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The My Ego Times
I see I wasn't alone on seeing Badnarik as a better Candidate than Brown, presuming statenental drift didn't have some thing to do with the 16 vs. 11 percent result.
Although it's all pretty sad for a 3rd Largest Party, of course when he's on all but one state ballot and Nader barely makes, if at all, the mathematical opportunity to win is listed in the pressaganda stats and he isn't, Nader is announced by them as 3rd Candidate when Badnarik actually was likely didn't help.
The great demoralization (surround effect type thing) plot.
Where's the free press anyway? Open forums and personal websites are what's left of this I guess. -- user:GZLFB


In reviewing thousands of election results, I have learned that elections officials make an absolutely frightening number of errors. The sheer volume of errors is enough to shake anyone's confidence in our electoral system. They range from the relatively harmless (misspelling the name of a candidate), to the harmful (accidentally adding a digit to a candidate's vote total, increasing his results by a factor of 10) to the idiotic (forgetting to include the results from an entire town. Or two. Or three.) to the WTF? (listing the one candidate on the ballot twice when it ought to have been two different candidates, catching the mistake a few hours after voting begins, and stripping the votes from one ballot line of the listed candidate and applying them to the other candidate, even though no voters knew they were voting for the other candidate because he wasn't listed.)

But only one set of errors literally left me feeling ill. The mistake was made by the Clerk of the US House of Representatives. 1990. New York. US Congress. 22 candidates are listed as "libertarian". Most of them are cross-endorsements of Democrats. Try to imagine scrolling through election statistics and seeing Charlie Rangel - Libertarian and Chuck Schumer - Libertarian. 22 of the most hard core statists in government given the endorsement of the party of freedom.

Cick here to see it yourself, if you have a strong stomach.

Thankfully, the Federal Election Commission correctly lists those cross endorsements as coming from the Liberal Party, rather than the Libertarian Party.


A few Secretaries of State, including New York's, provide more data than just listed candidate vote totals. Specifically, New York has categories for Blank, Void, and Scattering. The NY SOTS office includes the "BVS" total in its "total votes" line. Some other states which include this information do not include Blank or Void votes in their "total votes" line. For purposes of calculating the voter percentages on this page (and other state election result pages), "Blank" and "Void" votes have been excluded from the "total votes" denominator, but "Scattering" is included. In the years where "BVS" votes are all lumped together, they are excluded from the vote total. Almost all "BVS" votes are blank ballots.AJPEG (talk) 02:59, 23 May 2017 (UTC)