Development of the Libertarian Party Platform

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The national Platform of the Libertarian Party has a long history. The first version was published even before the first convention. Although the Platform has remained anchored by the same underlying principles, the details of how it addresses specific issues have evolved over time. And while the changes have mostly been gradual, there have also been some years when more major changes took place.

This article discusses topics relating to the development of the Platform from several different perspectives. For a simple chronological listing of the versions from 1971 to present, see the general National Platform article.

Origins and Amendment Process

The Temporary Platform (1971)

Bylaws Provisions for Amendment

Additional Procedure for Retention/Deletion of Planks

Issues and Controversies

Ultimate Goals vs. Interim Proposals

Outreach vs. Internal Education

Detail vs. Brevity

Milestones and Turning Points