Aaron Alyward

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Aaron Alyward
Libertarian Party of South Dakota
Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Incumbent
Personal Details
Party: Libertarian Party

Aaron Alyward is the current Chair of the Libertarian Party of South Dakota.


Aaron Aylward is originally from Arlington, South Dakota and now lives in Harrisburg, South Dakota with his amazing wife of seven years, and two great little boys who are four and three. He’s currently a recruiter/head hunter with gpac, specializing in the Agriculture industry. Over the years, Aaron has been in a number of political parties, starting as a Democrat while in High School, a Republican during the years that Ron Paul, and his son, Rand, were running for President, and now in the Libertarian party.

Ever since being a Democrat, Anti-War has been the most important stance to him and it has stuck with him while he’s been a member of different parties, and is still his number one concern. When looking at all issues in our country, whether it be economy, civil liberties, or foreign relations, he makes his decisions off of five core Liberty principles, and feels that the Libertarian Party best represents those principles. Peace, Tolerance, Individualism, Free Markets, and Limited Government.

Aaron understands that not everyone is going to agree on every little issue, but if someone is headed in the same direction as he is, he’ll ride on that same train until that person wants to get off. He might just end up going a little further, compared to some. He’s very passionate about those five principles and always looks forward to talking to people about liberty, and urging people to join the Libertarian Party.