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Stephen Nass
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Libertarian Party of New Hampshire
Personal Details
Birth: 1989
North Carolina
Residence: New Hampshire
Party: Libertarian
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Twitter: Twitter
Instagram: Instagram
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Libertarian Actions

Stephen Nass is originally from Wisconsin where he was a founder and regular office holder of The Libertarian Party of Dane County. He was a delegate seated with the delegation of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin at the 2018 National Convention. In 2021 he was elected At-Large to the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire and serves on its Membership and Outreach Committee. Stephen is a Lifetime Member of The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire.

Other Accomplishments

In 2017 he moved to New Hampshire for The Free State Project. In 2019 he helped found S.W.E.L.L. (Seacoast Welcomes Every Liberty Lover) with Free State Ambassador Dennis Pratt. In 2021 he helped found The Shell community center for welcoming libertarians to New Hampshire's seacoast. He is currently is Board President of the Shell's 501c7 "NH SHELL." In 2021 he also founded The Free State Food Network, a trade-organization for freedom minded workers in the New Hampshire food industry.