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1974 Alaska Libertarian Party Convention
Dates: April 3, 1974 or March 29-31, 1974 and September 13-15, 1974
Location: Anchorage, Alaska

The 1974 Alaska Libertarian Party Convention was held April 3, 1974 or March 29-31, 1974 with a second gathering on September 13-15. There is conflicting reporting in LP News so we need to find out which date it took place. Tonie Nathan was the keynote speaker at the earlier gathering and Tonie Nathan and John Hospers were invited to the second gathering with a potential viewing of The Fountainhead.


The convention was listed as scheduled from March 29-31 in the March 1974 issue of LP News. The May 1974 issue of LP News noted the convention took place on March 30.

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