Document:California Press Release 27 June 2000 Libertarians Condemn Convention Welfare for Democrats

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For immediate release: June 27, 2000
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Libertarians condemn 'convention welfare' for Democrats

PANORAMA CITY -- State Libertarians today condemned a recent decision by the Los Angeles City Council to lavish $4 million in taxpayer dollars to help pay for the Democratic National Convention -- calling the bailout the worst form of "political welfare."

"Bill Clinton may have announced the end of welfare as we know it, but it appears that doesn't apply to his own party," declared Libertarian state chair Mark Hinkle.

"Democrats have demonstrated the height of arrogance in asking for the money, and eight members of the City Council have demonstrated that they care not a whit for their constituents or for the interests of the city."

A motion to furnish $4 million to the Democratic National Convention was narrowly approved by the City Council on Friday. Convention planners had originally promised they would not need city money but changed their minds when private contributions fell below expectations.

In addition, the city has already pledged some $7 million worth of in-kind services for the convention, being held August 14-17 at Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles.

But Libertarians ask: should taxpayers be paying for what amounts to a giant celebration for the two major parties?

"Of course not," Hinkle answered. "Forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for a party's private gathering -- regardless of what party -- is political welfare of the worst sort and should be eliminated."

Despite being flush with soft money contributions this year -- including a Democratic rally last month that raised a record $26.5 million -- Democrats and Republicans will each receive $13 million in federal dollars for their 2000 conventions. The Reform Party will receive $2.5 million in federal funds for its convention.

What does the money pay for? Just about everything -- including drinking and carousing by delegates.

"The Federal Elections Code allows spending tax money on 'dinners, concerts, and receptions,'" Hinkle pointed out. "The Democrats have tremendous gall begging Los Angeles for cash when taxpayers are already footing the bill for music, food, and liquor at their convention.

"Like all forms of welfare, convention welfare must go," Hinkle concluded.

The Libertarian National Convention -- paid for completely with private funds -- will be held this weekend in Anaheim, California.