Carl Herman Freese

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Carl Herman Freese
Missouri Secretary of State
Personal Details
Birth: 1959
Occupation: Licenced Contract Security
Party: Missouri Libertarian
Facebook: [@CHF4Mo.SoS Facebook]
Twitter: [@JarlDrake Twitter]

Carl-herman Freese's Bio

Born in Columbia Missouri, while parents both were in college. Brought home to Father's family century farm. And both started to Teach in their respective educational institutions.

Schools left the Francis Howell school district during high school to care for grandparents, get GED, and start college. Left St. Louis University for work. During service as a contract security officer, I was a student of FEMA EMI. ( Emergency Management Institute )

Work as a child, fed cattle, collected eggs and worked the garden with Grandparents. As youth plowed, hauled bales, and worked the fields with Father and or owners of other fields.

After marriage worked for a time as an Assistant Mobile home repair person.

Left that and was hired by Pinkerton Security Services, and continued to work the following third of a century for the Company's following incarnations. We Worked to protect the People, Property, and Systems of the counties of St. Charles, St. Louis, and Lincoln as a Contract Security Officers. An inveterate reader collected a library on the subject of armed and unarmed response to hazards; person, nature, and systemic failure created hazards.

During decades of service took renewal classes, read on the subject from own library and collected morgue of published articles, gained certification from FEMA's Emergency Management Institute's programs. .