Caryn Ann Harlos for Castle Rock Town Council 2022

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Castle Rock District 5 Representative Town Council
Caryn-Ann-Harlos 2022.jpg
Candidate: Caryn Ann Harlos
Office: Town Council District 5
Location: Castle Rock, Colorado
Election: 2022
Slogan: I Don't Want to Talk to Your Manager
Website: Website

Caryn Ann Harlos ran for District 5 of the Castle Rock Town Council in the 2022 election.

Election Results

Caryn Johnson (I): 1,620 (36.83%) Max Brooks (R): 2,434 (55.33%) Caryn Ann Harlos (L): 345 (7.84%)

She raised just under $3,000 for the race. The Republican Party machine mobilized for this race even though it was non-partisan. Caryn Johnson was the incumbent.


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