Document:California Press Release 19 July 1999 Libertarians Set Goal 200 Candidates in 2000

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For immediate release: July 19, 1999
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Libertarians set ambitious goal: 200 candidates in 2000

SACRAMENTO -- With the goal of giving voters "Libertarian alternatives up and down the ballot," the Libertarian Party of California announced today that it seeks to run 200 candidates in California for federal, state, and local office next year.

"The time has come for our party to take the next step in the astounding growth we've been experiencing over the last few years: run more candidates than ever before," announced Libertarian state chair Mark Hinkle. "We want voters in California to realize that the Libertarian Party represents a true choice for them. We are serious about running and serious about winning."

In 1998, 106 Libertarians ran for office in California: 95 candidates for partisan office and 11 candidates for local nonpartisan office, far more than any other qualified third party. By comparison, the Green and Reform Parties ran 11 and 14 candidates for partisan office, respectively.

"The Libertarian Party recruits candidates more aggressively than any other third party, reflecting our commitment to voters as the party of choice and positive change," Hinkle added. "We are going to be all over the ballot next year."

153 partisan offices are up for election in California next year, not including President. To reach their goal of 200 candidates, Libertarians will be focusing on nonpartisan local offices more than ever before. Currently, 34 California Libertarians hold elected or appointed office.

"We hope to elect a good number of local officeholders next year -- Libertarians who will gain the experience needed to run for higher office down the road," Hinkle predicted.

Because of the early March primary next year, the Libertarian Party of California has already begun its candidate recruitment activities.

"We're lining up candidates early, and a record number have already stepped forward," said Ted Brown, who is coordinating the Libertarian recruiting effort. Brown will run as the Libertarian candidate in the hotly- contested 27th Congressional District against incumbent Republican James Rogan and the Democratic challenger, State Senator Adam Schiff.

"We look forward to 200 Libertarian candidates getting our message to the voters," Hinkle stated. "We look forward to 200 Libertarian candidates challenging the status quo candidates from the Democratic and Republican Parties. And we look forward to 200 Libertarian candidates waging fun, exciting, and serious campaigns."