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                    Minutes of the Meeting of the
                    Libertarian National Committee
                           1 September 1991
                          Chicago, Illinois
Members Present:
     Chair      Mary T. Gingell
     Vice-Chair Steve Dasbach
     Secretary  Joseph W. Dehn III
     At Large   Don Ernsberger
                Steven I. Givot
                Geoffrey J. Neale
                Ken Prazak
     Region 1   Dave Schumacher
     Region 2   Steven J. Alexander
                Thea McLean
     Region 3   William W. Hall
     Region 4   Ron Crickenberger
     Region 5   Dan Karlan
     Region 6   Clay S. Conrad
     Region 7   Maggie Kohls
     Region 8   Gary E. Johnson
     Treasurer  William Redpath
     At Large   Tamara Clark
Alternates Present and Participating:
     Region 2   George L. O'Brien
     Region 6   Vicki Kirkland
Also present:
     Director   Nick Dunbar

1. CALL TO  ORDER: The regular  meeting of  the  Libertarian  National
Committee was called  to order by  Chair Mary  Gingell  at  3:28pm  on
Sunday, 1 September at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Hotel in Chicago,
2. CREDENTIALS: The  Secretary called the  roll and  passed  around  a
sheet for members  to note their  addresses.  Those present introduced
3. SETTING OF  THE AGENDA: Gingell  proposed the following  items  for
discussion: telephone tree,  invitation to hold a meeting in Michigan,
report from the  Marrou campaign, Chair's  report, questions about the
headquarters, Program Committee,  Media  Relations,  and  setting  the
dates and locations of future meetings.
Hall proposed including  a discussion of  the NOTA votes for  Judicial
Committee, and Karlan  proposed  discussing  a  resolution  about  the
Soviet Union; there was no objection.
4. TELEPHONE TREE:  Toni Black explained the goals of the LP Telephone
Tree System -- to get important news to all national personnel and all
affiliate parties within  48 hours.   She  said  she  was  working  on
improving the structure  so that most  people would not have  to  make
more than three calls, and to provide more backup.
5. MICHIGAN INVITATION:  Jim Hudler invited  the LNC to  meet  in  Ann
Arbor  10-12  April   1992,  which  is  the  weekend  of  their  state
6. MARROU CAMPAIGN: Michael Emerling thanked LEI and the LNC for their
handling of the  convention and nominating  process, and  reported  on
plans for the campaign.
He  said  there   will  be  a  unified  presidential/vice-presidential
campaign, with one  office and a percentage of the budget allocated to
the vice-presidential candidate.   He said the  campaign wants to work
together with the  officers, LNC, and  national office.  He reiterated
that the campaign's books are open for our inspection at any time, and
that all new  names obtained during  the campaign would  be  considerd
co-property of the  LP and would  be turned over to  both the national
and state parties.
In reply to  a question from  Gingell, he said that the next time they
would need to  mail to the LP mailing list would be for a letter about
plans for the  New Hampshire primary, and that he would coordinate the
timing of mailings with the National Director.
7. CHAIR'S REPORT:  Gingell announced the  establishment of transition
teams to consider planning and reorganization of the activities of the
Party, divided into  three areas as  outlined in her campaign  letter.
She said she was asking each of the other officers to head up one team
-- Dasbach for "organization", Redpath for "development", and Dehn for
"education" -- and  that they were  to report their recommendations at
the next meeting.   She asked for  volunteers to staff the  teams; the
following persons  present  volunteered:  for  "development",  Prazak,
McLean, Kohls,  and  Karlan;  for  "education",  Givot,  Johnson,  and
Prazak; for "organizing",  Hall, Vicki  Kirkland,  Crickenberger,  and
Clark. Gingell said  that all committee  chairs would automatically be
part of the team that will be examining their area.
Gingell said that  she  herself  would  be  concentrating  on  ongoing
operations,  fundraising,   headquarters   operations,   and   overall
co-ordination of the  transition process.  She  said that she believes
in continuity and  stability and that all committee appointments would
remain in place  until December except  where someone did not  want to
continue.  Specifically she said that O'Brien would remain as chair of
Internal Education, that  Karlan  would  serve  as  interim  chair  of
Outreach, that David  Bergland would continue as chair of Legal Action
for now but  that Hall might  assume that  role,  that  Johnson  would
remain as chair  of Media Relations,  that Karen Allard would serve as
interim chair of Finance, and that McLean would serve as interim chair
of Membership.  She  proposed that the LNC appoint Redpath to continue
as chair  of  BAC,  and  Dasbach  as  chair  of  APC;  there  were  no
objections.  She reported that Neale had appointed Ruth Bennett as the
third member of  the Convention  Oversight  Committee,  and  suggested
discussing deferring appointements  to the  APRC  and  the  Management
Committee to later in the meeting.
Gingell said she would be preparing a fundraising mailing to go out at
the end of the week.
She reported  that  Nick  Dunbar  had  submitted  his  resignation  as
National Director, and  proposed that he  be reappointed; there was no
objection.  She also  reported that  she  had  discussed  with  Dunbar
various problems relating  to  the  office,  and  that  she  would  be
visiting the office in October.
8. HEADQUARTERS REPORT: Dunbar reported that there had been 6651 calls
to the 800  number as of  midnight, and that the  office had  prepared
3000 packets.
In reply to a question from Gingell, Dunbar said that the interns were
leaving within a  week and that  he had no plan  to hire any  for  the
9.  MEDIA  RELATIONS  COMMITTEE  REPORT:  Johnson  reported  that  MKR
Associates, which have been doing much of the media work, had given 30
days notice of  cancellation of their contract; Dasbach noted that the
APC had  received  a  similar  notice.   Gingell  said  that  she  had
discussed with Dunbar  moving some of  the work to  the  headquarters.
Johnson reported that  Tonie Nathan had  inquired  whether  our  rules
require us to have a full-time media coordinator.
10. PROGRAM COMMITTEE  REPORT: Givot  said  that  the  Program  wasn't
really done yet,  likening it to  "a  baby  ready  to  be  born".   He
reviewed the survey  by Life magazine  that was  reported  on  in  his
report to the  last meeting, and  suggested that we should  consider a
Program of five  or so planks  based on issues that  the public really
cares about. He  asked for reaction  to  the  idea  that  the  Program
Committee should rework  the program along  these lines; there was  no
Givot asked that  the Program Committee be expanded, noting that it is
the LNC that  has the final  decision on approving planks  anyway.  He
suggested that the  following people  be  appointed,  in  addition  to
himself, Dasbach, and  Tonie Nathan  who  have  been  serving  as  the
Program  Committee:  Prazak,  Karlan,  Joe  Lusardi,  Bruce  Baechler,
O'Brien, Neale, Kohls,  Andre Marrou, Nancy  Lord, Jim Lewis,  Michael
Emerling, and Ed  Clark.  In reply  to a comment by  O'Brien that  the
Secretary should be  an ex officio  member, Dehn said  he  would  just
volunteer to  be  appointed  as  well.   All  were  appointed  without
11. COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS:  Gingell  announced  that  Ernsberger  had
volunteered to serve  as chair of  the Management and Audit Committee,
and had proposed  that the  other  members  be  Givot,  O'Brien,  John
Famularo serving as  computer auditor,  and  Dave  Walter  serving  as
Givot suggested that the LNC should have the flexibility of appointing
someone other than  the chair of the Management and Audit Committee to
be  the  fifth   member  of  the   Executive  Committee,  citing   the
desirability of  having  someone  with  business  experience  on  that
committee.  He moved  to amend LNCPM  VII.2.A to say  that  the  fifth
person shall be  "a member of the Management Committee selected by the
National Committee".
Dasbach moved to  amend Givot's  proposal  to  say  "selected  by  the
National Chair"; after  brief discussion the  motion failed on a voice
Dehn moved  to  amend  the  proposal  to  say  "Management  and  Audit
Committee", explaining that  is the actual  name of the  committee  in
question; there was no objection.
After further discussion  of Givot's motion,  with  those  arguing  in
favor saying that  it would give  the LNC  additional  flexibility  to
independently choose the  best person for  chair of the  MAC  and  for
representative on the  EC, and those arguing against saying that there
is already enough  flexibility since the  LNC decides which member  of
the MAC is to be its chair, the motion passed, 7 in favor, 6 against.
Gingell  stated  that   the  proposal  under   consideration  was  the
appointment of the  following to make  up the MAC: Ernsberger,  Givot,
O'Brien, Famularo as  computer auditor, and  Walter  as  auditor;  the
motion passed on a voice vote.
O'Brien moved that Ernsberger be appointed chair of the MAC; there was
no objection.
Johnson moved that  Ernsberger be appointed as the fifth member of the
Executive Committee; there was no objection.
Dehn moved that Gingell be appointed chair of the Executive Committee;
there was no objection.
Gingell announced that  Ted Brown and Bill Evers wanted to continue as
members of the  APRC, but that  it was not known  if  Dean  Ahmad  was
willing to continue.  O'Brien moved to appoint Brown, Evers, and Ahmad
on the assumption that he agrees; there was no objection.
12. JUDICIAL COMMITTEE:  Dehn reported that  there had been  confusion
during the convention  about how votes  for NOTA should be  treated in
the election of  the Judicial Committee, that the convention chair had
ruled that votes  for NOTA should  not be  counted  in  that  election
because the rules  did not provide  for it, and that  his decision had
not been overturned  by the delegates.  Hall said that there should be
some way to  express the NOTA  option in Judicial Committee elections,
and pointed out  an alternative interpretation  of the rules.  Gingell
said that since  the convention had not overturned the chair's ruling,
the issue had been decided for this instance.
Givot moved  to  refer  the  matter  to  the  next  Bylaws  and  Rules
Committee, asking that  they address the  various questions  that  had
come up.  O'Brien  objected that since  we did not  have  jurisdiction
over the matter, we could not "refer" it, and moved to substitute that
we "inform" the  next Bylaws and  Rules Committee that the  Bylaws and
Convention Rules may  need clarification in  this area; there  was  no
objection. The motion to "inform" passed on a voice vote.

   The Libertarian Party National Committee urges the LP Chair,
   upon assumption of the office on September 1, 1991, to send
   letters to the families of the three Soviet men who died in the
   recent outbreak of violence during the Soviet struggle for
   freedom. The letters should, along with any other sentiments of
   the Chair's discretion, convey "Our heartfelt condolences for
   their loss, our profound respect for their sacrifices, and our
   fondest wishes that the future will accord them the ultimate
   tribute: that their deaths will be remembered for being the LAST
   in the long struggle of the people of the Soviet Union for

Prazak suggested that  this issue not  be used for  fundraising  given
problems we have  had in the  past.   Johnson  suggested  that  future
resolutions of this type should be accompanied by an actual letter, so
that the Chair does not have to do the work.
The resolution passed on a voice vote.
14. FUTURE MEETINGS: Ernsberger proposed that the next meeting be held
in Washington, DC  on 14-15 December, which is the weekend of the Bill
of Rights ceremony.  O'Brien reported that  the Los Angeles group  has
proposed that we  meet there the  weekend of  7-8  December,  also  in
conjunction with a  existing event. Dasbach reported that there was an
invitation from Ohio  but that it  was not for one  of the  months  in
which we would normally meet; Gingell reported another invitation from
California with the same problem.
There  was  a   general  discussion  of  selection  of  sites,  points
including: we should  pick places that  are not hard to get to, people
inviting us should  understand that we will not be able to attend most
of their events,  we don't need  to decide at  this  meeting  anything
other than the  December meeting, that  it might be valuable to have a
meeting at the site of our next convention.
Neale moved to hold the next meeting 14-15 December in Washington, DC;
the motion passed on a voice vote.
Johnson moved to  hold the following  meeting 11-12 April 1992  in Ann
Arbor, MI; the motion passed on a voice vote.
Givot moved  that  the  Convention  Oversight  Committee  contact  Bob
Waldrop to arrange  for a meeting  in  Salt  Lake  City  next  summer.
Various members suggested  that it be before Labor Day and that it not
conflict with the ISIL conference.  The motion passed on a voice vote.
Neale suggested that  we may want to hold one of the later meetings in
one of the cities being proposed for the 1996 convention.
There was a  discussion of the  date of  the  1996  convention.  Givot
reported that no real progress had been made yet toward getting ballot
access laws changed. He moved that we postpone until our December 1992
meeting our review of the date and selection of the site, arguing that
we would have  a better idea  of the ballot access  situation by then.
Others pointed out  that this would  also allow us to better judge the
size of facility  needed, since the number of delegates will depend on
the 1992 vote  and membership growth,  and that this would allow us to
visit the site  before deciding.  Neale  reported that we already have
two letters of  intent  from  prospective  convention  organizers.  In
response to a  question from Karlan,  Givot said that his motion would
not prevent us  from considering site  selection earlier if we  wanted
to.  Givot's motion passed on a voice vote.
15. COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS, part 2: Karlan reported that he had spoken
with Dean Ahmad,  and that Ahmad  said he did not want to serve on any
committee but would  be willing to  continue until a  replacement  was
named. Dehn volunteered  to serve  on  the  APRC,  and  was  appointed
without objection.
16. CONCLUDING BUSINESS: The meeting was adjourned at 6:02pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Joseph W. Dehn III
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