Document:California Press Release 15 February 2000 Libertarians Gather in San Diego for State Convention

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400 Capitol Mall, Suite 900
Sacramento, CA 95814
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For immediate release: February 15, 2000
For additional information:
Juan Ros, Executive Director
Phone: (818) 782-8400

Libertarians to gather in San Diego for state convention this weekend

SAN DIEGO -- Libertarians from all over California will descend upon San Diego this weekend to debate the state party platform and bylaws, elect delegates to the Libertarian National Convention, and listen to an impressive roster of speakers and Libertarian luminaries at the state party's annual convention, to be held at the Doubletree Hotel San Diego-Mission Valley starting Friday, February 18, and running through Monday, February 21.

"This convention promises to be our biggest and most exciting yet," predicted Libertarian state chair Mark Hinkle. "With the California primary only a few weeks away, interest in electoral politics is peaking -- but interest in the Democrats and Republicans is waning. Libertarians have an opportunity to demonstrate that our principled message of freedom and liberty can guide California to a prosperous, shining future."

The convention kicks off with a reception Friday night featuring Nathaniel Branden, author of "My Years With Ayn Rand." The highlight of the weekend promises to be the Gala Banquet. Author and syndicated columnist Arianna Huffington, whose latest book is entitled "How to Overthrow the Government," will be the banquet guest speaker.

The weekend's other main attraction will be a panel discussion, debate-style, featuring candidates for the Libertarian presidential nomination on Sunday at 5:30pm. Expected to participate in this Presidential Candidates Issues Panel are 1996 Libertarian presidential candidate Harry Browne, Larry Hines, and Dave Lynn Hollist -- all appearing on the California primary ballot -- plus recently announced candidates Don Gorman and Edison P. McDaniels. The event will be taped by C-SPAN for later broadcast.

The convention concludes Monday with the 19th Annual Samuel Adams Society Awards Luncheon. Guest speaker at that luncheon will be Orange County Register senior editorial writer Alan Bock.

Other confirmed convention presenters include author James Bovard ("Freedom in Chains"), Reason magazine senior editor Jacob Sullum, Pacific Research Institute president Sally C. Pipes, Libertarian National Director Steve Dasbach, and many more.

Throughout the weekend, delegates chosen by local party affiliates will conduct party business, including debating and amending the state party platform and bylaws, electing delegates to the Libertarian National Convention, and conducting a Presidential Straw Poll.

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Juan Ros, (818) 782-8400. To register for the convention, call (202) 234-3880.