Document:California Press Release 11 December 2017 Libertarian Party of California Endorses Seven Statewide Candidates

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Libertarian Party of California Endorses Seven Statewide Candidates


December 11, 2017

Libertarian Party of California Endorses Seven Statewide Candidates

Lt. Governor, Assembly, and Senate candidates endorsed while governor candidates considered.

On the heels of a record number of registered Libertarians and growing party membership, the Libertarian Party of California (LPC) announces its official endorsements for the June 2018 primary election. Seven candidates were endorsed at the December LPC Executive Committee meeting in Long Beach, CA:. Tim Ferreira (Lt. Governor), Angela McArdle (34th Congressional), Brandon Reiser (48th Congressional), Robert Imhoff (25th State Assembly), Kevin Shaw (38th State Assembly), Michael Lewis (53rd State Assembly), and Honor “Mimi” Robson (70th State Assembly). The Libertarian Party of California will continue to endorse candidates at the next Executive Committee meeting in Sacramento on March 10th.

“These are excellent candidates who believe in personal and economic freedom” said Ted Brown, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of California. “The Libertarian alternative is needed now more than even to counter the rot and decay of the establishment parties and their unprincipled officeholders.”

Also seeking endorsement from the party were two strong candidates for Governor: Nickolas Wildstar and Zoltan Istvan. Both candidates plan to attend the upcoming Libertarian Party of California State Convention in Long Beach on April 27-29, 2018, where the convention delegates will make the endorsement in that race. Further information regarding the convention can be found on the LPC website:


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