Lily Tang Williams

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Lily Tang Williams
Libertarian Party of Colorado
Predecessor: Jeff Orrok
Successor: Nathan Grabau
Personal Details
Education: University of Texas at Austin (MSW)
Occupation: Businesswoman, Activist
Residence: Parker, Colorado
Party: Libertarian Party
Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: Twitter

Lily Tang Williams is businesswoman and Libertarian activist from Parker, Colorado. She had previously served as Chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado. In 2016, she was the Libertarian Party of Colorado's candidate for U.S. Senate, becoming the first Libertarian in Colorado history to debate the Democratic and Republican candidate on television [1]. In 2014, she was the Libertarian Party of Colorado's candidate for Colorado's 44th District in the Colorado House of Representatives.



2016 U.S. Senate Elections- Colorado [2]
Party Candidate Name Percent Votes
Democratic Michael Bennet (incumbent) 50% 1,370,710
Republican Darryl Glenn 44.3% 1,215,318
Libertarian Lily Tang Williams 3.6% 99,277
Green Arn Menconi 1.3% 36,805
Unity Bill Hammons <1% 9,336
Independent Dan Chapin <1% 8,361
Independent Paul Noel Fiorino <1% 3,216


2014 Colorado House of Representatives District 44 Election [3]
Party Candidate Name Percent Votes
Republican Jack Hilbert 63.6% 20,719
Democratic Karen Jae Smith 30% 9,760
Libertarian Lily Tang Williams 6.4% 2,076

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