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Late Developing News: Libertarian Jeff Hewitt Announces His Run For Governor In The Upcoming Newsom Recall Election

SACRAMENTO, CA (May 4, 2021) – The 2021 Libertarian Party of California Convention gets underway starting Friday, May 14th at 6 pm and ends Sunday, May 16th at 5 pm. It will be held in Tulare County at the Visalia Marriott at the Convention Center, 300 South Court, Visalia, California 93291. For more information and/or to register for the convention click here.

The convention’s keynote speaker will be Marshall Burt, Wyoming House District 39 Representative, who is the first Libertarian to win a state-level seat in the last decade. His keynote is entitled, “Legislating as a Libertarian”. Last year’s election results set a record for the Libertarian Party nationwide and Burt is coming to California to share some of his thoughts on how to repeat his success.

Last Monday, the California Secretary of State’s office confirmed that enough validated signatures had been gathered to force a recall election, likely in November. Jeff Hewitt, Supervisor, Riverside County has launched his campaign for Governor on the Libertarian ticket and is expected to receive endorsement by the state party. Hewitt outlined his plan for governor in an op-ed published in several Southern California News Group newspapers. Hewitt will be present at the convention and is expected to be a late addition to the speaker list. See more here: KESQ News Channel 3

About the convention, Mimi Robson, Chair, Libertarian Party of California stated, “The convention agenda will focus on initiatives to continue the rapid growth of registered Libertarians in California, increase the level of donations to the party as well as the visibility of the party to the general public.”

More than ten political pundits will speak at the convention on various social and political subjects. Included in this list are: Jo Jorgensen, 2020 Libertarian Party Presidential candidate, presenting “2020 Look Back for a Better 2024; Spike Cohen, 2020 Vice Presidential candidate, presenting “How to Build a Culture of Winning” and Joe Bishop-Henchman, Chair, Libertarian National Committee, presenting “Respect, Action, Win, Repeat”.

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