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November 13, 2000

One More Win, Three Other Races Close

One more Libertarian has been confirmed a winner in his non-partisan race, bringing the total of Libertarians elected last Tuesday in California to seven.

Michael McFarland of Sacramento County was elected to one of three director positions on the Fulton-El Camino Recreation and Park District with 19% of the vote. McFarland becomes the second elected Libertarian from Sacramento County this year, joining Joseph Corey, newly-elected director of the Galt Fire Protection District.

Three other races with Libertarian candidates remain extremely close, all with a margin of less than 40 votes separating the Libertarian candidate from victory. An unknown number of absentee ballots -- estimated in the hundreds of thousands statewide -- remain uncounted.

In the closest race, Libertarian Kate O'Brien has pulled to within eight votes of her closest opponent in the hotly contested race for three director positions on the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District in Ventura County. O'Brien has received 15,910 votes to opponent Jim Dantona's 15,918 as of mid-afternoon today.

In Orange County, Libertarian Neal Franks is 32 votes away from his nearest opponent in the Sunset Beach Sanitary District race.

In Contra Costa County, Libertarian Barbara Kowall needs 36 votes to catch up to her nearest opponent in the Rodeo Sanitary District race.

County elections officials have until December 5 to count any remaining ballots and certify the results.