with the consent of the National Chair.
             Murphy moved ->to divide the question.  The motion to divide passed on  a 
             on a voice vote.  Freeman argued against the attitude that they can do it 
             for  themselves  so we'll do it for them.  Bergland  argued  against  the 
             NatCom  micromanaging  the  BAC plan.  Fielder moved->  to  recess  until 
             tomorrow  and  resume the question at that time.  the  motion  to  recess 
             passed on a show of hands.
        [Meeting recessed at 5 p.m.]
        [Walter called the meeting to order at 8:40 a.m. on Sunday]
             After reporting that Tomas Estrada-Palma had offered to personally set up 
             an independent  fund to pay back the BAC, Kunberger withdraw his motion.
             Givot  stated  that the only area of concern of which he  was  aware  was 
             whether timely reports were being sent to the Washington office, and that 
             now  all checks are being photocopied and sent to Washington and  that  a 
             good accountability system was being set in place. In response to a query 
             by  Ernsberger, Givot proposed that the BAC pay Camino coins $1 per  year 
             in  exchange for the "service."  Turney moved ->to extend debate  5  min.  
             There was no objection.  In response to a query by Freeman, Walter stated 
             that  the LP already has a credit card account.    Turney noted that  Ron 
             Paul  and Associates is a corporation and there appears to be a  conflict 
             with FEC rules if they did not pass on charges for credit card service.
        18.  BALLOT  ACCESS COMMITTEE AUDIT:  Hall stated that he had not received  the 
             audit  records.   Holmes said that the records were  sent  last  Tuesday.  
             Walter  asserted that Blumert had stated on April 7 that the records  had 
             already been sent.  Blumert replied that to his knowledge they had  been.  
             Walter charged that, according to his phone log, Blumert said they  would 
             be here this weekend.  Blumert indicated that Walter must have  misunder-
             stood.  Walter characterized Blumert's actions as cowardly and  irrespon-

             sible. Blumert asked Holmes to respond.
        [Bergland assumed the chair]
             On  a  voice vote Blumert's motion to permit Holmes  to  respond  passed.  
             Holmes  state that he was never under the impression that there  was  any 
             urgency  nor  that  there was any desire that it be  sent  to  Washington 
             rather  than to Bill Hall.  He asserted that it is he and not Blumert who 
             should  be blamed.  In response to a query by Murphy, Holmes recalled  no 
             call  from Blumert to the effect that he should send the records  to  DC.  
             Ernsberger  quoted a letter from Walter instructing Blumert to bring  the 
             records  to DC, and asserted that Blumert's statement that he  instructed 
             Holmes  to send the records in March does not square with  Holmes  state-
             ment.   Blumert replied that to the best of his recollection he had  read 
             much of the letter to Holmes and that Holmes stated that he had sent  the 
             records  to  Bill Hall.  Blumert asked, "What can we do to  satisfy  this 
             body?"  Blumert reviewed the history of the audit.  Time expired.   Givot 
             moved  ->to  extend debate 10 minutes.  Blumert stated that  Holmes'  re-
             quirement  of data from Ron Paul's side caused a strain  between  Blumert 
             and  Ron Paul, but the accountants finally reluctantly agreed to  provide 
             the  money that Holmes insisted on and that  Holmes confided  to  Blumert 
             that  "we got the best of the deal."  Blumert reminded the Party that  it 
             has been his offer to pay any debt that remained unresolved.  In response 
             to a query by Kunberger, he stated that  even if it was $20,000, he would 
             pay it.
             Brinks moved 
                  ->  that this committee hire an outside auditing firm to  institute 
                  an independent audit of the Ballot Access Fund, to be paid for  out 
                  of the Ballot Access money, 
                  that  the audit begin within 10 days of today and that  all  Ballot 
                  Access records that exist be placed in the hands of Bill Redpath by 
                  Tuesday, April 25th and Mr. Redpath and the hired auditing firm  be 
                  the sole custodians of those records until the audit is completed,
                  that  the  audit shall cover the time beginning with  the  day  the 
                  Ballot Access was run from Houston through December 31, 1988.
                  In  the event the auditing firm is able to exhibit the  possibility 
                  of  fraud, this committee authorizes the auditing firm to  continue 
                  with a fraud audit.
                  If the ballot access Committee chair does not transmit the original 
                  records for calendar year 1988 to the LP Auditor within 10 days  of 
                  this meeting, he shall be removed.
             Brown  objected to spending this money this way, instead of using  it  to 
             fight the state.  Murphy moved ->to extend debate 10 min.  The motion  to 
             extend  debate  passed on voice vote.  Murphy moved
                  ->  to substitute "to immediately remove Mr. Blumert from  the  BAC 
                  for  violating resolution 306, dealing with reporting of  financial 
                  data, Res. 310, prohibiting SFACs from operating at a deficit, Res. 
                  287, which limits cost overruns, and Res. 325,  which reads: BALLOT 
                  ACCESS FINANCIAL REPORTING.  RESOLVED, that the National  Committee 
                  instructs the Ballot Access Committee to provide relevant financial 
                  data to the national Treasurer on a monthly basis and the  Internal 
                  Audit Committee on a quarterly basis, and that if the Ballot Access 
                  Committee Chair does not transmit past data to the Treasurer within 
                  10 days of this meeting, he shall be removed from his chairmanship.

             Walter argued against Murphy's motion on the grounds that Mr. Blumert has 
             been  cooperative  and  professional  and the  action  is  uncalled  for.  
             Freeman remarked that   Blumert's comment that we were in the black is at 
             odds with the audit report and there are inconsistencies that must be re-
             solved.   Murphy argued that  if people are not going to comply with  our 
             resolutions  they  should be removed.  Brinks argued that her  motion  as  
             the only way to clear the air.  Turney called for a roll call vote on the 
             motion   to  substitute.   #1.  FOR:   Brinks,  Brown,   Dasbach,   Dehn, 
             Ernsberger,   Famularo,  Fielder,  Freeman,  Hall,  Johnson,   Kunberger, 
             Marshall,  Murphy,  Turney,  Walsh.  AGAINST:   Ahmad,  Ayres,  Bergland, 
             Emory, Givot, Hinkle, Hudson, Kirkland, Monroe, Nathan, Sheppard, Walter.  
             The motion to substitute passed 15-12.  
             A roll call vote was held on the substitute motion:  FOR:  Brinks, Brown, 
             Dehn, Emory, Ernsberger, Fielder, Freeman, Johnson, Kunberger,  Marshall, 
             Murphy,  Turney,  Walsh.   AGAINST:   Ahmad,  Ayres,  Bergland,  Dasbach, 
             Famularo,   Givot, Hall, Hinkle, Hudson, Kirkland, Monroe, Nathan,  Shep-
             pard,  Walter.   The  substitute motion failed 13-14.   Emory  asked  the 
             record show his opinion that as "the Chair wishes Mr. Blumert to  contin-
             ue, he should have the opportunity to work out the reporting problems."
             Ernsberger  moved  ->to extend debate 5 min.  In response to a  query  by 
             Ernsberger,  Holmes  stated that he was unaware of Thies' report  of  the 
             existence  of  a  $22,000 loan to the BAC from the  Ron  Paul  Committee.  
             Marshall moved 
                  ->that unless Mr. Blumert turns over the BAC records to the Auditor  
             within 10 days for the purpose of an extensive audit he shall be  removed 
             from his chairmanship of the BAC.  
             Givot  moved  
                  ->to substitute that upon receipt of the records for calendar  1988 
                  the  party  receiving them (Mr. Hall or Mr. Holmes) be  ordered  to 
                  forward them to the Auditor.
             There  was  no objection  to extending  debate 5 min.  In response  to  a 
             query by Hudson, Redpath stated that he would do a thorough audit to  the 
             best  of  his ability and that if it is over his head he  will  tell  the 
             National  Committee  so. In response to a query by Ayres,  Hall  said  he 
             would send the records with 10 days to Mr. Redpath. The motion to substi-
             tute failed on a voice vote.  Kunberger requested a roll call on the main 
             motion.  FOR:  Ayres, Bergland, Brinks, Brown, Dasbach, Dehn, Ernsberger, 
             Famularo,  Fielder, Freeman, Hall, Johnson, Kunberger, Marshall,  Murphy, 
             Turney, Walsh.  AGAINST:  Emory, Givot, Hinkle, Hudson, Kirkland, Monroe, 
             Nathan,  Sheppard.  The motion passed 17-8 with the  following  comments:  
             Hudson: Yes trusting that we wont require Bert Blumert to be the one  who 
             turns  the records over; Dasbach: If Mr. Blumert through Mr.  Holmes  has 
             indeed  sent the records to Mr. Hall, he cannot comply; Givot,  Hall  and 
             Hinkle:   No, because it is absurd to direct an individual to  turn  over 
             property  which is not in his possession and may require him to  initiate 
             force  to comply with the order.  Ahmad: Abstain for the same reasons  as 
             Givot et al.'s no vote.
             Walsh moved ->to recess for 10 min.  The motion passed on a voice vote.
        [The meeting recessed at 10:10 a.m.]
        [The meeting resumed at about 10:20 a.m.]
        19.  51 IN '92:  Blumert expressed the opinion that Andre Marrou was not  fully 

             apprised  of Michael Emerling's actions on behalf of 51 in '92.   He  ex-
             pressed  the opinion that the property rights of the LP are involved  and 
             that it would be a serious deficiency for the misuse of the LP name as in 
             51 in '92's initial mailing to go unaddressed.  Referring to the lack  of 
             a mandate for his tenure as BAC chair exhibited in the previous roll call 
             vote, Blumert withdrew his substitute motion previously circulated.  
             In response to a query by Ayres, Emory said the resolution passed yester-
             day is exactly what North Carolina wanted.  Givot moved 
                  ->that  the   LNC  wishes 51 in '92 committee good  luck  and  much 
                  success in the North Carolina ballot drive.
             The motion passed on a voice vote.
             Sapowsky-Smith  asked  to attach a letter from 51 in '92 to  the  minutes 
             (Attachment B--as amended by Emerling).
             Walter moved
                  ->RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF BAC: 
                  1) The Libertarian National Committee strongly encourages  support-
                  ers of the Libertarian Party to use the Ballot Access Committee  as 
                  the  vehicle  for securing ballot access for  our  state  affiliate 
                  2)  A misuse of the Libertarian Party's name was made by the  inde-
                  pendent "51 in '92 Committee."  This error lead to confusion  among 
                  some  of  those being solicited for contributions.   In  this  case 
                  damages  to  the  Libertarian Party are mitigated by  51  in  '92's 
                  promise  to spend all contributions received on the North  Carolina 
                  LP's ballot drive.
                  3)   The LNC cautions groups soliciting LP members for  independent 
                  projects  to refrain from using the LP's name  without  permission.  
                  Our right to take action against those misusing the LP name will be 
                  exercised  in  appropriate instances.  The policy for  use  of  our 
                  mailing list will inform users of this warning.
             Brown moved
                  -> to delete section 2 of the motion.
             Ayres  moved  
                  ->to amend the amendment to retain the first sentence of section 2.  
             Hinkle stated that he could present the names of a half dozen  California 
             libertarians who claim to have been confused by the 51 in '92 mailing.
             Ahmad moved ->to close debate on amendment to amend.  There was no objec-
             tion.  Motion to amend the amendment failed on a voice vote.  Ahmad moved 
             ->to extend debate 30 seconds. There was no objection.  Ahmad moved 
                  ->to substitute adding the words "may have" in the 2nd sentence  of 
                  section 2.  
             Motion  to  substitute failed on a show of hands.  The motion  to  delete 
             section  2  passed on a show of hands 13-11.  Hudson  moved  ->to  extend 
             debate  2  minutes.  Motion to extend debate  passed  without  objection.  
             Hudson moved 
                  ->to change "the" to "a" in  third  line  of  section.  
             Hudson's  motion  to amend passed 16-9.  Main motion passed  on  a  voice 
             vote.   Fielder requested minutes show that he and Blumert  abstained  on 
             all votes relating to this issue.
        [Walter assumed the chair]
        20.  AFFILIATE  PARTY COMMITTEE:  Gingell submitted her report  (Attachment  C) 
             and  provided  some  updates.  Gingell named Rhode Island  and  Maine  as 

             states  with  problems in cooperation.  Rhode Island's state  chair  said 
             "Don't call us, we'll call you" while Maine's state chair, initially very 
             enthusiastic, has suddenly become unreachable.
             Hudson reported that Gene Burns has offered to devote a year to Libertar-
             ian  Party development.  Givot moved 
                  ->  to delete the wording from Res. 328  mandating the  requirement 
                  that the chair of the Affiliate Party Committee be a member of  the 
                  National Committee.
             The  motion passed on a voice vote.  Givot moved 
                  ->to appoint Gingell as chair of the Affiliate Party Committee.
             Dasbach then gave a report on affiliate party campaigns.
             Bergland moved
                  ->NatCom  recommend  Gingells  draft By-law  revision  for  setting 
                  minimum standards for maintaining affiliate party status (circulat-
                  ed with the agenda) to the Bylaws committee 
             Johnson argued against the motion on the grounds that a small state party 
             is  better than no state party.  Bergland argued that it is a  good  idea 
             for  us  to  provide  this non-binding  resolution  to  spur  the  Bylaws 
             committee  to deal with it.  Nathan commented that lax rules for  initial 
             qualification  was deliberate in order to decentralize  party  structure.  
             Ahmad  urged that the  number for maintaining party status be reduced  to 
             avoid frequent decertification and recertification of affiliates.   Jacob 
             expressed support for minimum standards but would prefer 5 rather than 10 
             or  2.  Ahmad moved to extend debate 2 minutes.  Motion to extend  debate 
             failed on a voice vote.  Motion to recommend passed on a voice vote.
        Without objection the Membership Committee report and Budget reports were moved 
             to before the Program Committee report. 
        [Ahmad assumed the Chair]
             Bergland submitted his report, previously distributed.  He added that the 
             guns,  drugs, and the environment issues are the currently hot  ones  and 
             the first 2 are about ready for the printer and the third, thanks to  Dan 
             Karlin is expected soon.
        [Walter resumed the chair]
             Bergland reported that a new research edition of LP News is in the works.  
             Ernsberger noted that this committee has no budget and making and keeping 
             contacts is all we can do and have done.
             Ahmad  reported  that some members of the National  Association  of  Arab 
             Americans is  forming a PAC and have communicated their desire to keep in 
             touch with Libertarians.  
        20B. INTERNAL EDUCATION:  Bergland submitted his report, previously  circulat-
             ed.  He urged that every Libertarian join toastmasters.  Turney moved
                  ->to  accept the appointment of Bergland as chair of  the  Internal 
                  Education Committee.
             Bergland  urged  persons interested in any of his  proposed  projects  to 
             volunteer to serve on the committee.
        21.  ADVERTISING  DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE: Hinkle  presented the California  par-

             ty's  complaint, previously circulated, that some people still  have  not 
             received  tapes promised from the committee.  He reported  that  although 
             Marshall brought 17 tapes to the California convention 33 tapes are still 
             owed.  Hinkle moved
                  -> to transfer $500 of the LNC debt to the ADC to be transferred to 
                  the  California  LP as reimbursement of money paid  for  goods  not 
                  received plus damages, when available.
             Bergland moved ->to extend debate 5 min.  Motion to extend debate  passed 
             on a show of hands.  The main motion passed on a voice vote.
             Givot  moved ->to extend debate 10 min.  There was no  objection.   Givot 
                  ->that  the  Party shall assume direct control of  all  assets  and 
                  liabilities of the Advertising and Development Committee and accept 
                  Bob Waldrop's resignation as chair of that committee.
             The motion was accepted without objection.
        21A. MEMBERSHIP  COMMITTEE:  Monroe submitted his report.  Monroe credited  the 
             membership  growth over the last two years to his working with the  state 
             parties  and the instant membership program.  He also expressed the  view 
             that  the  50/50 split of new member revenues with the  states  has  also 
             contributed.   He  thanked the people who  helped him in  these  efforts.  
             Monroe asserted his aversion to being "pushed around."  He added that his 
             "time  is limited" and commented that if his efforts were  unsatisfactory 
             he could be replaced.
             In  response to a query by Ernsberger as to what he had done  to  fulfill 
             the plans of his report of August 1988, Monroe stated that a direct  mail 
             membership  drive was not possible because the Party didn't  have  funds.  
             and he instead made telephone calls to the state parties.  Sapowsky-Smith 
             moved to ->extend time 15 min.  There was no objection.  In response to a 
             query by Ahmad, Kirk McKee said he couldn't write the checks to implement 
             Monroe's proposals because of cash flow problems.  In response to a query 
             by Turney, Monroe said he personally sent instant members names to  state 
             chairs,  encouraging them to recruit from that list.  Bergland  commented 
             that cash for a prospecting mailing was achieved by obtaining short  term 
             loans  including  $1,000 loaned by Bergland himself.  In  response  to  a 
             query  by  Kirkland, Monroe indicated that about 2/3 of the  states  have 
             done  membership drives and that only one state was hostile.   Ernsberger 
             replied that only 7 states have instituted membership drives between  the 
             time  the 50/50 split was imposed and Feb. 28 and that although  many  of 
             those  states had received an initial call from Monroe they had  received 
             no follow up.
             Hinkle called the orders of the day.
        21B. BUDGET COMMITTEE:  Fielder moved
                  ->that the LNC 1989 budget be amended as follows:  increase  direct 
                  mail  8,000; targeted contributions 2,400, torch club 5,000;  soft-
                  ware and programming 2500; executive committee 1,000 literature and 
                  materials  1,000 media relations 2,000; affiliate committee  3,000; 
                  campaign  90  2,000; other outreach 2,000;  debt  reduction  2,400; 
                  program committee 1,000; and reduce unallocated surplus by 1,500.  
             Affected  committee  chairs were given an opportunity  to  explain  their 
             budgetary needs.  The motion was accepted on a voice vote.
        22.  PROGRAM  COMMITTEE REPORT -- Part 1: Givot submitted the  revised  program 

             previously  distributed.   He noted that the preamble  had  already  been 
             passed  before.  Amendments were made to the planks and then a vote  held 
             on  each amended plank.  Only controversial changes are  detailed  below, 
             the final draft of the ten planks selected for submission to the  Conven-
             tion are in Appendix ?.
             Defending Americans in America: Passed 16-0.
             Aiding the Family: Passed 14-2.
             Choice  in  Education: "Government schools"  in the  first  sentence  was 
             changed to "Government-run public schools."  Passed 19-0.
             Federal Spending Must Be Cut: Passed 17-0.
             Taxes, the cruelest burden:  Passed 17-1.
             Solutions to Unemployment:  Passed 17-0.
             Pollution:  Treat it as Trespass. Change titles to Pollution Is Trespass-
             ing.  Change "governmental" in item 2 to "regulatory."  Passed 14-2.
             The Federal Deficit:  Passed 16-2.
             Solving the Drug Problem:  Passed 16-0.
             Immigration:  Passed 15-3.
             Health Care and Health Costs:  Passed 18-0.
             The Child Care Dilemma: Passed 19-0.
             Free Trade and Neutrality:  Passed 17-0.
             Aids:  Ahmad moved -> amending the first sentence of item 5  by replacing 
             the  words:  "There should be no mandatory" with "Government  should  not 
             require private individuals to undergo."  The motion to amend passed 8-7.   
             Bergland  moved  ->to delete item 5.  The motion to delete  passed  15-3.  
             The plank passed: 14-2.
             Emory moved
                  ->  that the program, when published, include the figures by  which 
                  each plank was approved at the convention.
             Motion passed on a voice vote.
             A vote was taken to rank the planks to determine the top ten (see 22B).
        Without objection item 33 was moved up to 22A.
        [Bergland assumed the chair]
        22A. SFAC  REPORTING  PROCEDURES:  Walter asked for discussion of  moving  SFAC 
             receipts  processing into the National Office with  segregated  accounts.  
             Walter moved 
                  ->that monies raised by the LNC's SFAC will be received,  recorded, 
                  and deposited to the SFAC's segregated bank account, at the Nation-
                  al office before the records are transmitted to the SFAC's Treasur-
                  er within 5 days of deposit.
             Givot moved
                  ->to  substitute  that SFACs be required to send all  FEC  required 
                  information on all contributions to LNC-HQ within 5 days of  depos-
             Blumert commented that fundraising is very service oriented and  expressed 
             a fear of losing support given the level of service support from HQ  over 
             previous  years.  Dasbach urged waiting until the next meeting to see  if 
             the  procedures in place work.  Ernsberger argued that the status quo  is 
             unacceptable and something has to be done, but favored the Walter motion.  
             Sapowsky-Smith noted that Res. 325 already requires regular reporting and 
             the  substitute  motion doesn't address that problem.  Ahmad  moved  ->to 
             close  debate  on  the motion to substitute.  The  motion  to  substitute 

             failed.  In response to a query by Freeman, Jacob expressed concern  over 
             constant problems from unrecorded or lost receipts.  Ahmad remarked  that 
             the need he had expressed in the past for allocation of overhead  charges 
             would  become critical if the office had to absorb the costs  of  record-
             keeping  for the SFACs.  Ayres moved to extend debate 10 min.  There  was 
             no objection.  Sapowsky-Smith moved 
                  ->to  rescind SFACs.  
             Bergland  ruled  motion  out of order.  Murphy  challenged.   The  Chairs 
             ruling was upheld.
             Nathan moved 
                  ->to  substitute  that all SFACs shall send  all  contributions  to 
                  National HQ within 5 days of receipt.
             Givot objected that this will slow availability even more.  Time expired.  
             Nathan's amendment failed on a voice vote.
             Walter's motion passed on a voice vote.
        [Walter resumed the chair]
        22B. PROGRAM  COMMITTEE -- Part 2:  Ahmad reported the results of the  Program 
                         H  A  U  T  F  I  E  F  D  D  C  F  P  F
                         e  I  n  a  r  m  d  e  e  r  h  e  o  a
                         a  D  e  x  e  m  u  d  f  u  .  d  l  m
                         l  S  m  e  e  i  c  .  .  g     .  l  i
                         t     p  s     g  a           C  S  u  l
                         h     l     T  r  t  D  A  P  a  p  t  y
                               .     r  .  .  e  m  r  r  .  .   
                                     .        f  .     e         
             Ahmad       1     1  1  1        1  1  1     1  1  1
             Ayres       1        1  1  1     1  1  1  1  1  1         
             Bergland    1  1     1  1  1  1        1  1     1  1     
             Blumert     1  1     1  1  1  1        1     1  1      
             Brown       1  1     1     1  1  1  1  1     1  1        
             Dasbach     1        1  1  1  1     1  1  1  1  1       
             Dehn        1  1  1  1  1     1     1  1     1  1       
             Emory       1     1  1  1        1  1  1  1  1  1       
             Ernsberger     1     1  1  1     1     1        1       
             Famularo    1        1  1  1  1  1     1  1     1  1      
             Givot       1  1  1  1  1     1  1  1  1     1           
             Hall        1  1     1  1  1  1  1  1  1        1         
             Hinkle      1  1     1  1  1  1  1        1  1  1         
             Hudson      1  1  1     1  1  1        1  1  1  1         
             Johnson     1  1     1  1  1  1     1  1     1  1      
             Kirkland    1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1     1        1           
             Marshall    1  1     1  1  1  1     1  1     1  1           
             Nathan      1  1           1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1          
             Walsh          1  1     1  1  1     1  1  1  1  1           
              Total:    17 14  7 16 17 15 17 10 12 17  9 15 17  3
             Planks  making  the final program (Attachment D) were:  Health  Care  17, 
             Free  Trade 17, Education 17, Pollution 17,  Taxes 16,  Federal  Spending 

             15,  Immigration 15, Aids 14, Defending America 12, Federal  Deficit  10.  
             The  program was approved 19-0 with 3 abstentions.  Planks cut  from  the 
             final draft were: Child Care 9, Unemployment 7, and Aiding the Family 3.
        23.  LEGAL ACTION COMMITTEE REPORT:  Deleted due to absence of Hall.
        25.  COMPUTER  COMMITTEE REPORT: Famularo submitted his report (Attachment  E).  
             In response to a query by Hinkle, Famularo stated that we need to  assess 
             the  party's future needs before making recommendations for  hardware  or 
             software.   In response to a query by Walsh we need to consider  all  op-
             tions including contracting out.  
        26.  COMPUTER AUDITOR'S REPORT: Hinkle  submitted his report (Attachment F).  
        27.  MAILING  LIST  COMMITTEE REPORT: Johnson noted that the  mailing  list  is 
             chartered by Res. 336 and is not an action committee.  Bergland expressed 
             the  view that it is all right to rent the list to 51 in 92.   Ayres  ex-
             pressed  concern  over the frequency with which they may  use  our  list.  
             Hinkle objected to renting the list at all to a "competitor."  Givot felt 
             it puts Blumert in an untenable position.  Bergland recommended  advising 
             Dunbar not to rent to 51 in 92 without the express consent of the  Execu-
             tive Committee.  
        [Bergland assumed the chair]
        28.  MEDIA  RELATIONS COMMITTEE: Nathan reported on her work in 1988.  A  draft 
             letter which she provided Kinkos protesting NES policies was used with no 
             change except for deletion of a reference to Ron Paul.  She expressed her 
             desire  to concentrate on that issue in 1989.
                  ->that  the Chair shall hire a full time Public Relations  director 
                  (1)  increase the visibility of the LP as a substantial,  important 
                  and influential national political force, and
                  (2) to advise and help the National Chair, the APRC and the affili-
                  ate state chairs with media matters, and
                  (3) to facilitate all communications to the media from the national 
                  offices, the LNC, the HQ staff and committee chairs.
             Givot  moved  ->to extend debate 10 min.  The motion passed  on  a  voice 
             vote.  Nathan expressed her interest in assuming such a position.   Erns-
             berger  commented  that the Party could not afford it at this  time,  but 
             urged  that  she start with the $2,000 already budgeted.   Turney  argued 
             that since such a person was part of the platform on which he was elected 
             as Chair it must be given serious consideration and suggested the commit-
             tee would commit to this position provided that funds could be raised for 
             it.    Nathan moved ->to extend debate for 10 min.  The motion to  extend 
             debate   failed.  Nathan moved ->to extend debate for 2 min.  The  motion 
             to  extend  debate for 2 min. failed on show of hands.  The  main  motion 
             failed on a voice vote.
        [Walter resumed the chair]
        31.  ADVERTISING  AND PUBLICATIONS REVIEW COMMITTEE:  Ernsberger reported  that 
             the committee approved the "Break Free" copy.  He reported that  contacts 
             with groups which have been spontaneously putting out material  promoting 

             us lead to an offer to print 10,000 brochures for us.
             In  response to a query by Dehn, Ernsberger indicated that  his  contacts 
             were of a friendly nature.
        34.  TAX PROTEST REPORT: Ernsberger reported that an analysis is being done  by 
             Andre  Marrou of the tax protests in terms of locations,  contacts,  etc.     
             Results will be presented at the next meeting.
        Turney moved  to suspend the rules for 10 minutes to present  recently  acquired 
             information regarding the Nadia Hayes affair.  There was no objection  to 
             suspending  the  rules.   Turney mentioned the  possibility  of  criminal 
        35.  TIME OF NEXT MEETING: Walsh moved 
                  ->that  the  next  meeting be held Wed. Aug. 30th  at  the  Wyndham 
                  Franklin Plaza hotel.
             The motion was passed without objection. 
        36.  CHAIR'S REPORT -- Part 2:  Walter announced his  acceptance of Kunberger's 
             resignation  as  Telemarketing  subchair.   Walter  interpreted  Monroe's 
             comment  that if we were dissatisfied with his performance we  could  ap-
             point someone else as an offer to resign and accepted his resignation.  
        Sapowsky-Smith commended Walter for covering the agenda in a timely manner.
        The meeting adjourned at 5:22 p.m.
        Respectfully submitted,
        Imad A. Ahmad
             Attachment A:  Treasurer's Report.
             Attachment B:  Letter from Michael Emerling
             Attachment C:  Affiliate Parties Committee Report
             Attachment D:  Amended Libertarian Party Program
             Attachment E:  Computer Oversight Committee Report
             Attachment F:  Computer Auditor's Report