Document:California Press Release 12 September 2000 Hollywood - History Shows Regulation a Real Threat

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Libertarians warn Hollywood: History shows regulation a real threat

PANORAMA CITY -- If recent history is any guide, the entertainment industry is in for some rough times courtesy of the federal government, the Libertarian Party of California warned today -- and Hollywood's love affair with Washington won't save it from the prospect of regulation.

"Studio executives and industry artists beware: the politicians you have been supporting will stab you in the back for a vote," stated Libertarian state chair Mark Hinkle. "This is not an episode of 'The West Wing' -- this is the real thing."

Hinkle's comments came one day after the Federal Trade Commission released a report accusing Hollywood of purposely marketing violent products to young children.

According to Hinkle, this is just the beginning. "History has shown that politically unpopular industries are eventually subject to regulation. Just look at the tobacco and gun industries, which have been regulated into the ground despite being perfectly legal industries."

Hollywood has come under political attack many times before. "From the Hays Code in the 1930s to the McCarthy era in the 50s, from the movie ratings in the 60s to warning labels on CDs in the 80s, from the V-chip to TV show and video game ratings in the 90s, the government has always forced Hollywood into self-regulation," Hinkle pointed out.

"Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans will leave Hollywood alone, no matter how many dollars celebrities throw at their favorite candidates," Hinkle suggested. "Other now- regulated industries also contributed to political campaigns and naively felt the Constitution would protect them."

In a New York Times interview yesterday, Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore threatened legislative action if the industry did not act within six months.

"Both Democrats and Republicans want to baby-sit your children for you," Hinkle added. "But parents bear the ultimate responsibility for what their children are exposed to, not Hollywood or the government."

Concluded Hinkle, "Politics and morality are a dangerous mix. Al Gore and George W. Bush have both vowed to make government bigger, telling us all how we should live our lives. But only Libertarians want parents to be free to raise their children how they see fit, and Hollywood free to operate without the specter of government interference."