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The following information is currently missing from the "National Convention 2018" page (as of 7/26/18):

• How many people attended the convention

• The names and contact info of convention delegates from each state

• The full list of speakers/presenters/performers and the topics on which they spoke or presented, along with links to video footage

• Links to each of the Platform and Bylaws changes proposed and/or adopted

• What compensation each speaker/presenter/performer received

• The contract between the Libertarian Party and the convention venue

• The amount of money brought in by the convention (how much from package sales, how much from each specific fundraising event, etc.)

• List of vendors and groups tabling at the convention, how much they paid for their tables, and (if info available) how much they reported raising

• Full description/list of caucus activity and other events not included in the convention schedule, including hospitality suites and off-site events hosted or participated in by attendees

• List of individuals and groups hosting hospitality suites at the convention

• Minutes and reports of the Convention Oversight Committee