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Lynda Steele
Lynda Steele2022.png
Council Member, Ward III
Warr Acres City Council
Predecessor: John Knipp
Libertarian Party of Oklahoma
At-Large Representative, Legislative Dir.
Personal Details
Residence: Oklahoma
Party: Libertarian
Facebook: Facebook
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Lynda Steele is a Libertarian activist in Oklahoma. A 12-year veteran of the Oklahoma National Guard, she became its first female artillery soldier in 2016. Lynda is an advocate for family law reform, particularly as it relates to fathers' rights, with extensive involvement in the legal system. Following her race for Oklahoma Attorney General in 2022, wherein she gathered 26.24% of the vote, she was appointed in 2023 by the OKLP State Executive Committee as interim Legislative At-Large Representative, where her role involved not only representing the OKLP membership, but working closely with the Chair on legislative matters of interest to the Party. On Oct. 17th, 2023, Lynda was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Warr Acres City Council after previously being appointed to the Warr Acres Board of Adjustment and the Metropolitan Library Commission.

Organizational Positions

Oklahoma Libertarian Party
  • Legislative At-Large Representative (2023-2024)

2022 Campaign for the Oklahoma Attorney General

On April 15, 2022, Lynda filed to run in the statewide Oklahoma Attorney General race. The race drew no Democratic candidate, resulting in a two-way race with a Republican. With a campaign message including court reform, tribal sovereignty, and defense of reproductive rights, Lynda received over 281,000 votes, breaking the record for highest vote percentage in Oklahoma Libertarian election history and helping secure ballot access through 2026.


  • Founder, Director at Furnishing Fatherhood
  • Executive Director at A Child's Worth


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