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David Holmer
Founding Political Director
Northwest Michigan Libertarian Party
Successor: Donna Gundle-Krieg
Northwest Michigan Libertarian Party
Predecessor: Kristen Kuhn
Successor: Incumbent
Personal Details
Residence: Michigan
Party: Libertarian Party
Website: www.DavidHolmer.com
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David Holmer was the founding Political Director of the Northwest Michigan Libertarian Party. He was a Michigan alternate with the Libertarian Party of Michigan at the National Convention 2020.

Organizational Positions

Libertarian Party of Michigan
Northwest Michigan Libertarian Party
  • Founding Political Director (2018-2020)
  • Delegate to the 2019 Bay City State Convention
  • Delegate to the Michigan State Convention 2020
  • Secretary (2020)
  • Delegate to the 2020 Gaylord State Convention
Northwest Michigan Libertarians (pre-affiliate group)
  • Delegate to the 2018 Romulus State Convention
Manistee County (Libertarian Party)
  • Elected Precinct Delegate (2018)

2018 Campaign for Manistee County Commissioner, District 7

When trying to resolve an issue with his local library, David Holmer found himself in a whole community that was overwelmed by political nonresponsiveness that reached from the public library board all the way to the county Board of Commissioners. So, in response, he announced his running for County Commissioner on March 27 at the library board's regular meeting.[1]

David started campaigning on the issues of: giving a voice to the people in his community, saying that they should not be ignored or silenced; and, making a commitment to represent them as their public servant.[2] He also campaigned against the upcoming library millage as theft because it was wasteful, unneeded and unconstitutional, going against tax limitations.[3]

On October 12, David Holmer debated with his opponent at the League of Women Voters in Manistee, MI. He stressed the importance of working together within the city to collaborate on projects for growth & development and prioritized industry, job creation and home ownership opportunities for the low income.[4]

On October 29, David was interviewed by the News Advocate. He said that his campaign started because people were being ignored by local government, but that he soon realized he had more to offer his community than just an ear and a voice. He wanted to use his experience to: help bring industry jobs to the area; implement Home Ownership as an option instead of more Low-Income Subsidized Housing; improve the downtown area; and, make some policy changes to give people more access to their elected officials.[5]

On November 6, David Holmer received 294 of the 1,115 votes. He said that he will continue to push for positive changes in the community and will hold the Incumbent to her promises of working together on the home ownership program to help people living in poverty.[6]

2019 Successful Protest for Fire Pits & Property Rights

From early February until mid May, Manistee city officials including the city attorney, city manager, fire marshal and deputy chief plotted to infringe on individual's property rights by trying to outlaw fire pits by amending the fire ordinance.[7]

On May 21, David Holmer attended the first meeting to adopt the amended ordinance. He asked Council to table the proposed fire ordinance. Being ignored by Council with an unanimous passing of motion to introduce the ordinance amending the fire code, David spoke again regarding the proposed fire ordinance.[8] This time, he pleaded with Council to not adopt the amended wording which creates negative space and became emotional about them not allowing residents to enjoy bonfires in their own backyard and not allowing their children to sing 'Kum By Yah' by an outdoor campfire.[9]

David started speaking publicly with both council members and neighborhood associations, bringing his concerns about property rights out in the open. And, on June 4, the Council agreed unanimously to table the discussions until after a Work Session where these concerns can be addressed.[10]

On June 11, David Holmer appeared before the Work Session and addressed his concerns to the Council. He mentioned that changing fire code impacts Home Owner's Insurance and that 32' lots with fire features would be considered 'open flame' and not allowed under the new wording, neither could it be grandfathered in.[11]

On June 18, Manistee city council unanimously voted against adopting the amended ordinance to the fire code.[12]

2020 Campaign for Manistee County Commissioner, District 7

On June 17, David Holmer was nominated to be the 2020 Libertarian candidate for Manistee County Commissioner District 7 at the NwMLP Nominating Convention.[13] His nomination was later affirmed and he accepted at the Libertarian Party of Michigan 2020 Gaylord State Convention on July 18. [14]

Published Works

Letters to the Editor
Guest Opinion Articles

Other Organizational Positions

Manistee Civic Players
  • Board of Directors (2019)
  • President of the Board (2020)
Manistee First Congregational United Church of Christ
  • Governing Board (2019)
  • Property Committee (2019)


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