David Larkin

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David Larkin
Personal Details
Party: Libertarian

David Larkin was Los Angeles County LP Chair from 2004-2006. Larkin's main focus was on anti-war efforts based on his experiences from Vietnam.

Early Career: Enlisted and served in the Navy as a reservist in 1964 while he was still in high school When eligible in 1966 Larkin became active duty and worked on the USS Okanogan. In 1967 Larkin was deployed to Vietnam and was assigned to Naval patrols off the Mekong Delta and Saigon River. Received commendations for his service in Vietnam and received the medal combat V.

Political Career: Larkin was initially a registered Republican, but joined the Libertarian party in 1980. What attracted Larkin to the Libertarian Party was the War on Drugs and the party's strict stance against it.

Check articles from California Freedom publication from Nov/Dec. 2007 for a full bio.