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The Libertarian was a hardcopy newsletter published by the Libertarian Party of California (then known as California Libertarian Party) in 1972.

The editor was David Morrison, and the place of publication was listed as Burlingame. The associate editor was Alan Coon. The production manager was Lloyd Taylor.

Known Issues

There are only two known issues. LiberTale had issues dated August and September 1972; CaLiber began publication in 1973.

It is unclear whether there was ever a "Volume 1, Number 1"; it is possible that the first issue was numbered "2" because it was viewed by the editor as a follow-on to the first issue of LiberTale.

Volume 1, Number 2 October 1972 Document:The Libertarian Volume 1 Number 2 (October 1972)
Volume 1, Number 3 November 1972 PDF