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Libertarian Party of Kansas

Libertarian --

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and keeping your spirits up during these uncertain days.

As you know we have been planning and promoting our LPKS 2020 State Convention. As of now, that is still scheduled for Saturday, April 18th in Gardner, KS. Of course, we are concerned about the spread of Covid-19 and we are exploring many questions. Will we be banned from gathering at that point? And if not, would it be wise to do so? Will the venue and speakers be available? How many people would actually show up? And so on.

The Executive Committee plans to make a decision by the end of March. We are gathering information, researching what would be needed for a safe and prudent meeting, and preparing contingency plans in case we need to meet remotely. In which case we would be conducting the business of the party via email or some other form of electronic voting. To help us prepare for that we could really use your help. Especially if you are considering running for office or becoming a delegate to the national Libertarian Party convention. If you are, or if you plan to nominate someone please let us know! Normally nominations can be made in person at the convention. But in the event of a "virtual convention" we will want to get those names out to people.

LPKS Leadership positions: There are three District Coordinator seats (First, Second, and Fourth) as well as the Treasurer position open for election this year. You can nominate yourself or another member of the LPKS, but we will need to verify their membership and that they are willing to serve.

Running for office: You may seek to be the Libertarian candidate for one of the 125 State House seats, 40 State Senate seats, four U.S. Congressional seats, one U.S. Senate seat, or any other county-level seat if it is a partisan race.

Delegates to National: This year we have ten delegate slots (and ten alternates) to fill. Keep in mind the National LP convention is scheduled for May 21-25 in Austin, and that it too may need to be modified in some way.

If you intend to run for, or nominate someone else, please send the name, city, email, phone, specific office and district number if applicable to our Secretary Mike Kerner.

Also please note that based on feedback and the desire to streamline our procedural time there will not be any by-laws changes voted on this year.

If you have any questions or input please let me know. Take care of yourselves and each other. We shall be following up soon.

In liberty,

Ned Kelley

Chairperson - Libertarian Party of Kansas


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