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Roger Gary
San Antonio River Authority
Libertarian Party of Texas
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Party: Libertarian Party

Roger Gary is a past chair of the Libertarian Party of Texas, 1984-1988, a former Director (1993-1999) of the San Antonio River Authority.

Mr Gary has held numerous Party offices and frequently run for several public offices. In 1991 he was elected to the San Antonio River Authority, but was defeated as a result of a recount. In 1993 he ran for that office again and came in first in a field of four. That race was in a county with population well over 1 million people. In the early 1980s he ran for US Congress in the Texas 20th District, coming in second in a field of 3.

In 1980 Mr Gary was the Bexar County coordinator in the Clark for President Campaign.

In 1988 Mr Gary ran for the office of Vice-Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee. After a tie vote on the first ballot, he lost on the second ballot.

In 1983 he suggested that Dr Mary Ruwart run for the presidential nomination and he served as her campaign chairman.

Mr. Gary has served several terms on the Texas State Executive Committee beginning in 1980 and is currently (2014) on that committee.

Mr. Gary was the 2010 Candidate for Railroad Commission for the Libertarian Party of Texas.

In addition to political activity, Mr. Gary has had a successful business career, served in the military and has been active in numerous community, civic and social organizations.


  • Texas Railroad Commision (2010)

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