Rich Hersey

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Rich Hersey
Personal Details
Birth: 1974
Jackson, Wyoming
Party: Libertarian Party

Rich Hersey (b. 1974) is a Libertarian Party activist. He was born in Jackson, Wyoming in 1974. After a brief stay in Colorado, his family moved to Idaho, where he has lived most of his life.

Rich and his wife, Diane, have four children.

Hersey was elected Precinct Committeeman in District 1515 for the Republican Party of Idaho in 2012 as part of the Ron Paul Revolution. After only one term of seeing how the Republican Party stood for liberty only when the votes were there, he made the switch to the Libertarian Party.

Upon learning more about the Libertarian Party, Rich was surprised to learn that there was so much animosity to the Pro-Life position. Not understanding how a party which stood for individual liberties could oppose the right to life for unborn humans, and wanting to encourage other Pro-Life advocates, Rich started the Facebook page, Pro-Life Libertarians.

Hersey is a registered Libertarian with the Libertarian Party of Idaho and still lives there.