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This page is both a listing and a point for collaborative work on identifying and documenting caucuses through our Party's history. This list is alphabetical and not intended to impart any rank or comparison other than active and inactive.

Active Caucuses

Caucus Mission
Libertarian Anarchist Caucus
Libertarian Party Audacious Caucus To advocate within the Libertarian Party for a more principled moral stance in opposition to government. It seeks to accomplish this by nominating candidates for both internal party positions and public office who have shown a strong commitment to the fundamental core beliefs of the libertarian philosophy. It is also committed to maintaining and increasing the Libertarian Party's involvement in outreach, education and activism, to promote the core beliefs of the libertarian philosophy in our community. This organization has recently declined, possibly before its angry severance of ties with Spike Cohen.
The Bear Nukes Caucus The Bear Nukes Caucus is a single issue advocacy group focused on encouraging the Libertarian Party of the United States and its affiliates to push for the legalization of private ownership of weapons of mass destruction. It defines weapons of mass destruction to include nuclear weapons using both fission and fusion, chemical agents, weaponized bio-agents, explosively pumped flux compression generators, HERF guns, dirty bombs, antimatter annihilation weapons or any other extremely dangerous device or substance conceivable.
Christian Liberty Caucus of the Libertarian Party Seeing the Libertarian Party through the eyes of Jesus and helping the Libertarian Party see Christ in Christians.
Libertarian Party Classical Liberal Caucus The purpose of the Classical Liberal Caucus is to advance and protect the principles of Liberalism in the Libertarian Party.

By promoting the activism and candidacy of Classical Liberals in the Libertarian Party, the Classical Liberal Caucus will strive to hold it to the principles of philosophers such as Thomas Paine, John Locke, and Friedrich Hayek.

Libertarian Party Liberation Caucus The LPLC advocates for libertarian positions on social issues, works to build coalitions to achieve social freedom and works to create and maintain space for all freedom lovers in the party
Libertarian Party Mises Caucus The purpose of the caucus is to promote Austrian economics within the Libertarian Party, to stress the importance of sound economics as critical to the Libertarian Party message, and to advocate applying the science of human action—praxeology—in Libertarian Party efforts to counter the statism of both Democrats and Republicans. It's platform emphasizes: Property Rights, Self-Determination, Economics and Money, as well as decorum in debate, tolerance of lifestyle choices and rejection of "tribal" identity politics.
Libertarian Party Wild Caucus The Wild Caucus seeks to represent Naturalism and 'eco-minded' politics within the Libertarian Party, calling itself, "The LP's Green Caucus". The organization seeks to promote Voluntaryist solutions to modern social and economic issues via a return to liberty and a return to nature; supporting mutual aid, decentralization, and to some extent a return to 'natural ways of life' and 'small-scale society'.

The caucus's platform stresses combating polluters, conserving nature, ending subsidization and corporate lobbying, promoting nuclear power, legalizing organic recreational substances, promoting Pharmacognosy and natural medicine, and creating community-based ways to provide for those in need.

Libertarian Party Alligator Caucus

The Alligator Caucus encourages expediency and clarity in parliamentary practice ... or else.

"WHEREAS, So hear me all gods of this universe, with no less fervor than did Scarlett O'Hara declare upon the hallowed ground of Tara that she shall never go hungry again, I, Noah Oliver Rhys, of the Great State of Alabama, Where we Dare Defend Our Rights, do hereby declare that the Alabama delegation is taking notes and will settle up with these pointless obstructionists at the soonest possible opportunity, for the Alligators of our neighbor state of Florida are hungry."

Libertarian Party Classical Liberal Caucus

Over the next few years, the Libertarian Party will have opportunities it could only dream of. With Republicans and Democrats descending into tribalism and authoritarianism, the Classical Liberal message of individualism will resonate that much stronger. We should not squander this opportunity by copying the duopoly, but by providing the strongest possible contrast.

The LP should reject the idea of messaging "to the left" or "to the right". As the GOP and the DNC move towards their extremes, we have an ever-growing center filled with Americans looking for real world solutions. Let the GOP and DNC have their radicals. The Libertarian Party should focus on the majority of Americans: those who see both parties as the problem, not the solution.

That does not mean moderate or timid messaging; it means the opposite. We must move Americans to reject the left/right spectrum and to see the world for what it really is: liberty vs authoritarianism. For the past several hundred years, Classical Liberalism has done exactly that through its passionate defense of individual liberty. That defense, with its proven track record, is our own blueprint to success.

As Americans lose faith in Republicans and Democrats, this is precisely the time for Libertarian candidates to put forward real world solutions to every day problems. We have the answers to crime, housing, cost of living, and healthcare. We must articulate those answers effectively. Voters want solutions to their every day problems; they want to know how to pay their grocery bill, not the economic theory behind why it's so high.

As an organization, we are dedicated to growing the LP, holding the LP to the highest standard of professionalism, finding and developing effective communicators, and providing support and training for LP candidates and affiliates.

Defense Caucus

Originally organized by controversial activist Eric Dondero

Libertarian Party Energy from Thorium Caucus

Founded 15 May 2019 by James Ray to promote molten salt thorium reactors as a free market solution to multiple energy-related problems that the Earth (and beyond) faces.

Libertarian Freedom Caucus

George Washington Liberty Caucus

The George Washington Liberty Caucus is or was a national Libertarian Party Caucus established in 2019 to promote the virtues of brotherhood, charity, and responsibility within the Libertarian Party and out in the world, and to encourage interest in Freemasonry. The GWLC is not sanctioned, endorsed, or sponsored by any Grand Lodge.

The known public facing web presence of this organization is at best inactive, and in 2020 this note was posted to its Facebook page: "The Chairman of the George Washington Liberty Caucus was recently reelected on a platform of removing all official links to the Libertarian Party, so it's not really a Libertarian Party organization."

Twitter Page deleted
Instagram Page deleted

Grassroots Libertarians Caucus

The Grassroots Libertarians Caucus exists to promote the following "Five Key Values":

(I) BOTTOM-UP, NOT TOP-DOWN. We see a party that too often takes after the establishment parties and corporations rather than manifesting itself as a grassroots organization with revolutionary goals. We seek a decentralized Libertarian Party run by its members and activists rather than by a centralized clique of corporate-oriented professionals.

(II) POLITICALLY BALANCED. We see a party which has become too conservative in both style and substance. We seek to restore a balanced approach to Libertarian Party policy-making and outreach that strives to appeal to the political left as much as to the political right and emphasizes personal liberty no less than economic liberty.

(III) FUN, BOLD, AND FREE-SPIRITED. We see a party that has become too staid, timid, boring, and unimaginative. We seek a culture within the Libertarian Party that is bolder, more irreverent, more free-spirited, more creative, and more fun-loving.

(IV) RADICAL AND PROUD. We see a party that has become too ashamed of its own ideals, a place where "idealist" is too often treated as a dirty word. We seek a party in which Libertarians proudly share a sense of solidarity as radical freedom fighters in a larger movement committed to the vision of worldwide individual liberty expressed in the Preamble and Statement of Principles of the Libertarian Party's national platform.

(V) YOUTH-FOCUSED. We see a party that is largely failing to connect with young people. We seek a Libertarian Party whose style, structure, culture, and materials speak first and foremost to the younger generations who hold the future in their hands.

Libertarian Party Wild Caucus

The LP Wild caucus was founded in 2022 in order to serve the growing environmentalist, naturalist, and homesteader communities within Libertarianism as a broader movement, and to get these communities active within the Libertarian Party. The caucus currently acts as the 'green caucus' in the LP. The organization is based on the idea that not only is Libertarianism compatible with environmental concern, but that Liberty and the more nuanced philosophy of Naturalism go hand in hand.

The group was originally going to be called the "LP Naturalist Caucus", but the name "Wild Caucus" was ultimately created and chosen by the caucus founder/chair because, "To be wild, means to be both natural and free". This phrase is one of two caucus slogans, the other being, "LP Wild Caucus: Free, Naturally".

The Wild Caucus states three main objectives on their website;

  1. Spreading the ideas of Naturalism, individual autonomy, free exchange, and mutual aid on a grassroots level.
  2. Filling local and regional offices with Wild Libertarians who can make direct small-scale change to defend the environment, and natural living, and Liberty.
  3. Bringing often overlooked ecological issues and Naturalist ideas to the forefront of discussion in the LP.

The caucus' full platform can be found on their website.

Libertarian Jazz Caucus

Formed to coordinate Libertarian musicians to perform at LP events.

Libertine Caucus of the Libertarian Party

Libertarian Millennial Caucus

Libertarian Party First Nations Caucus (LPFNC)

The Libertarian Party First Nations Caucus is dedicated to attaining liberty and rightful representation for the 574 Indigenous sovereign nations within the borders of the United States.

Libertarian Party Mises Caucus (LPMC)

Public Facebook page Members discussion Facebook page

The purpose of the caucus is to promote Austrian economics within the Libertarian Party, to stress the importance of sound economics as critical to the Libertarian Party message, and to advocate applying the science of human action—praxeology—in Libertarian Party efforts to counter the statism of both Democrats and Republicans. It's platform emphasizes: Property Rights, Self-Determination, Economics and Money, as well as decorum in debate, tolerance of lifestyle choices and rejection of "tribal" identity politics.


OUT for Liberty

A LGBT caucus that focuses heavily on outreach

Outright Libertarians

The most well-known LGBT caucus

Paleolibertarian Caucus

Libertarians for Peace

Group created after the September 11th attacks to work against interventionist sentiments in the Libertarian Party.

Povertarian Caucus

Focuses on matters affecting people with lower incomes, both in terms of policy and in terms of internal party matters.

Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus

Pro-Choice Libertarians

Created in 1987, Pro-Choice Libertarians reaches out to Libertarian Party members and the general public regarding women's reproductive rights and abortion. Members of the group are strongly committed to the keeping the government out of the abortion issue, an essentially pro-choice stance. Its detailed website includes sections on the group's history and Mission Statement, principles, Libertarian Party platform history, extensive informational links and activist resources.

Radical Caucus (2006)

Also known as the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus and LPRadicals.

The Radical Caucus is a group of self-identified radicals working within the membership of the Libertarian Party (LP) who support the re-radicalization of the LP; and further to promote a clear, radical vision of libertarianism through education and electoral advocacy both within the LP and outside of it.

Reform Caucus of California

The Reform Caucus of California is a caucus formed on June 12, 2019 within the [[Libertarian Party of California by Brandon Nelson, Kenneth Brent Olsen, and other party members who opposed the decision of the Judicial Committee of the Libertarian Party of California on June 10, 2019, to overturn the vote of the delegates at the delete the Platform at the California Convention 2019 in Concord, California. It was named after the Reform Caucus which was behind the so-called "Portland Massacre" in 2006 at the National Convention 2006, when the national Platform was changed dramatically.

Libertarian Party Secular Caucus

The purpose of the caucus is to facilitate a discussion within the Libertarian Party for applying Libertarian principles to public policy, while also rejecting any theocratic influence within government law.

Libertarian Party Sex Caucus

Libertarian Socialist Caucus of the Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Socialist Caucus seeks to honor the principles of non-aggression through recognizing exploitation, and specifically economic exploitation, as aggression, which should therefore be opposed by the Libertarian Party.

State secured monopolies over the means of production and continuing state enforcement of unnatural, hierarchical property relations throughout the economy coercively limit choices, thwart individual autonomy, and artificially prop up generalized wage labor and non-labor incomes. As such, exploitation and its enforcement via state secured privilege necessarily constitutes both theft and aggression, and should be recognized as such by the Libertarian Party.

Libertarian Tie-Dye Caucus

Tie-dye is cool.

Libertarian Youth Caucus

The Libertarian Youth Caucus is a caucus of the Libertarian Party founded at the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania State Convention in 2016 by Trent Somes and is currently chaired by Aaron Sobczak of Virginia.

The Libertarian Youth Caucus is engaged in two main goals: policy promotion and chapter creation. Its central policy focuses include recruiting and utilizing Millennial and Generation Z Libertarians, advocating for youth's rights issues to be added into the Libertarian Platform, and building influential youth voting blocs in local and state party affiliates. Its second goal entails running affiliate Libertarian Youth Caucus chapters across the county on Middle School, High School, and College Campuses.

National Organization of Libertarian Women

Reform Caucus of California

The Reform Caucus of California is dedicated to the reformation of the Libertarian Party of California in a manner that focuses on making us an effective political party rather than a social club. We affirm that a political party's goal is to disseminate its principles and to get candidates elected. We believe that California needs a Libertarian Party; a party that promotes liberty and is designated to win elections in the state of California.

Inactive or Potentially Inactive Caucuses

Adequate Defense Caucus

Brevity Caucus

A caucus committed to a shorter national platform. Known to be operating in 2015-2016.

End the Fed Caucus

Hands Off My Caucus

Formed to protect the structure of the Texas State Libertarian Executive Committee at the 2016 state convention in San Antonio. May be returning to a fully active state.

Libertarians for Life

May have fallen apart after the death of its founder Doris Gordon

Oklahoma Caucus

A marijuana-centric caucus during the 1970s. At least one of its members discussed returning it to an active state for the 2016 convention. They now have buttons and may add merchandise to the Libertarian Statue Press site.

Radical Caucus (1979)

Inspiration for the current caucus, which seeks to be its continuation, but is still a distinct historical entity.

Radical Caucus (SEK3)

Seemingly unrelated to later caucuses bearing the same name, this caucus was seeking to use the Libertarian Party as a platform for opposition to voting.

Reform Caucus

This group was behind the Portland Massacre in 2006 and was strongly behind Bob Barr in 2008, but may have dissolved soon afterward.

The Rent is Too Damn High Caucus

A single-issue caucus, their point was acted upon when the LNC moved from the Watergate building to new offices in Virginia.

Rothbard Caucus

An attempted continuation from the 1979 Radical Caucus with a different name from the 2000s.

LP Sunshine Caucus

More information is needed

Socially Tolerant Caucus

This caucus existed in the mid to late 1990s and was connected to Focus PAC. Its goal was to bring in people left behind by the increasingly statist ideology of the political left.

Libertarian Transparency Caucus

This caucus was formed to hold the national Libertarian Party to a culture of transparency.

Libertarian Party Women's Caucus


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