Document:California Press Release 1 November 2000 Libertarians Outscore Republicans in Gun Owners of America Surveys

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For immediate release: November 1, 2000
For additional information:
Juan Ros, Executive Director
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Libertarians outscore Republicans in Gun Owners of America candidate surveys

Two Libertarians endorsed by California affiliate of gun rights organization

PANORAMA CITY -- Libertarian candidates for federal and state office far outscored both Democrats and Republicans on the issue of the right to keep and bear arms, according to candidate ratings released by the Gun Owners of America (GOA) and its state affiliate the Gun Owners of California (GOC), the Libertarian Party of California announced today. 93% of Libertarian candidates who responded to the survey received an "A" or "A-" rating by the groups, compared with 47% of Republicans and 3% of Democrats -- proving that the Libertarian Party is the strongest defender of gun rights and the Second Amendment.

"These ratings come as no surprise to us," declared Libertarian state executive director Juan Ros. "Libertarians always put the Second Amendment first. Unfortunately Democrats and Republicans are all too quick to throw away one of our essential freedoms."

In the race for U.S. Senate, Libertarian candidate Gail Katherine Lightfoot stands head and shoulders above her opponents on gun rights, rating an "A" from GOA, while Republican Tom Campbell earned a "D-" and Democrat Dianne Feinstein an "F-," the lowest possible score.

In Congressional races, 32 out of 34 Libertarian respondents, or 94%, received an "A" or "A-," while only 15 of 44 Republicans (34%) and one of 47 Democrats (2%) scored as high.

For State Senate, all 12 Libertarian respondents -- a full 100% -- earned an "A," compared with 10 out of 14 Republicans (71%) and no Democrats. The GOC also endorsed Libertarian Gordon D. Sachtjen over incumbent Republican Bruce McPherson in the 15th Senate District.

In State Assembly races, 36 out of 40 Libertarians (91%) received "A" or "A-", matched by only 27 of 52 Republicans (52%) and two of 35 Democrats (6%). Libertarian Dennis Triglia in the 78th Assembly District was endorsed by GOC.

"We Libertarians are proud of our position on the Second Amendment," Ros added, "and we are very pleased to be working with the Gun Owners of America and California to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is never infringed. For voters who cherish preserving individual liberty, the choice on November 7 is abundantly clear."

The Gun Owners of America, with over 500,000 members, is a non-profit, non-partisan lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA is based in Springfield, VA.