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Richard Fields
Press Secretary
Libertarian Party
Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Incumbent
Personal Details
Party: Libertarian Party

Richard Fields is the current Press Secretary for the Libertarian Party.


Fields has been involved in radio and publishing for 37 years, including 10 years as an owner and operator of radio stations in Texas. For the past 11 years, he has been a development officer at Pacific Legal Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides pro bono defense of property rights, the right to earn a living, and other constitutionally protected individual rights.

Fields first learned of the Libertarian Party in 1971 when LP activists asked for a guest slot on his radio talk show in Racine, Wis. There, they explained their reasons for supporting the LP ticket of John Hospers for president (the first openly gay presidential candidate) and Tonie Nathan for vice president (the first Jewish woman VP candidate). He liked what he heard, and Fields has been active in the LP ever since.

Fields ran for Congress in Madison, Wis., in 1978 and for the Wisconsin State Assembly in 1980. He did advance work for David Koch’s vice presidential campaign swing through Wisconsin in 1980. In 1992, he ran for Assembly from Davis, Calif.

Since 1990, Fields has been a regular host and panelist on “Libertarian Counterpoint,” a public access television program based in Sacramento.


  • 1978 - U.S. Congress
  • 1980 - Wisconsin State Assembly
  • 1992 - California Assembly