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Vicki Kirkland Announces Candidacy For LPF Vice-Chair

By Jim Kearney, on March 14th, 2011

I have been serving as LPF State Chair since September 17th of last year and am enjoying it immensely. I have less than 2 months more to serve in this role, and I’m not seeking reelection to this position, instead, again running for Vice-Chair at the April 30th State Convention in West Palm Beach. I’d appreciate your Vote.

I’ve been active politically in 5 states both in the Republican and Libertarian Parties. I was an activist in the Libertarian Party of New Yorkserving on the New York State Committee as a Vice-Chair and an At-Large Rep. I was also Chair of the Libertarian Party of New York City. and in addition served on the LNC as a Regional Rep from New York and New England.

Since moving to Florida, I’ve served as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party of Orange County. My LPF activities have included serving as Region 3 Rep, At-Large 3 Director, Vice-Chair and Chair. I currently serve as Alternate Rep to the LNC from our Region.

I have never been merely a placeholder in any of the positions I’ve held having always been an active participant. I am known for my ability as a communicator, net worker and facilitator. I an also a consensus builder.

My goals for the LPF are and have been organizing County Affiliates and running Candidates for Public Office. A Political Party exists to run candidates. This is the very best way to educate the electorate as to what we stand for. We need to get our message out effectively and running candidates is the very best way to do this.

I would consider it an honor to again serve as LPF Vice-Chair.

My experience can be helpful to the next EC.

Vicki Kirkland

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