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ChrisMont Libertarian Central Committee is an developing affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Illinois that began development in November 2022, reaching out to Liberty-minded individuals in Montgomery and Christian counties. It is formerly known as Tri-Counties Libertarian Party, which was a local chapter from 2015 to 2022.

As of the 2022 redistricting and as of its official charter in 2024, this central committee will be serviced by the following political subdivisions:

15th Congressional District

Montgomery County

  • Illinois House: Districts 107, 108 & 110
  • Illinois Senate: Districts 54 & 55

Christian County

  • Illinois House: Districts 95, 96, 107 & 108
  • Illinois Senate: Districts 48 & 54

Established status in Montgomery County (2022)

Montgomery County became an established county as a result of the 2022 Illinois Attorney General race, where nominee Dan Robin received 5.29 percent of the vote[1], surpassing the 5 percent threshold for major party status at the local level.

Pending re-establishment

Former Tri-Counties chair Jake Leonard is working on re-establishing the former chapter, which will only focus on Montgomery and Christian counties.

Formation of the committee will occur following the 2024 Libertarian primary to elect precinct committeepersons at the county convention in April.

Tentative executive committee

Jake Leonard, Executive Director and interim Montgomery County Chair

Leadership carrying over from Tri-Counties

Jake Leonard, Nokomis 4 Precinct Committeeperson (since 2016)

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