Benjamin Ryan Teeter

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Benjamin Ryan Teeter
Executive Committee
Libertarian Party of North Carolina
Personal Details
Birth: (1998-04-08) April 8, 1998 (age 25)
Coco Solo, Panama
Party: Libertarian Party

Benjamin Ryan Teeter (born April 8th, 1998) is a lifelong political activist and member of the Libertarian party. He is a former Vice-Chair of the Cape Fear Regional Affiliate of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina and a former member of the Executive Committee for the Libertarian Party of North Carolina. He is known in the anarchist community as Anarcho-Gun Guy and was a prominent public figure for the Boogaloo movement. He also ran for Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina but dropped out of the race after appearing in a CNN article.


Basic Details

Benjamin "Ryan" Teeter spent his early working years as a general manager at a motorcycle repair shop in the Wilmington, NC area. Teeter had met Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson as a teenager during the 2012 presidential election, inspiring Teeter to pursue his own lifelong libertarian activism. Teeter became involved directly with the Libertarian party at age 16, gradually attaining more positions of influence within Libertarian ranks.

Teeter, also having life experience with martial arts and the arts in general, formed his own unique anarchist subculture cosplay character as time progressed; more or less a video game character spinoff of a Yorimoto-era samurai with a machine gun, jihad scarf, tactical costume from Amazon, and a John Deere hat. Libertarians and anarchists frequently sought his advice on "dark politics," which encompasses eccentric and risqué political talking points such as prostitution rights, ending the drug war, and gun rights. Teeter identified as an anarchist due to its emphasis on absolute individual freedom and peace, which resonated with a significant portion of his generation. He also appeared on a Libertarian show with Jess Mears during the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis.

Teeter's Viking familial roots have also led him to runic witchcraft, as evidenced by runic tattoos on his wrist. Coming from an intense martial arts background, Teeter's expertise also lies in areas of health and fitness. His vast martial arts experience has found use as a tool for survival during his frequent over-extended visits in incarceration among peers with whom he finds differences while standing in line at the chili counter.

Teeter is also an avid kinbaku rope and boot fetishist. Before the Covid era, he had a side gig traveling the world teaching BDSM rope tying workshops at events such as International Mr. Leather and Folsom Street Fair. 2020 presidential candidate Vermin Supreme has not yet accepted full responsibility for Teeter's rapid fall into boot fetishism after the two met in person and networked Teeter with a northern Libertarian party officer who wound up as Teeter's primary leather dom.

Teeter's eccentric personality has also led him to perform unusual stunts, such as launching fireworks from his arse at parties, according to sources.

Teeter's current standing in libertarian anarchist history is that of being a foot soldier for the Boogaloo movement, also known as "Crash Test Dummies For The Revolution."

Arrest History

Teeter began to experience an unusual degree of arrests once he became an adult. This had nothing to do with any negative character connotations about Teeter but was rather a result of the environment in which he came from. Most states around the United States do not place individuals in jail for speeding; however, Teeter's life background in North Carolina had exposed him to this kind of deal in life in regards to simple speeding incidents. Teeter's natural "fight against the system" evolved more as time progressed, reaching a point where he was able to uncover new instances of statism that had gone unnoticed before.

When the Covid era hit in March 2020, Teeter, like many others, faced new stressors. At 21 years old, ready to live life, the entire world around him shut down and collapsed. Teeter's state did not offer unemployment benefits like other states around the country did, leading to a dire financial situation. Homeschooled and influenced by a high level of advanced libertarian activism, Teeter was fiercely independent. According to a former female lover and housemate, he began helping feed protestors all around the country once the political movements began.

Open The Economy protests were seen all around the United States once Covid hit. Teeter, along with fellow gun activists, walked around Raleigh, North Carolina, aiming to motivate American citizens to practice their Second Amendment rights in case the government's shutdown powers became too powerful.

As the Covid era progressed, the government's capabilities for tyranny heightened even more. President Donald Trump used the military to tear gas average American citizens as a publicity stunt, and President Joe Biden did not dishonorably discharge a single soldier that blindly accepted those orders under Trump. George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, and Teeter traveled to Minneapolis to peacefully and legally protect Black Lives Matter protestors.

FBI arrested Teeter and his co-defendant Michael Solomon in September of 2020 outside of Minneapolis. It was a classic example of government entrapment arrests, albeit one like none had seen before. After years of Trump business scams making the headlines, the federal government decided to prey on economically vulnerable Americans like Teeter and Solomon. They attempted to lure hardworking Americans into a multi-million dollar pyramid scheme selling gun parts for a previously unheard-of and completely unknown foreign organization. At least the government had this organization labeled as a terrorist organization, allowing them to legally lure more of their own people into the already overcrowded prison population. For a generation that grew up advocating for the United States military to pull out of its role as the world's policeman, for a generation that grew up playing first-person shooter video games as heroic protagonists, and for a military that hadn't won a war since WWII, it was a natural fit for the government to use this 1984 George Orwell-esque strategy on economically challenged Americans like Teeter and Solomon, who had gained national media attention. Teeter's terrorist entrapment case remains in development, with the potential for him to face up to two decades of imprisonment.