Laura Ebke

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Laura Ebke
Libertarian National Committee
with Erik Raudsep, Valerie Sarwark, Richard Longstreth, Joshua Smith
July 12, 2020—
Senator, 32nd District
of the Nebraska Legislature
Predecessor: Russ Karpisk
Successor: Tom Brandt
Personal Details
Birth: June 4, 1962 (age 55)
Manhattan, Kansas, U.S.
Education: University of Nebraska-Lincoln (PhD)
University of Memphis
Occupation: Adjutant College Instructor
Residence: Crete, Nebraska
Party: Libertarian (since 2016)
Republican (prior to 2016)
Facebook: Facebook
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Laura Ebke is an Adjutant college instructor from Crete, Nebraska. She is a former Senator in the unicameral Nebraska Legislature, representing the 32nd District.[1] In 2016, Ebke switched her registration from the Republican Party to the Libertarian Party, and is believed to be the first Senator in the (non-partisan) Nebraska Legislature to do so.[2]

In July 2020, Ebke was elected as an At-Large Member of the Libertarian National Committee.

Organizational Positions

Nebraska State Legislature
  • Judiciary Committee- Chair
  • Education Committee[3]
Libertarian National Committee
  • At-Large Member (July 12, 2020—present)