Siobhan Patricia Lynch

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Siobhan Patricia Lynch
Bronx Community Board 10
Policy Director
Larry Sharpe for New York
July 2017—present
Managing Partner
Obelisk Gold Strategies, LLC
April 2019—present
Personal Details
Occupation: Public Policy Advisor, Drug Policy Activist, Blogger, Author, Cybersecurity Expert, Opposition Researcher
Residence: Maryland
Party: Libertarian Party

Siobhán Patricia "Trish" Lynch is a political strategist, blogger, activist, author, and cybersecurity expert who is known for her activism with the Community Alliance for the Ethical Treatment of Youth, her writing on Transgender issues and Drug Policy. She is a survivor of KIDS of North Jersey (a spinoff of "Straight Inc.", which became the Drug Free America Foundation). She is part of the Libertarian Party, and an active member of Outright Libertarians, founding member of The Pineapple Caucus (sexual freedom) and a founding member of Libertarian Party Sex Workers Rights Caucus (LPSWRC, pronounced "Lips-Work"). She served on Bronx Community Board 10, from 2010-2011. She is also a prominent transgender voice in the Libertarian Party.

She serves as Policy Director for Larry Sharpe in his campaign for the New York Governorship in 2018, and continues to advise him. She spoke at the Libertarian Party of New York's Convention in April 2018 about Drug Policy.

Prior to becoming nationally active, she was on the Board of Directors for The Eulenspiegel Society (TES, 2004-5 - the oldest and largest BDSM Educational and Support Organization in the US), and on the Board of Advisors and Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Community Alliance for the Ethical Treatment of Youth (CAFETY, 2008-2011 ), which helped to write and sponsor legislation considered by the House and Senate. She has also written articles from a libertarian point of view on Trans rights and the 2nd Amendment for The Good Men Project. She is quite accomplished in technology related fields, including an Emmy Award for Interactive TV (Celebrity Mole, Yucatan 2004) and 2 more nominations (The View: His and Her Body Test, 2004, and Jetix Cards Live, 2004.), as well as working with The FreeBSD Project (Advocacy and Ports Tree), and Core Team for a Mailing List Manager called "Ecartis" until 2011.

She has been a member of various Local and State parties (New York, Maryland, Massachusetts) since 1996, and the National LP from 2008, and is a Delegate for Massachusetts to the 2018 Libertarian National Convention.

In April 2019, she started a Libertarian political consulting partnership with 9 other Libertarian Party members who were involved with the Larry Sharpe Campaign, Obelisk Gold Strategies, LLC.

Organizational Positions

Larry Sharpe 2018 New York Gubernatorial Campaign
  • Deputy Policy Director (2017-2018)
Larry Sharpe 2018 New York Gubernatorial Campaign
  • Policy Director (2018-present)