Marcus Reeder

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Marcus Andrew Reeder
Marcus Reeder.jpg
Vice Chair
Libertarian Party of Duval County
Personal Details
Birth: April 15, 1973
Death: March 13, 2024(2024-03-13) (aged 50)
Jacksonville, Florida
Occupation: Political Activist
Residence: Jacksonville, Florida
Party: Libertarian Party
Facebook: Facebook

Marcus Andrew Reeder (April 15, 1973 – March 13, 2024) was a fervent activist and political operative within the Libertarian Party, renowned for his unwavering commitment to liberty and freedom. Residing in Jacksonville, Florida, Reeder was a dynamic force in libertarian activism for the state of Florida and his local affiliate in Duval. He was known for his outspoken nature and his many strategic contributions to the Libertarian Party's initiatives.

Life and Activism

Reeder was a dedicated advocate for libertarian values, passionately promoting individual freedom and limited government throughout his life. He was fearless in speaking truth to power, famously challenging city council members with his direct and bold rhetoric. His activism was varied, including campaigning for local Libertarian candidates, engaging in news interviews, leading protests, and never missing a party meeting.

As Vice Chair of Libertarian Party of Duval County, Reeder's influence was significant. He was deeply involved in local politics, often attending and speaking at City Council meetings to advocate for issues he cared about, such as environmental responsibility and governmental transparency. In June 2023, Reeder spoke against the Presidential Preference Primary (PPP) at the monthly LPF meeting. Despite facing health challenges, including a battle with leukemia, his dedication to the libertarian cause remained strong.

"I Object!"

Reeder will be fondly remembered for his propensity to stand alone in his convictions, often being the sole "Nay" vote at Libertarian Party meetings and conventions. His unwavering stance was not just a political act but a demonstration of his principles. Reeder was known for his unique ability to object to motions, including often being the only person to vote against adjourning meetings.

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