Document:California Press Release 18 February 2000 Libertarian State Convention Kicks Off Today

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400 Capitol Mall, Suite 900
Sacramento, CA 95814
For immediate release: February 18, 2000
For additional information:
Juan Ros, Executive Director
Phone: (818) 782-8400

Libertarian state convention kicks off today in San Diego

SAN DIEGO -- The Libertarian Party of California’s annual state convention kicks off today, Friday, February 18, at the Doubletree Hotel Mission Valley in San Diego. About 300 delegates and participants are expected to attend the weekend-long convention.

In addition to party business, the convention will feature a program of some 30 speakers ranging from Libertarian National Director Steve Dasbach to well-known author James Bovard, from Pacific Research Institute president Sally Pipes, to tribal chairman Anthony Pico, from Orange County Register senior editorial writer Alan Bock to editor-in-chief Joseph Farah.

Today's highlights include an Opening Reception at 7:00pm featuring a speech by "My Years With Ayn Rand" author Nathaniel Branden entitled "Self Esteem and Libertarianism."

State Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian (R-Carlsbad) will welcome the assembled delegates on Saturday, February 19, at 10:30am. Libertarian Party co-founder David Nolan will deliver the Keynote Address, "The Century of Liberty," at 11:00am. Also appearing Saturday is Bovard, author of "Freedom in Chains." Bovard's luncheon presentation, "Federal Tyranny from the ADA to Waco," begins at 12:30pm.

Saturday afternoon includes a special "Afternoon of Ballot Initiatives." Representatives from the Proposition 1-A, No on 22, and Proposition 28 campaigns will explain why Libertarians should support their side. The day's events culminate in a Gala Banquet featuring syndicated columnist Arianna Huffington, who will discuss "How to Overthrow the Government."

Sunday, February 20 features Jacob Sullum, senior editor at Reason magazine, addressing a Sunday Brunch crowd at 12:30pm. More speakers are scheduled for Sunday afternoon, including several "Meet the Candidate" events. Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate Gail Lightfoot and Moreno Valley City Councilmember Bonnie Flickinger -- also a Libertarian candidate for State Assembly -- will discuss their strategies for victory.

At 5:30pm, candidates for the Libertarian presidential nomination will appear in a Presidential Candidates Issues Panel, moderated by Alan Bock. The event will be televised by C-SPAN.

Official party business concludes Monday, February 21, at 12:00 noon, followed by the 19th Annual Samuel Adams Society Awards Luncheon. Bock will address the luncheon crowd with a speech entitled "The Drug War: End it, Or Kiss Off the Bill of Rights and Other Freedoms."