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Candidates one of the primary functions of a political party with the other being political education.

Types of Candidates

Top of Ticket

Top of Ticket Candidates run for the highest position on the ballot (such as President or Governor), attract the most media attention, and mainly serve to represent the Party. As of December 2007 the Libertarian Party has never won a top-of-ticket race.


Broadside Candidates make up the bulk of the LP's candidates in a given election cycle. They, like our top of the ticket candidates, run for offices for which they have no realistic hope of winning. Libertarian broadside candidates win far less often than similarly positioned Democratic or Republican candidates, but it has happened.

The Libertarian Party's broadside of low-probability candidates serves to provide voters with an alternative to the top two parties as well as demonstrate our level of organization and prove our viability.


Targeted Race Candidates are positioned in races that are, correctly or incorrectly, believed to be winnable. Most efforts that promote candidates other than top-of-ticket seek out this level of race to support. Most non-partisan races should be categorized here, as there is little value to gain from a paper candidate in a non-partisan election.