Rhett Smith

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Rhett Smith
Senate District 26 Representative
Libertarian Party of Texas
Successor: Incumbent
Personal Details
Education: University of Texas at Austin
Military: United States Navy
Occupation: Security Officer
Residence: San Antonio, Texas
Party: Libertarian (2012-present)
Green (2008-2012)
Republican (2004-2008)
Democratic (prior to 2004)

Rhett Smith a Security Officer from San Antonio, Texas. He is currently the Libertarian Party of Texas' Senatorial District 26 Representative.[1] In 2016, Smith ran as the Libertarian nominee for Texas' 35th District in the US House of Representatives.[2] That same year, Smith also ran for President of the United States, seeking the Libertarian Party nomination (he had previously campaigned for the Green Party nomination in 2012, and the Republican nomination in 2008).[3]

Smith has run numerous campaigns for political office, under various political affiliations. [4] In his most recent effort, he ran in the San Antonio general election for Mayor on May 26, 2017.

2017 San Antonio Mayor Campaign

  • Liberty and Freedom United [5]
2017 San Antonio Mayoral General Election[6]
Party Candidate Name Percent Number of Votes
Non-Partisan Ivy R. Taylor (Incumbent) 42.01% 41,794
Non-Partisan Ron Nirenberg 37.08% 36,890
Non-Partisan Juan Manuel Medina 15.13% 15,049
Non-Partisan Keven Roles 1.57% 1,557
Non-Partisan Antonio Diaz 0.97% 966
Non-Partisan Will McLeod 0.55% 545
Non-Partisan Felicio Hernandez Flores II 0.43% 429
Non-Partisan John Velasquez 0.39% 383
Non-Partisan Gerard Ponce 0.37% 366
Non-Partisan Michael Idrogo 0.37% 366
Non-Partisan Rhett Smith 0.32% 321
Non-Partisan Stephen Lucke 0.32% 315
Non-Partisan Julie Iris Oldham 0.27% 270
Non-Partisan Napoleon Madrid 0.23% 225