Michael Mealling

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Michael Mealling
Personal Details
Birth: 1969
Party: Libertarian Party

Michael Mealling (b. 1969) is a former Director of the Moon Society and the author of multiple RFCs.

He is CFO and Vice President of Business Development of Masten Space Systems and operates a blog site called Rocketforge.

Michael has twice been interviewed on The Space Show.


As part of his efforts to get to a place where he can be free, he spent several years with the Artemis Society, where he served for a time as president, and The Moon Society where he served for a time on the board of directors.

He is presently vice president for business development for Masten Space Systems where he hopes to be most effective in paving the way for settlement in space.

He has maintained his space industry blog, Rocketforge, since 2003.


Michael Mealling was recruited into the Libertarian Party by the late Ron Crickenburger in 1989 or 1990 while at Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

He served for one election cycle on the Libertarian Party of Georgia state executive committee, but became discouraged after realizing the amounts of money required to make an impact and especially discouraged about the idea of repairing the United States.

He currently embraces the philosophy of neolibertarianism and is presently not actively participating in the Libertarian Party over differences on the war issue.

He is a proponent of classical educational systems.


He has had extensive work and experience with the infrastructure of the Internet, spending 15 years at VeriSign and writing several RFCs.

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