Document:California Press Release 30 October 1998 Voter Registration Update

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For immediate release: October 30, 1998
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Voter registration update: Libertarians jump almost 11% in one month

LOS ANGELES - Libertarian Party voter registrations leaped an astonishing 10.7% in just one month, according to the just-released 29-Day Report of Registration by the Secretary of State's Elections Division.

Between September 5th and October 5th, 1998, an additional 8,413 voters registered with the Libertarian Party, the largest leap of any alternative political party and the largest percentage increase of all eight political parties on the ballot in California.

"The September registration report was encouraging. The October report is unbelievable," enthused Libertarian state chair Mark Hinkle. "Our candidates and activists have been working hard, and their tremendous effort is more than paying off."

The stunning increase in Libertarian registrations was led by Los Angeles County, where 5,985 voters registered Libertarian within the last month, a 34.8% jump for the county.

The Libertarian Party continues growing faster than any alternative party according to the October report. By comparison, the Green Party's registrations only grew by 3.7% in the same one-month period, while the American Independent Party increased by a mere 2.4%.

Other third parties appear to be in trouble. Ross Perot's sputtering Reform Party saw registrations drop 1.8% for the month. The Natural Law Party dropped 1.9% and the socialist Peace and Freedom Party fell 5.8%.

"Voters are losing faith with other third parties," Hinkle declared. "Other third parties aren't as organized as the Libertarians. Our candidates are dedicated and our message of liberty is positive and clear. Voters have a choice, and they are choosing the Libertarian Party."

Since December 30, 1997, Libertarians have seen their voter registrations increase by a whopping 18.2%, almost twice as large an increase as the nearest party, the Green Party, which has jumped 9.7% for the year. In contrast, Reform Party registrations have plunged 10.4% for the year, down to 88,425 voters.

That puts Libertarians -- with 87,268 registered voters -- within easy reach of surpassing Reform Party registrations for the first time.

"Voters are recognizing that 'reforming' government won't work. We need to reduce the size and scope of government dramatically, and that's exactly what Libertarians will do once elected to office," said Hinkle.

99 Libertarian Party candidates are on the November 3rd ballot seeking federal, state, and local office in California.