Steven Nielson

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Steve Nielson
Region 1 Alternate Rep
Libertarian National Committee
with Caryn Ann Harlos Region 1 Representative
Successor: Craig Bowden
Libertarian Party of Washington State
Personal Details
Education: University of Washington
Occupation: Engineer
Residence: Port Orchard, Washington
Party: Libertarian Party
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Steven Nielson is an Engineer from Port Orchard, Washington. He is the former Region 1 Alternate Representative of the Libertarian National Committee. He is a former secretary & chair of the Libertarian Party of Washington.[1]

Organizational Positions

Steve Nielson and Caryn Ann Harlos after election as Regional and Alternate at the 2016 National Convention
Libertarian Party
  • Region 1 Alternate Representative (former)
Libertarian Party of Washington
  • Chair (former)
  • Secretary (former)