C. Robert Wilson

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C. Robert "Bob" Wilson
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Personal Details
Birth: March 2, 1951
Philadelphia, PA
Death: February 16, 2023(2023-02-16) (aged 71)
Painter, VA
Military: National Guard
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Employee at West Vaco, Rand Whitney, L.D. Caulk
Residence: Painter, VA
Party: Libertarian Party

C. Robert "Bob" Wilson (March 2, 1951 - February 16, 2023) was a passionate advocate for libertarian principles and a lifetime member of the Libertarian Party. Throughout his life, Wilson made significant efforts to promote libertarian values and ran for office multiple times as a Libertarian candidate in Delaware.

Early Life and Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Born in Philadelphia, PA, Wilson had a diverse and eventful life. After graduating from Christiana High School in 1969, he served in the National Guard for 6 ½ months before being honorably medically discharged. Wilson worked in various industries, including positions at West Vaco in Newark, DE, Rand Whitney in Harrington, DE, and L.D. Caulk in Milford, DE. Additionally, he was an entrepreneur, owning businesses like Whateverco and the Milford Arcade.

A Champion of Libertarian Ideals

While family always held a special place in Wilson's heart, he was also passionate about his involvement in politics and libertarian ideals. He embraced the Libertarian Party's core principles, such as individual liberty, limited government intervention, and personal freedom. These beliefs led him to run for public office as a Libertarian candidate, seeking to bring his vision of a more libertarian society to fruition.

Electoral Pursuits

One of Wilson's notable political endeavors was in the 2012 election for Delaware House of Representatives District 7. Running as a Libertarian candidate, he competed against incumbent Bryon Short and Daniel Lepre. Although the election results did not favor him, Wilson's dedication to libertarianism remained unwavering.

In 2014, Wilson ran again for the same office, this time facing a primary election on September 9, 2014, and the general election on November 4, 2014. Despite his determined efforts, he was defeated in the general election by incumbent Bryon H. Short.

Undeterred by previous losses, Wilson continued to advocate for his libertarian principles and sought to make a difference in the political landscape. In 2016, he once again stood as a Libertarian candidate for District 7 of the Delaware House of Representatives. However, the outcome mirrored his previous attempts, with Bryon Short securing victory in the general election.

A Diverse Array of Interests

Outside of politics, Wilson was a multifaceted individual who enjoyed various hobbies and interests. He had a strong passion for sports, both as a participant and spectator. Softball and bowling were among his favorite activities, and he relished watching baseball, basketball, and football games. Additionally, he delighted in participating in the demolition derby at the Delaware State Fair for several years.

Wilson had a keen sense of entertainment and enjoyed gaming. He cherished playing classic arcade games such as Ms. Pacman, Tetris, and Super Mario Brothers, as well as engaging in activities like shooting pool and playing cards and board games.

In Memoriam and Contributions to Science

Wilson passed away at the age of 71 at his residence in Painter, VA, surrounded by his family. He leaves behind a legacy of dedication to libertarianism and a lifetime of commitment to the principles upheld by the Libertarian Party. Wilson will be remembered for his passion for politics, love for his family, and diverse array of interests that enriched his life.

In honor of his memory and wish to contribute to medical advancements, Wilson's body was donated to science to aid in research related to Type I Diabetes, with the hope of bringing us closer to finding a cure and helping others in the future. His family will hold a private celebration of life at a later time to commemorate his impactful and fulfilling journey.